The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixty-Seven

- index incarnatus on a pedestal
- nalia and sharzad can read it but its not in common; yet they can still read it; takes effort to realize its not in common
- decide who should pick it up
- created with magic; a singular item
- riaeki notices door they went in thru is gone
- decide that Lilith will pick it up as she’s best armed to resist it
- moving to pick it up, Lilith feels a vast coldness in her mind just before she touches it. it wants her to make a request.
- she asks “what are the artifacts for?”
- the book flips open. inside it doesn’t look old; the ink is a strange color, a rusty red (GREAT!!! TERRIFIC!!!). the section it opens to a page with a grouping of numbers…
- then the gang is in a library in an instant … the bookshelves are in the range of numbers given. Lilith heads toward the numbers they were given
- lots of stuff on the shelves…some places have a key as if to indicate the book they unlock is somewhere even more tightly protected
- paper buddy appears — nalia knows it’s a construct— a creature thats intelligence comes from object(s) being imbued with magic. it only shrugs when questions are put to it.
- it suddenly appears on sharzad’s shoulder. she asks if its coming along and it nods.
- small box on shelf (like music box) is the first of the numbers Lilith was given. riaeki picks it up
- Lilith remembers it from the index as “*the record of cyrus terran*”
- riaeki doesn’t open it and the gang debates over message if they should open it or take it and leave etc. they decide to delay for the time being and keep looking
- the next item is a heretical account of the ascension, from the archives of the temple of Myrithel
- after that is a potion flask full of a slightly luminescent liquid. it’s called Imylahn’s mind
- at this point nalia is starting to get really freaked out because she doesn’t understand how any of this is possible etc. the gang tries to calm her to some effect. she sort of staggers backward against one of the shelves, grabbing onto one of the books. sharzad moves behind her in the line at her request and as she does the paper figures brushes a strand of hair from nalia’s face. nalia lets go of the book.
- as they move past a door [?], nalia hears someone sobbing on the other side. no one else hears, but she tells the others
- sharzad asks if paper figure if it’s keeping a shrugs
- riaeki asks if it has the key and it jumps off sharzad’s shoulder and after a few moments comes back with a key
- Lilith takes the key and opens the door. the sobs stop. a small pair of feet get yanked out of view
- Lilith talks to the figure and she comes into the light and is revealed to be a halfling named rosemary. riaeki asks her what year she thinks it is and she responds with a year that is 15 years prior to in-game (YIKES!!!!!!!!)
- she entered through some part of windgaerd
- sharzad says they can talk while they walk, but riaeki reminds her the paper figure let them talk to rosemary because they said they wouldn’t take her out. sharzad asks the paper if the library allows one to check out people as well and it nods yes. then she says they’re going to take rosemary and it shrugs
- next they come upon a painting and aren’t sure what to make of it. Nalia thinks it looks similar to the stained glass in the monastery. Lilith thinks and recognizes it as something from the school of arcanism, a human school of art that was nearly eclipsed by the contemporary elven invasion. the school sought to depict magic in abstract terms…
- riaeki notices the type of magic on the painting is similar to that on her yleth sword
- the magic on the vial is divination and the magic on the box is transmutation
- the next item is phylactery of halea dustborn
- Riaeki ask if its been checked out (yes) is there anyone else here (yes)
- LFDJKS i forgot i have rary’s telepathic bond so that’s what’s happening from now on, except for rosemary
- time seems to be passing in a strange way, or not at all, inside the library
- the gang return to the book, intending to take it somehow
- this time riaeki is the one to go up to the book and asks to check out items. the library responds: only librarians can check things out. it then asks why riaeki is here (to seek knowledge) to what end (i was given a task) etc…during this riaeki realises she cant move her hand just above the book— cant make herself want to move
- the voice then tells riaeki you need a librarian (“no”) not you (“you can’t have her”)
- in nalia’s head now, showing nalia her thoughts and aptitude to be librarian, shuffling thru thoughts lik a filing cabinet. nalia says thats not what she wants and library says you cannot come a librarian. then she asks if being a librarian is doing what the library wants and it says yes
- meanwhile rosemary and sharzad are discussing the possible door out
- riaeki tries to put the tarot card on the book and touch it but is unable to and gets a shock of pain for her effort. sharzad tries and succeeds, picking up the book. the library asks her what’s she’s doing. “i’m here to check out a book”


Session Sixty-Six

Last Time, on Seaside:

Nalia borrows books from the terror library, Riaeki gets a horrorheadache, Sharzad & Lillith train Celeste who discovers her Clerical Powers (not notary), Riaeki tricks rake-up-the-ass-guy, Nalia reads about VampIres

Sharzad & Lillith help Celeste learn how to control her Divine Powers with meditation, by poorly explaining it then meditating in front of her. It’s not very helpful, but Celeste is intrigued.

