The Sea's Revenge

Session Ninety-Six

We discuss going to Chiynue and decide that we should ask Barakhsan for help since he’s from Ijjekhara so we head to the University. We meet Barakhsan in his office and discuss the undead problem. He finally tells us in character about our own one-shot characters. He agrees to come with us to Chinyue and help us investigate the Yleth tree. He also changes in to sexy northern clothes.

We go through a tunnel that’s been dug to the Yleth tree. Sharzad tries to sense the spirit of the tree while Riaeki apologizes to the people who sacrificed their lives to trap Yleth’s servant in the tree. Sharzad breaks off a piece of that bark-Kat bar to keep. Nalia inspects the chains. Riaeki takes out the Index Incarnatus, and Barakhsan is intrigued. We take the book back. Riaeki, Nalia and Barakhsan go to be teleported, while Sharzad and Afa go to talk to Prof. Vishaneth.

Barakhsan leads us into Chinyue, where it’s snowing. We pass through a nomadic settlement to more permanent buildings. We enter a longhouse flying a flag with a silver dragon on it. Riaeki doesn’t know crap about dragons.We meet Barakhsan’s sister Kydana :D and his father. He goes to speak to his mother while we talk about Ylethaen.

We discuss the problems in Calafort. Nalia gives a presentation and Riaeki provides props. The nobles agree to help if we negotiate. Afa is wearing Nalia’s shoes, which are way too big. They discuss Afa’s ability to turn into a bird. Vishaneth isn’t sure whether Forbiddence would just stress the rest of the city. They question Vishaneth about whether sending Oruxim to the Shadowfell was a good idea.She mentions that ‘it’s nice to be able to speak about Ylethaen again’, which is SUSPICIOUS. They discuss the gnome city of hypocrisy. She thinks that there’s probably a necromancer in the Shadowfell raising the zombies and directing them and would volunteer to fight against them if we find them.

Nalia and Riaeki negotiate with Ijjekhara. We negotiate for a company of archers, which the queen decides she will lead against the objections of basically everyone, some supplies including winterization and magical supplies, and some magical weapons (enough for 100 town guards). This is essentially a political contract we’re signing with Ijjekhara which is probably fine. While the army gathers their supplies we discuss strategy, dragons and the Lethain legends. Everyone gathers up their things, Barakhsan says goodbye, and we head out.

Session Ninety-Five


After arriving back in a zombie-infested Calafort, Sharzad goes around to the mercenary company asking how everyone is doing from a logistical and personal standpoint. Lydia and Caspian have many luxury demands. Eagan has earned himself a raise. Rain has joined the company and made friends with Golnar, and Masah has established herself as the de facto leader.

The group reconnects with Afa, and they trade stories of their respective adventures. They introduce Afa to Rime, and Afa annoys her. We talk about our plans for the next day in our journey to save Calafort from the undead and Afa shows off some of her new magic.

Riaeki talks to Oruxim and tells them Celeste’s backstory, and they discuss powerful servants of Yleth. Riaeki asks them to try to remember any names so that we can try to figure out who is at large.

After Nalia falls asleep still telling Afa more stories, Rime and Afa have a long conversation. Eventually Rime grudgingly that there might be more to Afa than she first thought, and Afa asks what sort of contract they would need for Afa to wield her power. Rime is adamant that there are no pocket dimensions.

Sharzad gets very little sleep, she stays up and works on designing guns, turning over the designs to Ameatris in the morning.

The next morning, there is the morning briefing over breakfast. Sharzad and Eagan further discuss the needs of the city and the mercenary guild, and the party discusses where they might travel via teleportation to buy supplies. The options seem to be far to the south or far to the north.

We travel to go talk to the duke. As we travel, Riaeki takes note of the evidence of zombie attacks to people and property. It also seems that a number of people have fled the city. Also, the prison doors are barricaded from the outside…

When we reach the fortress, there is a huge crowd of people waiting to see the duke. Nalia sends a message to Belinda Greyhawk and she tells us to cut to the front of the line. We get a cool code phrase (“we’re here to see the falconer”) and they let us in. A guide takes us past the checkpoints into the audience hall where the duke is hearing petitions.

