The Sea's Revenge

Interlude: Ijjekhara

Our party sets out for the mountains in the east of Ijjekhara. Cold and foreboding, people and animals have been going missing in the region. We’ve traveled five days to this region, on adorable shaggy ponies. We wake up before dawn (because to get anything done, you need to) to finally, with the beginning of morning, we reach a small village perched against the mountainside. Tuya has some troubles with her horse, but then again, her pony isn’t particularly reactive to anything at all. We head into the largest building in town to meet the local leaders- Sylvi taking point, to make use of some Rustic Hospitality. It’s a wooden building covered in layered pelts- we knock, and are greeted by a wizened older woman, who invites us inside.

We sit down inside and take the tea- strong, with butter. Many children and goats have been taken, as well as, last night, an older woman. The children were both taken while playing out further than they should have been- near the peak. A great deal of snow disturbed, and blood. There were no surviving witnesses- except for the goats. The older woman was taken in a valley some distance to the east. We decide to check the goats first, and learn that they were owned by a goat named Kintey, who apparently was Up To No Good. Kintey is called in.

Bash very excitedly goes up to Kintey and shakes his hand and asks to talk to his goats. He takes us down the mountain to the goats (nearly floating over the snow as he goes) (also Tuya is best climber. Of all time) After finally reaching the bottom, we come to large field full of very hairy goats. Love these boys. Bash rushes up to them and casts ‘Speak With Animals’, while meanwhile Tuya Goofs Real Good. Bash bleats with the big old bad smelling billy goat. Apparently something in the sky was taking the goats. He describes it as a blizzard, but alive. The goat and the Bash get into a fucking headbutting contest, in which Bash performs admirably.

We decided to head back up the mountain, to the site where the last victim was taken. We attempt to climb the icy cliff-face, and Kydaana challenges Tuya to a game of Ice Knife Fur to see who goes up first. Kydaana wins and climbs all the way to the top— when she falls, and is caught by Tuya, much to her chagrin. We all proceed up once again, and take in the view (with a bit of grumbling about the effort on Sylvi’s behalf). Kydaana and Bash appreciate the bloodyness of the blood, while Sylvi and Tuya realize that the blood seems to be from a very bad arterial wound. We consider the possibility of tracking it via the blood which was dropped from the body while it was being taken, with the use of Odd, the Best Bloodhound. Odd catches the scent and and we rush down the slope, Sylvi taking the fast and furious lead, Tuya and Bash just behind, and Kydaana taking up the rear (much to her chagrin).

When we finally reach the valley, we stop at the edge of it, seeing huge spikes of ice carpeting the valley floor. After some careful deliberation on whether Sylvi would lie about whether this Ice is Dangerous, we decide to simply pass through it (while Bash plays some pranks on Kydaana, much to her chagrin). As we continue down into the valley, though, an ice creature in front of us seems to awaken.

After a vicious battle against some bad bad ice boys, we reach victory and begin to take some time to rest. We tease each other a bit about kill counts, spellcasting, and courtly manners, before Kydaana trades her handaxes to Bash for a spell. We continue forward, silent in the snow, and find another ice field similar to the one before, and realize that we’re looking down on a field of statues made of ice, laid out in formation through the valley, like an army in marching formation. 3,000 strong. Bash uses an immovable rod to make an anchor point (!!!! dude) and we descend down- they’re almost all high elves, though some are gnomes and other races. All perfectly modeled, including carts and commanders and camp followers. Bash dispels the magic on one of them- revealing a corpse, which collapses. We build a cairn, exchange some goods, spot a cave, and proceed towards the cave entrance.

After travelling some distance into the cave, we come out into the cavern- and can see a huge ice wall that’s been polished to a mirror. Sylvi and Bash see us reflected in the ice wall- then they see the gigantic White Dragon sneaking up upon us.

We fight the white dragon, and eventually it is killed- riddled with arrows, covered in faerie fire, gouged by Tuya’s pick, and stabbed in the eyes by Kydaana’s blade. Defeated it, we inspect the area- behind the Mirror is a room, that has been cleaned of any valuables, except a crest similar to the crest of the icestone family. When Bash remarks on the many coincidences here- dragons, crests, ‘icestone’- Kydaana reveals that her family is secretly on very good terms with a Silver dragon, that helped the nation gain independence from the high elves to the south. Taking the crest, they collect trophies from the dragons corpse (much to Bash’s chagrin) and head back to report on what they’ve found (and to allow Sylvi to effectively brag over their victory).


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