Riaeki reads the ‘How To Make Friends And Influence People As A Tiefling’ book; it’s very self help and a little cult, but talks about the origins of prejudice against Tieflings (distant demon ancestry, elven institutionalized discrimination). Turns out high elves, once again, are kind of mean.

Sharzad goes on a shopping spree, holy water (at a premium bc she’s bad at this) and adventurer’s gear for Celeste (except the expensive stuff). She then returns back to the barn, and talks to Celeste about holy symbols, showing off some of her more esoteric attempts at honoring the spirits. She explains focuses and how they help conduct divine magic, and discovers that Celeste has been changed by the reawakening- she can see now. She proposes that Celeste could potentially dedicate her divine symbol to whatever anonymous entity gave her power. Celeste considers this, and says she’ll meditate on it, because she’s staying home and not joining the group on their excursion to the monastery tonight. Sharzad and Lillith prepare to leave.

Riaeki & Nalia awake from their naps to the sound of screams- Riaeki activates her detect thoughts, then the two of them go out and search for clues with a bit of trepidation. They find the vampires, already awakened, and attacking students. Riaeki reads the thoughts of one of the students being attacked: pure terror, and “they shouldn’t be /here/”. She pushes deeper- and is caught, alerting the student. Nalia sends a sending to Sharzad: “Sharzad, we need your help, come here now. Please.”

Sharzad tells Lillith there is danger. Celeste asks if she should come- Sharzad asks if she’s ready. Celeste decides she’s not, and Sharzad charges her with informing the guild and Belinda what happened if they don’t return. Lillith speeds off at full speed while Sharzad trails behind at full sprint.

Riaeki & Nalia see another figure emerge from the depths, approaching a mass of huddling students. They discuss what to do, and Nalia uses thaumaturgy to make herself loud, then tells the students to run so the two of them can take on the vampires. The students abide, and the vampires (3) turn their attention to Riaeki & Nalia.


They seem more zombie-like than vampyre, but still seem dangerous. Riaeki decides to pull a daring maneuver- gathering them all around her so that Nalia can fireball them. She runs in, taunting them, and they lunge after Riaeki, and Nalia launches her fireball. One of them rushes out of the way, only taking part of the force of the explosion; they seem damaged, but still full functioning. In just a moment, they have their revenge, lashing out at Riaeki. She’s badly wounded, and Nalia and Riaeki begin to run- being apprehended by one of the Masters of the monastery. The master stops her from running- but more of the masters converge behind them and take out the vampire spawn.

Riaeki really gives the master the business about letting vampires into his monastery, then misty steps away and runs to the courtyard. She forgot to specify that the student who died should be excluded from the fireball. The teacher lies a bunch about what happened (“A student must have been tricked!”) and tells the two of them that they can’t leave until the investigation is complete. Lillith arrives and barely hides properly from the master’s sight on the roof. Nalia inspects his demeanor- it seems like he’s done this before. Nalia does the best Haughty Wizard Voice she’s ever done and We All Love.

(It was useless! thanks!)

Sharzad climbs up the wall with the grace of an ox, and tears her way towards the courtyard, only barely being stopped by Lillith, who lets her know that Rasa has taken Nalia and Riaeki away.


Lillith & Sharzad sneak to Riaeki & Nalia, and Lillith shadowsteps inside; she listens to the guards outside (“Was this a test?” “No!”), then learns the story of what happened. Sharzad wants to run away but Lillith thinks we ought to go for the library why we still can. Riaeki is Hecka Nervous. We decide to do it while everyone is distracted, and Sharzad, with Lillith’s help, blows open a damn hole in the wall. We all sneak to the library, Lillith lets us in, and Nalia makes a sending to the Library, which is Fucking Bad. Riaeki uses Lord Aqueous to open the door, but he says ‘You just need part of the key’- one of the items of Yleth. Nalia touches the Scrying Orb to the door- it opens, but at the same time, we realize something.

Agrippa must have an artifact of Ylethaen to be able to open the door.

We scry it- it’s inside. So we all hold hands, and enter the Library Terror Zone together.