The duke suggest that we adjourn to a smaller room for our discussions. We talk about the needs of the city, which are similar to the needs of the company. It becomes apparent that

Session Ninety-Four

The gang is tying up loose ends in Gephyyra.

Sharzad communicates some intelligence gained in the underdark from the svirfneblin to the local government.

Riaeki speaks with Vesper about how things stand after Tiatha exposed herself for being Like That. They discuss his stipend and the fact that his family still wants a connection with House Valtaeris and their marriage contract isn’t technically broken. Riaeki says that’s fine if they want to get married under the banner of Rashul. The matter is left there.

Next the gang go SHOPPING!!!!! Nalia finds a magic item shop called Halgra’s Oddities. We bother Halgra for a huge amount of items because we are now FLUUUUUUSH with CAAAAAASH. We spend 12635, to the alarm but gratification of Halgra.
Our haul:
2 pearls of power
5 potion cold resistance
1 potion of necrotic resistance
1 oil of slipperyness (yuck)
15 common potions of healing
8 potions greater healing
6 potions superior healing
3 potions of supreme healing

Sharzad talks to Aunt Gigi about aiding the revolution in Dahkri An-gyyr. She says she will have 3000 gold sent to Sharzad every month.

With business finished in Gephyyra, the gang says their goodbyes to Lillith :( They then head to be teleported back to Calafort!!

The Calafort they have returned to is covered in snow—lots of snow! They get a brief rundown from the half orc in the teleportation room—the rise of Nexxaya has influenced the weather and the dead walk the streets at night. The party runs to find Rehka, and get more information. They also learn that the revolution in Dahkri An-gyyr has taken a positive turn and the city is free—this deeply affects Sharzad.

They rush back to the guild hall and hear music and laughter coming from inside, and when they burst in they see Afa playing a song. They all rush toward her and give her a big hug and catch up a little. Afa looks different—her hair is more brilliant and her eyes brighter. Amaeatris (from the underdark) is also there playing music with her.

But not everything is rosy. Two of the guild have been killed. The gang then gets caught up on how the whole undead situation is going. It seems that the undead have a type of hierarchy, and that they disappear somewhere after leaving through the gates at the end of the night. Celeste says it seems more like a curse than anything. It is suggested Oruxim go out to scout, and Celeste is not happy to find out they are a vampire. She is convinced not to leave just yet. Afa strikes up another song and the gang settles in for their first night back in Calafort.

Session Ninety-Three

Last time: we entered the house, investigated it, and fought tiatha. Tiatha got away, but we survived so… even?

We begin discussing what to do, telling the guards they can now enter. They discuss future courses of action, deciding it was time to go to the basement. Sharzad asks about a plan to use Nalia’s magic to chase Tiatha, but Riaeki says it’s not necessary. Sharzad is surprised, but Riaeki says that if they’re gonna kill Tiatha, Tiatha’ll come to them, and there’s no use in chasing a pheonix.

Sharzad inspects the roots and notices the growth seems to get stronger from a point. We go to the basement- there’s nothing there, but we choose some good wine and bad liquor. Sharzad takes Ksenja and Lilith, and searches for the center of the roots. They find a thicket of impassible plants, and Ksenja talks to them, convincing them to open the way. Nalia and Riaeki join us, and we find our way through, to a gnarled and inwardly turned tree with strange red-ish fruit. We speak to it, and it explains it was brought here as a seed, and Tiatha tended to it. Ksenja promises to care for it. We learn that the magic here is fading naturally, and will soon be gone, and we collect some of it’s fruit for ourselves.

We move on to inspecting the rest of the house. Nalia looks for arcane books, Lilith and Ksenja search for valuables, and Riaeki looks through the house to try to find some connection to her memories while Sharzad awkwardly han\gs around her. Lilith and Ksenja find a massive amount of gold throughout the house- 48,000 gold,28,000 platinum, and the following treasures:
3 opals, 1 fire opal, 1 black opal
4 blue sapphires, star ruby, emerald
finely embroired gloves (with jewel chips)
obsidian statuette with gold fittings (elven godemperor)
a jade gameboard with solid gold game pieces
They also find a number of extremely powerful magic items:
Ring of Command Earth Elemental
Belt of Cloud Giant Strength
Iron Horn of Valhalla
Well of many worlds
Staff of Power

Riaeki explores the house- overcome with a sense of familiarity and homeyness, but also mixed in with memories of her visions, and without any memories of having actually been there. She looks through her old room, finding the most used training weapon (a longsword) and taking it.Searching through desks and lockboxes she finds some records, and a little black book of records.

She looks for personal pictures and letters, finding nothing in most of the house- until she searches the room of a house servant who died on her bed in the blooming. Under her bed is a lockbox of items & letters she had saved from whenever Tiatha purged the house of memories. Inside She finds letter correspondence between her and her father about the state of his children and their learning/development, kids sketches of the family together… including this woman. She finds diary entries from when Tiatha was a teen. There’s also a locket, with a painted portrait of her father, and on the other side a portrait of a high elf woman who looks like she might be her mother. Inscribed is her mother’s name- Ellebrian Inyar Valtaeris. The servant’s name was Nerwen Alotel.

Sharzad suggests maybe trying to pay for a resurrection, but neither of them really know the protocol for that. Riaeki says that she doesn’t really know how to feel about this- it’s just walking through someone’s house, and she’s going to give it away to Ksenja anyways.

Riaeki sits down on the bed and says that she doesn’t want this house of trade… or to stay with the mercenary company after defeating Yleth. She wants to sail and live on the sea. Sharzad says she’s not sure she wants to either… she wants to go to Dahkri An-gyyr. They joke a bit about being at odds (and about teleporting to each other) but don’t really come to a conclusion.

They head back down and RIaeki lets Ksenja know that she can own the house, and potentially the business. They discuss an alliance with the house of ink and how to get the paperwork sorted. Lilith says she’s going to be headed to Marin Court to try to help the country deal with the coming crisis caused by Ylethaen. Sharzad asks her not to go all noble and betray them, then wishes her luck. Sharzad asks if Ksenja intends to stay her, then, and she replies yes. She offers to help once she’s more established in the city, and Sharzad asks if she’d be willing to help fight if things get Apocalyptic. She agrees. Sharzad and Nalia discuss her exploding staff and play chess- Sharzad wins.

Nalia and Ksenja discuss libraries and the underdark, and Ksenja offers to help her access the libraries of the deep janine in the coming years.

Lilith and Ksenja go on a shopping montage to get Ksenja set up for businessing, and discuss the future of the business- imports from the underdark! Lilith helps Ksenja get all the forms together to take control of the business. They wish each other luck in the future.

Riaeki and Ksenja meet in the greenhouse, discussing her future and how she lucked into a big inheritance of a business and a house. Riaeki points out that she helped them survive the underdark and navigate dealing with the deep gnomes, so really she earned it. Ksenja says her doors will always be open- Riaeki: “I hope so, it’s my house!”. As Riaeki is moving to go, Ksenja says ‘Duck!’ and fires an arrow. Riaeki dodges. Ksenja says, this house didn’t seem a lot like Riaeki, even before it was covered in plants. Before she leaves, Ksenja promises to capture and torture Tiatha if she ever comes back.

Sharzad apologizes for getting angry when they got stuck in a rockslide, and Ksenja offers her a melon.