Session Sixty-Five

hello friends i’m taking notes AND drinking pineapple cider so WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE WE GOT FRUIT

  • last time, on dnd: we killed a vampire but like for real and celeste died but she’s okay now
  • lots of vampire puns
  • long discussion of what our plans are, because we have no plans. it’s decided that sharzad and lilith will rejoin nalia and riaeki tomorrow night because of the baby vampires that might rise. in the meantime we’ll research vampires and try to find out more about the library.
  • the next day, nalia spends the day reading and returns to the library for more books. the librarian is sitting on a very high stool and does not have very long legs. nalia asks for books on humanoids, because ‘humans are confusing’. the librarian finds this extremely believable, and softens a bit to nalia. she goes to open the huge scary door and goes into the scary library.
  • riaeki casts detect thoughts as the door opens, trying to sense beings in the creepy library. “it’s like you cast a stone into nothingness, and there’s no response until you hear the echoing of it hitting bottom” there’s a large, strange presence that is unlike any mind we’ve ever felt. so that’s cool. as riaeki tries to read its mind, a loud ringing of unknown eldritch language rings in her ears. riaeki gains a level of exhaustion. she explains to nalia that something is super evil back there and nalia says she’ll read in her room.
  • nalia: i don’t want people to know my bodyguard is sick
    riaeki: nalia you’re way more powerful than me, this whole ruse is ridiculous
    nalia: oh yeah!
  • nalia requests a book about general humanoid…. existence. the librarian is less okay with this, but gets her essentially a bestiary with humanoids. nalia also gets the tiefling version of how to make friends and influence people.
  • sharzad makes a fire without setting celeste on fire and goes for a run. lilith is very sore from getting bitten by a vampire. celeste wakes up very hungover from dying. she has a conversation with sharzad about what to do next— especially re killing the baby vampires. celeste seems very lost, and without purpose since she’s achieved the main goal in her life. sharzad tries to recruit her to our mercenary guild.
  • celeste asks about riaeki’s revivify powers and explains that death felt like a grey, non-being rather than a continuance or an ongoing sense of self. which is an yleth thing and is very bad!!! sharzad offers to help train celeste in the day off. lilith says her hand to hand combat needs work.
  • sharzad takes a very long time to explain how her pistols work. and still doesn’t.
  • riaeki goes to search for her friend rake up the ass guy, whose name we will not be learning. she heads to the fancy mess hall and finds him charming a group of people with a story about getting into trouble at a noble’s event. riaeki charms him into giving her a tour of the ‘secret places’ in the monastery. there’s a bit of a conversation about what might be behind the library door. riaeki wonders if they might request a monster to fight, and he thinks that’s probably a very bad idea and would test thelibrarian’s limited patients. then he leads her to the infirmary, and tells her that sometimes the acolytes volunteer to take injuries for the healers to practice. then he takes her to the chapter room and tries to initiate sex, but fails to do so. riaeki asks about other secrets. he says that you can’t dig deep, because of the skeletons. creepy! he says the monastery was originally a barracks during the revolution, and then was dedicated to iroth. riaeki casts detect thoughts .
  • he thinks that a) riaeki asks a lot of questions, b) is very pretty and is not making out with him, c) that he’s learned to say this response and knows it’s a lie. riaeki moves a little closer and asks about devotionals that are done ~together. he mentions fighting, and prayer, and thinks images that are replaced momentarily occasionally with other images: a corpse on a table, and someone standing over it, someone raising a goblet to their lips, stained with blood. riaeki asks why he came to the monastery— he escaped a daring life of seducing nobles .as she does this, she detects thoughts, and asks him when the masters told him it was all a lie
  • a conversation ensues where riaeki attempts to glean information about yleth while making it seem like she’s also a follower of yleth. it goes okay. mostly, she learns that THE LIBRARY IS A SENTIENT LOCATION THAT WAS PRESERVED FROM YLETH’S FORGETTING MAGIC AND THE LIBRARIAN IS A WARLOCK OF IT. YIKES
  • riaeki tells him (his name is owain and not rake up the ass guy but also is it) to meet her later very far away from where she and nalia are meeting sharzad and lilith and FUCKIN BOOKS IT
  • nathan lane voice intermission
  • riaeki explains to nalia about the library after nalia casts mordenkainen’s janet void. nalia takes it pretty well. they agree to just spend the rest of the day in the void reading books and not trying to investigate evil alivebrarys.
  • sharzad and lilith go on training celeste. she’s gained a level, but sharzad can’t tell in what class. lilith thinks that sharzad’s pistols are loud.
  • celeste and sharzad discuss fighting styles and learning from the deceased. celeste talks about her mother, and sharzad about her brother. celeste talks about dying. and says she felt a hand reaching out to her— a god— when she was dead. THIS ALSO SEEMS YLETHY. celeste is a war cleric now? SHE’S A GRAVE CLERIC
  • sharzad explains how her brother died to celeste, and how the spirits then guided her to her powers. they discuss how the gods fuck with everyone’s lives and why spirits are better. celeste decides to come to calafort.
Session Sixty-Four

We start with a SURPRISE ROUND against the vampire.
Sharzad blesses her guns. Riaeki casts moonbeam right on the vampire. It makes him look extra hot. Lilith casts silence so that Sharzad can shoot a bunch. Celeste throws a dagger but doesn’t manage to hit.
We do some more damage to the vamp. Sharzad notices that Riaeki’s sword glows more while hitting the vamp.
He notices that Riaeki’s done a lot of damage and tried to charm her but he FAILS.
Seeing that this isn’t going very well so he freaking CLIMBS ONTO THE CEILING and twists his head down and scuttles over to the stairwell. Celeste runs after him to try to punch him and he bites her and eats her blood and she drops down dead (or at least unconscious).
Lilith runs up to the ceiling vampire and punches him a few times though its weird punching him on the ceiling.
Then Nalia casts a Wall of Force and traps the vampire in the basement. (Nalia MVP!!!!!)
Trapped in the basement, the vampire is too proud to call for help.
We continue to damage him, though Lilith gets bit.
Riaeki lands the final blow as he tries to scuttle away again, and since he’s still in the moonbeam spell he can’t transform and straight up dies.

Riaeki then revivifies Celeste. We loot the body and find some stuff including ten graves. Riaeki uses divine sense and confirms that in those graves is undead (and something seems off about Celeste now too). We talk about what to do next and Celeste is very shaken by the whole being dead and brought back thing. While trying to decide whether to deal with the undead now, Riaeki casts detect thoughts on the buried undead to try to figure out how dangerous they all are. She gets a jumble of half-awake thoughts and a deep underlying command: “sleep.” She also discovers that this command in fact came from the vampire we just killed.

We decide to leave the monastery (except for Riaeki and Nalia) to get Celeste to safety and hopefully be able to finish our goals another day.

Session Sixty-Three


Riaeki heads to the refectory. There are a ton of buff fighting monks in here so like, jot that down. Riaeki notices although this is a monastery dedicated to Iroth, there is something off; many people have hoods up like Yleth does in the card, and the stained glass is an unusual landscape instead of anything explicitly to do with Iroth. Riaeki walks up to an initiated monk and strikes up a conversation. She manages to get invited to a ceremony.

Meanwhile, Lillith and Sharzad prepare for their night expedition.

Back in Nalia’s room, Riaeki relates what she saw and and who she saw, then heads back to the chapel. There she attempts to contact Iroth, but it seems to have no effect. THEN SHE PULLS OUT HER YLETH SWORD!!!! And tells Yleth she’s ready whenever she is! But…she doesn’t appear. At least not yet….:0

Nalia and Riaeki head to the fighting ceremony. Nalia settles on the side with the spectators and Riaeki lines up to fight. There are a ton of people and it is really wild tbh. Riaeki gets eliminated after a few rounds. Riaeki then places a bet on the person who beat her, Imedhen. Alas, an initiate named Violetta is the ultimate winner.

That night, the stealthy expedition begins…but unfortunately, the gang is detected. Riaeki and Nalia manage to talk their way out of being discovered sneaking around by saying they’re trying to return library books they took out of the monastery. The initiate they ran into, Andera, thinks this is very bad, and leaves them quickly. They then go to the door to meet Lillith, Sharzad, and Celeste.

Nalia then sends a message using…Message…to Andera to tell her to leave the monastery. It is really awkward but somehow manages to convince her (yay!!!!!)

They then make their way (a short distance) to head down to see the vampire…and get a surprise round on that fool!

Session Sixty-Two

Last time on Seaside:
We buy horses and begin our journey towards the town where Lilith had A Real Bad Time With Vampires And Shit. There’s some jumping up trees and discussion of economic equality. The snow accompanies us as we continue to travel north, arriving after some days at the town of Greenhill- where the monastery stands on the hill overlooking town. Sharzad stays behind in their makeshift base (an abandoned, burned out town), and the rest of the party goes on to the town to enter their tavern, meeting Celeste, a half-elf looking for the vampire who murdered her family.

The party heads back with Celeste to the abandoned barn. Sharzad’s set a fire, and has been making a small gift for the spirits of the place in the meantime.
Celeste: monolids, light tan skin, straight black hair, pointed elven ears and coppery ears. Fineboned features of a half-elf, and fairly small, five feet even, and slender.