Session Ninety-Two

trying to type over maya apologies

- we decide to take a short rest. ksenja has a hard time climbing a tree. lilith takes watch.
we’re extremely not stealthy on the way into the house. finally we reach the door to house valtaeris. it’s covered in vines but doesn’t seem trapped. when we pull the vines off they have a grody reaction with our skin. rime complains about being used to kill plants.
- we reach the entrance way with many possible directions to go. all are very overgrown. lilith turns invisible and scouts ahead. in the first room, one of the couch cushions looks alive. in the second room, there’s an overgrown desk. she looks ahead into a long hallway and enters the former kitchen and finds a staging room. she traces her steps back and goes to open some mystery doors. she takes some damage from floor spikes, and shadow teleporting, finds a library. she backtracks to a servants room and finds the body of a servant.
there’s a short discussion about whether tiatha is capable of reviving bodies to fight against the party, and we decide they’d probably not fight with her because she killed them. but IM STILL SUSPICIOUS
- she pushes open a door that seems obstructed. it’s COVERED IN FUCKN PLANTS. it’s the greenhouse which seems PRETTY DANGEROUS given the druidy nature of the house. we decide to check the second floor.
more spikes up here. sharzad tries to hack them, but they keep growing back. lilith explores more. she reveals comfy living room areas that are overgrown and a balcony. she finds a humid room with a fountain and baths and a sauna FILLED WITH MUSHROOMS. she deftly avoids an eggsac and alerts ksenja to the mush room. riaeki laments the loss of a very nice house. ksenja agrees that it’s getting pretty nice in here. lilith finds the dead body of an older woman servant. it is BEING CONSUMED BY PLANTS. she finds a small bedroom and the master bedroom, still with no tiatha. she finds a third bedroom and an adjacent hallway. she what are probably tiathas and riaeki’s childhood rooms, which would be cute if they weren’t OVERGROWN BY PLANTS.
- suddenly ALL OF THE PLANTS START SPEAKING WHICH IS GREAT: “so you have seen what you came to see, and now it’s time to die”. riaeki retorts that she doesn’t remember the house at all and has just been standing around for twenty minutes.
sharzad, attempting to get a vantage point, yeets herself onto the chandelier. she makes it, but it’s rotted through and crashes down to the ground. “that’s my girlfriend” says riaeki. “not for long” says tiatha.
- tiatha casts a wall of force around sharzad, barricading her in with some tree woads and things. the lair attempts to restrain riaeki, nalia, and ksenja, but doesn’t. sharzad takes an attack from a wood woad to get out of melee. she attacks the trees and then attacks them with wallbreaker. fire everywhere.
riaeki conjures a moonbeam inside the wall of force. lilith stabs tiatha with rime. tiatha absorbs some of those elements. but she drops wall of force! hopefully sharzad will not die. the wood woads attack riaeki and CRIT, which boo.
- ksenja makes some trees afraid. a big tree wails on sharzad. nalia is restrained by the lair. tiatha makes a shillelagh and thunderwaves lilith and riaeki. sharzad runs away from the wood woads and shoots at tiatha’s hands. the staff is knocked out of her hand. sharzad action surge shoots her. riaeki takes the staff and puts it in her sack, then hits her with her sword. nalia casts chain lightning and does A FUCKTON OF DAMAGEEEEE.
lilith attacks a wood wode, keeping her promise to riaeki to leave tiatha to her. how sweet!! frondship. rime is very pleased. the wood wodes retaliate against lilith. she doesn’t fall but barely. the others attack ksenja. she attacks them back. the big trees attack lilith, ksenja, and riaeki. lilith is unconscious.
- tiatha attempts to polymorph riaeki but DOES NOT. she tries to steal the haversack but extremely does not. nyeh nyea. nalia is constricted by the vines. tiatha heals herself. sharzad heals lilith, blows up two wood wodes, riaeki attacks tiatha. nalia casts fireball. ITS DOPE. lilith stabs a wood wode. TO DEATH. ksenja stabs a big tree and heals lilith. tiatha is trying to RUN like a BONCH. nope she’s trying to turn into a phoenix. screw this. NOW she’s trying to run like a bonch. she bursts through the hole sharzad conveniently made in the ceiling and flies away.
sharzad takes a few shots but she keeps concentration as she flies away. lik e a lil BONCH.

Session Ninety-One

Last time on glee: Sharzad tries to figure out if what’s inside her breastplate is a friend (that seems fine), then: the gang goes to the black & white ball! Devin UNVEILS Riaeki AT LAST, with great fanfare and theatric, and Tiatha embraced her sister… AND SCENE.

RETURN TO SCENE (TIATHA HAS BEEN HUGGING FOR RIAEKI FOR TWO FULLASSED WEEKS). Tiatha wipes a fake tear from her eye and asks Riaeki if they can speak in private. THAT SEEMS FINE! Lilith goes invisible, Ksenja passes without a trace, Sharzad makes a frantic attempt to get her breastplate on while asking Devin to tell the people Tiatha is a murderer; Devin reminds her astutely that it is her (and friends’) job to get Riaeki not killed. Tiatha drags Riaeki, smiling, arm-in-arm, to a medieval conference boardroom. Where, assured that the room is empty (side note: Lilith is in there), she drops the pretense of civility.