Sharzad acts awkward, makes jokes at Celeste and their introduced. The party and Celeste share information- specifically, that Celeste is hunting a vampire, and Lillith has seen a vampire. We discuss the weaknesses of vampires, and learn a valuable lesson about the Count. She digresses, saying that these are mostly myths. We accidentally reveal in planning that we don’t exactly intend specifically to kill a vampire- and are forced to explain about Ylethaen in order to make it clear why (Sharzad: I tell everyone anyways).

We plan for a long while, Celeste interrogating us if we plan to kill the vampire and us running into a problem: how do we do that AND get to the library. We plan, for, a long time, and decide that Lilith will recon, then in the morning Nalia and Riaeki will go in and pretend to be travelling scholars to get more information on the library, and acquire quarters there.

Lilith heads out in the cloak of darkness, heading up the snow covered hill to the monastery, transforming into a bat and flying into a chimney into the building. Hitting a fire, she’s forced to turn back to her original form, but she quickly recovers, and begins to stealth her way into the structure. She reaches a large storage area, filled with statues and food and boxes. She hears… a soft whimpering noise, from across the hall. She glides across the room to investigate- and sees a small candle, and a small makeshift room. Blankets, pillows, books. Sitting in a chair is a young boy- 15, human. And standing over him is the vampire, standing over him, sucking his blood.

Lillith arrives back quickly, teleporting through the darkness for her return. She finds Celeste asleep, and the rest of us waiting. They discuss the vampire- it seems to reside in the cellar, with the features of an ex-high elf, a sun elf specifically; fine featured, golden-eyed. She let’s Riaeki know that he was feeding on someone, and Riaeki resolves that we need to destroy him quickly, so he doesn’t feed on anyone else. We speak in the morning about our anxieties and plans and then Nalia and Riaeki head to the monastery

They meet a fresh-faced acolyte at the door, who asked what they were here for- they say they’re here to do research, extremely awkwardly. The monk greeting them is very friendly, though, and takes them to the guest rooms (asking if they want one bed or two, causing Riaeki to die of embarrassment). Following that, she leads them to the Library (we’re going to need to go there eventually Riaeki). They reach the reading room, and see the door to the library locked with a thick iron lock, unbecoming of the cozy location. To the left of the door, at a magically lighted desk, they see a gnome with grey hair, removed from everything else. Riaeki sits down (armor clinking, out-of-place), while Nalia picks a couple books for herself. After looking at several books, Nalia goes to Agrippa with her notes. Nalia lies badly, but Agrippa seems to respond, going into the library- when Riaeki casts divine sense, and realizes the library is evil. Like, really evil.

Agrippa delivers the requested documents, explaining that they must remain at the library. Nalia asks about the library, if it’s been collecting a long time, and Agrippa responds that they have. The two of them depart, and make more plans.

Lillith & Sharzad talk about tactics, Sharzad offends Celeste, and they come to the conclusion that the vampyre must die.

Session Sixty-One

its my turn for notes so that means you all get kpop lyrics all DAY


  • agrippa = librarian. super not ominous at all
  • we MEET FOR BREAKFAST at the hungry unicorn! or brunch. fantasy brunch. mimosamic.
  • serious conversations about how much money lilith could reasonably have. its not none but it’s not some.
  • discussions about horse costs. five silver for a mean horse. a gold for a nice horse. sharzad pays a gold for a ‘not horrible’ horse. riaeki asks her spectral conjured horse nawhea to go find good horses for the group and does a MAD COOL JUMP to find RAD HORSES. "now i’m rolling horsetigation, and the horse will have advantage’. she still sucks at finding horses. sharzad’s horse is a rangy looking bay with long legs, looks nyoomy. riaeki asks it if it likes sharzad. seems like yes? nalia finds a very large black horse, lilith finds a blue roan.
  • on the road, the horses prove difficult to ride, but the party sort of gets on with it. lilith is quiet, but very hardworking. riaeki tries to break the ice by regaling her with tales of the party’s adventures. sharzad goes to talk to lilith on the second night of travel, complimenting her on her work ethic and requesting information about her monastery life. there’s some tension, because lilith is a noble, and lilith is unwilling to part with information about her family. lilith’s family prefers to stay in the capital rather than in napa valley, because they can gain more influence in the city. and they wanted lilith to marry someone she… didn’t like. apparently they were attempting to make an agricultural alliance between staple farmers and luxury farmers.
  • i say something really stupid about fruit
  • lilith and sharzad disagree over what would be the most economical and socially progressive way to distribute land and goods among people. they share an awkward sausage, innuendo intended specifically because they’re both gay
  • then the temperature drops, and it begins to snow. in late spring. sharzad tries to climb a tree, and doesn’t. riaeki uses divine sense, and senses nothing. nalia thinks the weather is probably unnatural. nothing seems to happen, and after a while it stops snowing. lilith and riaeki trudge off looking for the edge of the snow, or anything else weird, and find nothing. while they’re gone, sharzad complains to the air (and nalia). the gang decides to set watches, but nothing happens. other than it being super cold. the gang rolls shit con saves, except riaeki who is fine. lilith takes a level of exhaustion because ylethaen is a JERK the rest of the journey is snowy, but uneventful. riaeki yells in the direction of her sword whenever it starts to snow, and lilith recognizes it a bit.
  • the gang passes the time reading and talking to themselves, cooking, backseat cooking, and trying to pretend it isn’t cold— which is more and more difficult , especially when all the travellers we pass comment on it. lilith buys gloves at a passing town, and riaeki enlists nalia to create a flame that would warm someone without lighting them on fire. (after a long lecture about the magical essence and uses of rocks)
  • nalia: you mean like a torch?
  • anyway, nalia has a sidequest to make a snuggie now.
  • finally, we approach the hill that hosts the town of green hill and the evil monastery of green hill. town also probably evil but unverified. the party discusses places to stay— there’s one inn in the village, and it’s probably not very discreet. lilith thinks she might know a place the party could stay for…. less money— a farmhouse that mostly burned down. probably no ghosts there or undead presence, so that’s cool. (riaeki’s divine sense detects no undead). time to eat! bland conjured food, yum
  • lilith, nalia and riaeki decide to investigate the town. riaeki wears a hat to try to look less like a high elf. sharzad stays back because of her low charisma and general inability to deceive. in town, people are milling about, looking all norman rockwell-y. there’s not a lot of magic here, mostly small cantrips on torches. the inn and basic services are most of the important buildings. most of the worship seems to be of brea.
  • the group enters the inn, as it seems to be the major meeeting place of the town. and also warm. lilith immediately makes her way to the fire and MEETS A FIRE GENASI!!!!! his name is aerin and he’s great. nalia looks for people who look educated and sees a group of old timers sharing tales of youth. riaeki looks for magic and finds a half elf with a magic dagger. she’s in a corner with a big mug of warm but she’s very alert and looking around the room. there’s also a fairly nicely dressed man with an enchanted shirt.
  • riaeki goes up to talk to the half elf girl, and has a pretty good read on her. she is definitely NOT a traveller passing through, and trying to extricate herself from the conversation. riaeki casts detect thoughts. the girl is looking for a ‘him’. she made her own weapon, and reacts…. badly when riaeki makes it clear that she’s reading her mind. riaeki tells her that she was raised from the dead, which she reacts worse to, but riaeki indicates her paladin-ness and tries to lay it out that they seem like they’re on the same side.
  • nalia gets closer to the old lady telling the story, who is adamant that a druid or something is changing the weather. upstairs, the girl confides in riaeki that her family was killed by a vampire. riaeki tries to sympathize by explaining that she probably accidentally killed her own family. it does not go over well. but she also tells celeste that lilith met a vampire in the wine cellar of the monastery. celeste seems pretty eager to get in there and kill it, but riaeki warns her that there’s a BIgger Plot -that the gang knows why it’s snowing-and that shit might get real. celeste asks to meet riaeki’s friends, in the hollowed out barn they are sharing.
Session Sixty

The next morning, Riaeki decides to go talk to Rashul. She marches to his temple on Temple Hill before the sun rises and walks in yelling, “can we talk about this now or what??”
The priests here still aren’t used to Riaeki doing this, so one walks up and asks what’s going on and promptly gets possessed by the god.

Rashul tells Riaeki that he’s not sure whats going on, and Riaeki is very not pleased to hear it.
He starts talking about Yleth and realizes that he can talk about some of this, as the death curse is now dispelled. But he also says “Yleth did more before she died” and also points out that she is the goddess of secrets so still manages to keep some things unsaid.

Riaeki demands to know what Rashul wants her to do, and he say that “killing her would not be an unworthy goal” but that is not all he wants. But that seems to be all that can be said.

Nalia wakes up early and works on copying out a new cantrip.

Sharzad goes around to the mercenary company to let them now that despite everyone being hungover, there is still training today. She gets a water jug and a knife thrown at her for her trouble.