They snipe about life, death, family, the whole shebang, until Riaeki offers her a bargain if she gives up her goddess. Tiatha doesn’t know what she’s talking about, then bluffs a yes to fake concession. Riaeki casts Zone of Truth, which Tiatha fails. “Tell me what you know about Ylethaen.” “Who the fuck is Ylethaen?”

Riaeki is crushed by the ultimate futility of this conversation, which is not about gods at all and is entirely petty family business. “Come find me,” says Tiatha, who gets out a crystal and dings away.

Riaeki processes what happened and talks to Lilith – and Ksenja, who heard all of it, and Sharzad, who heard part of it from down the hall – about what to do next. Downstairs, Nalia hears someone in the crowd – a large human man – summoning a SQUAD, and goes up to warn the gang about potential cops. They rejoin the party. The squad was for… zoning violations? Yeah, that’s not for the gang. In fact, that sounds like Tiatha’s problem. Sharzad talks to the cops, who take her seriously, about Tiatha’s threat as a potential murderer. A cop takes the gang aside to get briefed, but not before Riaeki zips back up the stairwell to yell about the time Tiatha killed her. Which ends the party pretty effectively.

The elven cop, Tarasynora Holacan, tells them that the trees and vines of House Valtaeris went wild immediately after Tiatha zipped out of the party, and that there may be hostages inside. No cops are coming with. The gang are gonna run a vine gauntlet.

Ksenja speaks with the vines winding around the gate, which scream: FEED!!!!! Sharzad blows up the gate, as it screams, and Lilith uses Rime to seek heat within the house. The gang gets vored by a smart house.

We meet A GIANT, WALKING FLOWER CARRYING EIGHT PERSON-SIZED PODS, SO THAT’S FUCKED UP. Ksenja hunters marks it and shoots the first pod off. Lilith cuts it open: a skeleton floating in flesh soup. Gross! She senses heat signatures from two pods, though not living warmth. Sharzad shoots them off of the flower and then shoots the entire shit out of the plant. It dies but not before taking a chunk out of Riaeki… and we fade 2 black.

Session Ninety

This time on LOST….The gang are still on the dang island. Riaeki considers taking a magic stone sword but we have basically no way of transporting it. Sharzad wants to see if the breastplate has any spirits from its creation still in it (?) and tries again to attune to it. After one misfire, she is able to do this. Jashur asks if everything is ok, still seeming a bit rattled from the battle. The gang heads back to the House of Ink, dropping their disguises once they get home.

Once home. Riaeki seeks out Oruxim. She asks them about the situation with Sharzad and the uh whole blood drinking…thing. They kinda hash out the whole thing, and Riaeki reiterates that she values Oruxim, and the need for being careful. Riaeki does kind of indicate hey maybe don’t…eat me? Oruxim is very understanding of it all. Communication!!

The next day, the gang get ready for THE BALL!!!! Lillith, Ksenja, and Sharzad go to get their hair done!! French half-elf JVN does their hair! Back at home Riaeki is freaking out— Sharzad tries to comfort her when she gets back and they do some meditation.

The gang gets ready, gets in their fancy boats, and HEADS TO THE BALL!!!!!!!!

Everyone makes their entrance. Riaeki is disguised. Lillith tries to keep an eye on Sharzad. Nalia is taking notes on food and decorations to tell Afa about later. Riaeki is avoiding others and trying to blend in.

The party is going pretty well. Then, Lillith spots…Tiatha. She greets her and Tiatha is a BINCH as usual!!

The party continues. Shortly before Riaeki is to be revealed, Sharzad asks her if she’d like to dance. Riaeki is far too nervous! Maybe at another ball…?

At last, Devon leads Riaeki to the dais at the front of the room. He begins his speech (DRAMA!!!!) about the loss of Tehlmar and Riaeki in the shipwreck that Tiatha “”””miraculously”””” survived. He reveals there was another survivor— Riaeki. And he reveals she has reutnred to them at last. He drops the illusion over Riaeki and she is revealed!!! The crowd goes nuts!!! Sharzad tries to get some people to clap, with good results. Other people are shocked or think “hey, cool magic trick!”

Tiatha approaches the dais and looks like she’s plotting bloody murder— again— but she’sin public and so can only hold out her arms and embrace her sister. Riaeki embraces her back.


Session Eighty-Nine

Sea’s Revenge Session Eighty-Nine

Last time: We acquire a mean mom knife-wife, and grant it to Lilith for now. Sharzad confronts Orishim (badly), Riaeki confronts Sharzad (dramatiquely). We provide protection to Vesper. Ksenja wants to steal the assassin’s livelihood and money, and Sharzad agrees to help. It goes surprisingly well (and documents are acquired!) Riaeki and Nalia practice dancing. Ksenja and Sharzad go to grab a melon.

Ksenja and Sharzad travel through the market and go to the fruit store and pick up a “Melliferous Melon”. They pick up the melon, negotiate for some cheap fruits, and pay with an unfashionable earing.

The party attends breakfast at the house of Ink and eat the fruit while Ksenja checks her new haul. 9000 gold or so!!

We spend the day doing various things. Lilith speaks with aunt gigi. Riaeki communes with Rashul. Sharzad meditates with her guns. Sharzad, Lilith & Riaeki practice combat. Finally, we proceed to the temple of Iroth, disguised the same way we had been disguised before. We meet with Joshur, who informs us we’ll be going to conduct the exorcism outside of the temple. We head out of the city, towards an abandoned temple of Rashul. It’s on a pleasant island, a fine climate with various shrubbery, and we head to the most swiftly abandoned part of the temple.

We prepare for the combat, casting magicks on each other. We settle in, and watch as the ritual begins- the lines are laid out and Joshur begins chanting, and the breastplate begins to glow. Spectres spill out of it… and combat begins.

  • Ksenja acts quckly, throwing a rock that expands into a hail of strikes onto the ground.
    Riaeki follows up with two strikes- which radiate with intense radiant energy, as she absolutely obliterates two of the spirits.
    The remaining spirit, more solid than the others, spreads her ichor onto the ground and summons more spirits from the breastplate.
    She and her spirits attack Riaeki- she manages to evade most through her armor and the shield of faith upon her, but some get through.
    Lilith dashes in and strikes the leader twice with Rime, then dashes in and land two quick punches.
    Sharzad unloads her bullets from her position up in a tree, and rips the leader ghost to shreds.
    Nalia fires bolts of fire from her hiding spot, but only one of her firebolts strike, as the ghosts weave and dodge
    Ksenja pops down into the ruins, and emerges to toss enchanted sand at the ghosts, which explodes like shrapnel.
    Riaeki swings at one of the remaining ghosts, missing once but striking with the other, smiting the ghost out of existence
    The ghosts strike out, but are mostly blocked, as Riaeki rushes to defend Joshur
    Lilith and Sharzad tag team a ghost, Lilith striking it with Rime and fist, while Sharzad strikes it twice from behind, dissipating it.
    Nalia fires a ray of frost at the remaining ghost, burning it, and Ksenja fires an arrow into it, which splits, striking the ghost and those around with it thorny spikes, nearly breaking Joshur’s concentration.
    Riaeki strikes it… and dismisses it.
    There’s a moment of silence… then Nexayya appears out of the breastplate, stepping into the statue of the Emperor and possessing it.
    Ksenja fires two arrows into it, but they seem to only chip the stone, failing to penetrate.
    Riaeki slices twice into the statue, dealing significant damage with her smites! However, the cold from her strikes seems to barely have any effect.
    Lilith’s first strike with Rime is blocked, but her gets inside the statue’s guard and stabs the dagger into it’s chest, before punching twice
    It strikes out at Riaeki on it’s way to destroy Joshur, but the spirits guard her even as she dives to block the statue’s attack with her shield.
    Sharzad knocks it’s sword out of it’s hand with one shot, then pushes it backwards with another, before drawing her hand mortar and firing on it. She shouts to Riaeki, “Your fist! The ram!”
    Nalia spins up a chromatic orb of acid and tosses it towards the statue, eating away at it’s surface. The statue cracks, buckles, then explodes outwards, leaving behind Nexayya’s spirit.
    Reacting, Ksenja transfers her hunter’s mark to Nexayya, and Riaeki rushes in to strike her, loading another smite into her strikes. Ksenja fires into her from the other side, ripping through her.
    Lilith rushes forward and roundhouse kick’s Nexayya in the face- dissapating it.