Lilith wakes up to find a person standing in her room. It is Luelle Greyhawk who asks “Why are you in my house?” When Lilith is evasive, Luelle grumbles that Belinda was also close-mouthed. She also asks “Are you the one who turned religious, or the one that couldn’t find a husband?” Lilith answers that she should go to the capitol more often if she wants to keep up with the gossip.

Meanwhile, the company is practicing on the beach. Nalia is teaching magic, Riaeki is teaching sword and shield, Sharzad is teaching martial art forms. Lilith shows up about 20 minutes into the session.

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Session Fifty-Nine

We begin with a discussion with Lilith. She describes the monastery she spent most of her life at, which she discovered was in fact a shrine to Yleth. She then fled.

Lilith mentions that she knew the name nexxaya —> underdark

Nalia and Afa both know that the Underdark exists beneath Ealdcyth, the dwarven homeland. There isn’t a whole lot known about it (other than there are civilizations down there), but dwarves consider it their duty to keep whatever is down there from coming up. So not great, Bob.

The gang discus briefly the idea of going to the Underdark, but Belinda cuts them off. She says that there will need to be a recording of events before the party can go anywhere. Lilith goes off with Belinda when she excuses herself. The party meanwhile decide to get some rest; Nalia heads off to recuperate a little, and Sharzad to check in on the company. Afterwards, both intend to meet Afa and Riaeki at the Hungry Unicorn.

Meanwhile Sharzad sees some teens gossiping about what they just saw and tries to “correct” them but maybe only ends up weirding them out.

At the Hungry Unicorn, Riaeki and Afa talk with Lydia and some other members of the guild. She and Sharzad go back and forth about semantics. Nalia arrives a little later, once everyone is on their way to being quite drunk.

Afa brings up that she wants to go visit her parents, and her family in the Faewyld. This is discussed a bit more by the party and it seems that she ends up pretty set on it.

The day wears into night as the gang basically stays at the Unicorn all day because it’s been that kind of day, folks. Afa plays her mandolin and is really good at it, which Riaeki notices as odd since she only began playing a few months ago. Sharzad meanwhile is dancing up a dang storm.

Toward the end of the night, Nalia makes her goodbyes to Afa, as do the others. :(

Session Fifty-Eight

Last time: A literal god came back to life and we were distracted looking at one of those himalayan rock salt lamps. Jesus.

This time: We die.

As the creature dissappears, the blood itself becomes icy and void-like. The party sees it- and sees it begin to coalesce into the shape of strange creatures of shadow. The party immediately begins to cast spells- empowering Riaeki, as Riaeki guard those around her with divine energy, while Sharzad hides herself in her perch. The crowd begins to flee, though some still linger with curiosity. The guards direct some out of the square, while Belinda guards the Duke, whose retinue is beginning to flee.

Riaeki runs in and strikes first, landing the blow and unleashing a smite of divine energy on it. The divine energy damages somewhat, but it seems to resist the thunderous strike. She strikes again, smiting once more, emboldened by the rage of the first blow not fully landing, and the energy of this attack rings true.

>The Wraith retaliates, burning away at Riaeki’s life force with it’s terrifying etheral claws.
>The other wraiths harvest lives from the crowd.
>Sharzad fires her full clip from her divinely enhanced pepperbox, destroying the Wraith threatening the Lord before firing a bullet through the Wraith that struck Riaeki, ending that one as well. She whips out her pepperbox’s twin and fires at another wraith, but the strike is weak.
>Afa lashes out at the Wraith that Sharzad struck last, hexing it, taunting it, and unleashing Eldritch blasts at it- but her Hex does not seem to harm it even as the force of her blasts takes chunks out of it.
>Nalia rushes towards the Wraith and strikes it with her Skyspire, landing a true blow with a shroud of electrical punishment on the creature, staggering it and then disengaging.
>The crowd hesitates, unsure of where to flee, and isn’t fleeing the area as well, while the guards around the duke’s pavilion are swarmed for protection, preventing the Duke & Belinda from fleeing.
> Riaeki charges the Wraith by the belltower, lashing out at it wildly. Her first strike falls short as the creature dodges, but she presses the attack, slicing her sword through it twice in a blur of activity; it looks half-disposed-of.
>A shadowed figure in a blue cloak hurtles with impossible speed out of the belltower, unleashing a flurry of strikes on the wraith with her’s fists, The wraith avoid the first, but takes the third fully, dissolving into vapor. The figure moves to engage the last Wraith.
>The last wraith whispers eldritch words to the body it just stole the life of, and raises a spectre of it’s victim before attempting to flee.
>Sharzad trains her remaining pistol on the fleeing wraith, and lets out three shots, obliterating it.
>Afa blasts the specter twice and though each blow strikes weakly she still does a great deal of damage. She also manages to get a good look at the spector- a 30 year old sea elf woman.
>Nalia rounds toward the specter and unleashes a firebolt, but it goes wide.
>The crowd, panicked by the sight of the resurrected specter, pushing further into the pavilion for protection- but the guards turn on the them to protect the duke, and the as the nightsticks come out and the crowd rolls over city officials, the crush of people threatens to turn into a melee.
>Riaeki runs to the specter and strikes it, and it dissolves. She turns the the stranger and tells them to help break up the melee, then begins running that way herself/
>The stranger rushes that way herself, and makes it all the way over. She helps Belinda up.
>Sharzad reloads her guns then runs for the statue, where Lydia and some of the others (?) are.
>Afa speaks to some of the crowd, instruction them to proceed in an orderly fashion of the square. It’s not the most successful.
>Nalia inspects the execution stage- the bottom side is covered in magical runes. She looks at the portal- it’s an active portal to another realm of shadows and glowing eyed creatures… that are moving our way.
>The conditions at the pavilion continues to degrade as the melee fully breaks out. Belinda tries to get to the duke, but his guards are formed into almost a phalanx.
>Riaeki uses her ring to slam her fist into the walls of the city, making a loud booming sound. She uses the attention to threaten people into dispersing.
>Lilith (the stranger) moves to put herself into a position to guard the nobles from the pressing throng of people- and Duke Carpenter recognizes her.
>Two strangely shaped grey figures, covered in strange slimy tattered hoods with massive foot-long mouths emerge from the portal, and as they burn under the sunlight;one of them locks eyes with Nalia… and instantly drain all of the life from Nalia’s body. The other turns to Riaeki, but Riaeki lets out a curdling scream and shrugs off the brunt of this terrible strike, though her mind is still ravaged by the beast. They then move to attack- Riaeki blocks the blow from one, and the other send a lance of necrotic energy at her- which she also resists.
>Sharzad runs for the Lightheart company, yelling a rallying cry- Lydia hears her and Sharzad tells her to run and get the company and any available guards to help with the evacuation, while ordering Minu to advance with her towards the portal. She fires three shots at the creature, hitting twice and nearly destroying it.
>Afa, seeing Nalia fall, lets out a primal scream, Shattering the stage; a shockwave of energy destroys the creature Sharzad damaged, and harms the other. The stage itself also cracks, splintering & splitting; as it does so, the blood ice that makes up the portal cracks as well.
>Nalia rolls on the ground in pain, but her resolve steels- but even as it does, the necrotic energy of the creature threatens to drag her down into the grips of death.
>The melee at the pavilion continues- and a rock strikes the Duke in the chest.
>Riaeki lashes out at the remaining creature with the ring of the ram, landing a strudy blow to his chest- he flies backwards from the force of the blow, crashing with force into the stage. She breathes divine life back into Nalia, reawakening her, and then casts compel duel on the creature before running away, forcing it to follow her.
>It does follow, and strikes out at her for a deal of damage.
>Sharzad runs to Riaeki and, with the last shot of her gun blessed with divine favor she summons up every last bit of divine power in her and shoots the specter in the mouth with a glowing bullet- the specter soaks up the energy and cracks through with radiant light, bursting out into a glowing flash before being reduced to ash. The threat, for now, is gone.

Riaeki goes and finds the bodies of the dead; there are several. She must choose. She goes to the high elf woman & casts Revivify, calling her back from beyond the veil. Riaeki pulls the woman over the body of the other man- the man she couldn’t save- and explains the circumstances of this woman’s resurrection (she’s a student at the university), and tells her to help with his funeral, and live her life in his honor. She’s named Liri Isariel. Riaeki tells her how to find her, and leaves the woman alone to cry over this man’s corpse.

We comfort each other (Nalia especially) and then alert Belinda that we need to talk to her, while the lightheart company helps evacuate the square. We explain what Ylethaen is; we talk about the lifting of the death curse (and what that might mean about the ability of people to remember the Ylethaen), theorize on what the Ylethaen’s domains might be (Death & Winter?), and finally meet Lilith, a regal-looking Lilith Vineland, of the Marin Vinelands, who knows of Ylethaen. We’re introduced to each other, and decide to learn more about Lilith Vineland’s story, and how she knows of Ylethaen.


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