Finally, in the calm, Joshur completes the ritual. We gather around, discussing the fight and warning Joshur about someone wearing Nexayya’s face.

Session Eighty-Eight

So, You’ve Stolen An Ancient Legendary Artifact From An Eldritch Being Of Unknowable Power

Nalia finishes casting Identify and learns what the dagger can do. As she finishes learning about the dagger, it speaks to her, asking, “Who are you?” She answers, “A wizard,” and asks about the dagger, which introduces itself as “Rime”. It’s been a while since it’s been on the material plane, and it’s warmed up since the last time. Ylethaen wielded Rime for a time. Nalia asks if Ylethaen made it, and it responds that that’s none of her business. It requests to talk to someone else. Nalia asks to remove to somewhere more private, as the rest of the room all stare at her (she’s been talking out loud). Nalia casts Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum and tells the group about Rime.

Riaeki picks up Rime and learns that it’s a Domhainmhara (sea elf), or was in a time long enough ago that the calendar doesn’t make sense to it. It had a grand plan and finds Ylethaen’s plan to advance herself and build a new civilzation stupid. Lilith makes it speak up (to the whole room) and asks it what kind of wielder it would like “Not a dunce” is the answer (ed: fair enough). It asks about the fate of the sea-elves and doesn’t seem thrilled. Lilith asks about Ylethaen and it explains that she did a ritual to gain power with the other gods, that it wasn’t allowed into. Riaeki asks if it had a name before Rime. There’s a name written on the hilt that has worn away with time. Rime explains that it wants to overthrow the Primordials— gods of land and sea that existed before the modern gods, and destroyed the sea elf city. Rime wants to return the city to its prime and apparently we need to overthrow the gods to do that, which isn’t hypocritical at all. We decide Lilith should wield her for now.

Sharzad finds Oruxim back at Lililth’s place and asks them about their feeding practices: namely, feeding off Riaeki without anyone watching. They claim that Riaeki asked for privacy, but Sharzad doesn’t think that’s particularly ethical. Oruxim elaborates on the time in the underdark and the time in Lilith’s house and that they never MADE a mistake and went too far, and “that’s what matters”. IS IT NOW. Sharzad tells them that Riaeki was almost assassinated, and that she almost killed the assassin. Oruxim is impressed, and wouldn’t be able to do the same in her shoes. Sharzad explains that she feels trust has been broken between Oruxim and the group. Sharzad asks why Oruxim fed on Riaeki and not on anyone else.Orxuim frames it like Riaeki asked for privacy from the others, as opposed to the rest of the group backing down on their offer to let them feed in public. Sharzad believes it’s Oruxim’s responsibility to be wise, because they’re significantly older (even though age is weird in fantasy).Sharzad threatens Oruxim— that she’ll murder them and capture them as they reform and squirrel them away— if they drain Riaeki— and then leaves.

Vesper returns back to Lilith’s with the gang. Ksenja tries to get a sense of the neighborhood for future melon theft. Oruxim is waiting for Riaeki and explains that they will only be feeding on what animals they can get, thanks to Sharzad. An argument ensues about Sharzad calling Riaeki naive and Oruxim possibly feeding on other beings that Riaeki somehow weasles out of any blame.She inspects her armor for weaknesses but unfortumately plate armor does need gaps, so she goes to Ksenja and asks to be trained to have better awareness of surprise attacks. Ksenja surprise attacks her a bunch and it mostly teaches her nothing. Ksenja asks if Riaeki wants to help her steal the melon full of jewels as practice for avoiding assassins, but Riaeki thinks it will mess with the House of Ink’s plans if she reveals herself before the Ball. Ksenja says she’ll ask Lilith or Sharzad to help her instead.

We have a day before we have to go fix Sharzad’s breastplate. Lilith talks to Rime and notices that Rime refers to Ylethaen really… familiarly. (SHES HER MOM!!! PROBABLY. PROMABLY) Riaeki looks for books on weather and is bored. Nalia looks for etiquette books. Sharzad and Ksenja try to sneak out of the house and… fail. But still go to look for the assassin’s house and subsequent melon. Ksenja realizes that Sharzad doesn’t know about Rime. They find the apartment in a nice part of Gephyyra, and Sharzad waits in the bushes while Ksenja tries to break in. Ksenja disarms the traps to get in the house and loots it. She finds a shitton of money and an assignment to assassinate Riaeki.She takes the cash and leaves.

Session Eighty-Seven

We start up again with Lilith telling Vesper about their adventures, leaving out details she doesn’t think are hers to tell (e.g. the location of the shard, Oruxim, and Riakei). Ksenja is happy to chime in but Riaeki stays terse and Nalia says nothing. Riaeki rolls successfully to hide her face journey, and Ksenja rolls a well to insight Vesper’s insight.
Then he asks what we are all doing at the dueling club if we have a good to fight, and then he picks up on Riaeki and Sharzad’s reactions. Riaeki casts detect thoughts on him, and he has been trying to figure out why he keeps thinking about her. She covers the half of her face with the scar and slowly he realizes that she looks like Tiatha. Now he is somewhat confused and on his guard. Then Riaeki says “in my defence, I didn’t know you were my ex-fiance when I beat the shit out of you.” Now he is really taken aback. He confesses that he was heartbroken when he heard the news she died, and that he always looked forward to his letters.
Ksenja suggests that he could throw his weight behind Riaeki’s claim, but he says he doesn’t have a lot of political clout. Riaeki asks why he doesn’t live with Tiatha, and he says “because she’s a bitch” and also morally repugnant. Vesper calls for a round of after dinner to deal with the info. As the drinks arrive, Riaeki feels a blade slide into her, and then another. It is the servant. Sharzad leaps up and UNLOADS into the assassin, dropping her instantly. Riaeki then tackles Vesper who is frightened and insists that he has nothing to do with this, and he hasn’t seen this servant before.
Sharzad stabilizes the assassin, Lilith tries to talk Riaeki down, and then she and Ksenja go searching for clues. Lilith doesn’t find anything, but Ksenja finds a panic button kit for disguise and travel. Sharzad searches the assassin and finds literally nothing. Lilith sets off to the house of Ink at top speed and the rest of the gang sits in tense silence and discuss interrogating the prisoner.
Ksenja then says “she’s not the only one we can interrogate” and goes outside to talk to the plant where she found the secret stash. The plant then starts listing all the people that has come to the house. She then affirms that there was a mean woman who moved her pot. Ksenja then brings the rose inside and it identifies the assassin as the person who placed the kit. The rosebush then relates how she had a conversation with others about a group of people who were under a spell, one of which was a particular enemy of “the lady.” The rosebush tries to negotiate a place as a houseplant, as it thinks it matches the color palette of the room. Sharzad then starts panicking and says that she needs to be gone before the guards get here, and she sets off parkouring over the city.
Lilith arrives at the house of Ink and runs past a servant that doesn’t recognize and bursts into the room where Deven and Huyle were probably making out moments before. Deven then comes with Lilith back to Vesper’s house and are greeted by the rosebush before they get to survey the full scene. Deven is wearing his nightclothes: a robe that is purple with gold trimming. Deven and Lilith convince Riaeki to let Vesper sit in a chair. They revive the assassin and start questioning her. She refuses to answer based on contract stipulations, and Riaeki casts detect thoughts. She delves deeper, and finds that she has been rigorously trained to mind-reading magic. Riaeki manages to find a few things. A fragment of thought about “professional pride” and “doing the job right,” shame that she didn’t get her target, and surprise that Riaeki survived. She is thinking about her escape. An image of her receiving an anonymous packet with information, and where to get payment after the job is done. We get very little of substance out of her and debate what to do next.
Then Riaeki pulls out the business card from the warlock in the underdark and asks if she can summon them by asking. The eldritch being shows up and Riaeki offers it the assassin(!!!). Then Riaeki asks for knowledge of Yleth, and the being comes back with the icicle blade that Yleth had. At that point Riaeki tells Nalia to cast dispel magic and casts telekinesis onto the blade, and steals the blade from eldritch being as it vanishes. With that scare, Deven manages to convince the assassin to spill all her secrets. This doesn’t turn out to be much, but we do learn where she was supposed to pick up payment. When then set the assassin free and tell her to skip town and move to mistfall.


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