The Sea's Revenge

Session Fifty-Five

We start off having picked a fight with seven disguised pirates in a crowded courtroom.

Two of the pirates try to shove Riaeki over but she is strong and does not fall. One of the pirates runs into the crowd and the others try to assess the situation, and Jek Se draws her weapons.

Nalia casts fog cloud and the crowd starts to realize somethings up.

Afa casts hold person and get one of the rando pirate but misses the runaway. She runs after pirate trying to disappear into the crowd, Sharzad tossing her a pair of manacles.

Sharzad then shouts that there are pirates in the crowd and then manacles herself to Jek Se???? Then she stabs Jek Se. So does Riaeki.

Belinda Greyhawk takes stock of the situation, and yells for the guards to open the doors. Then she pulls a longbow out of invisibility but her shot goes wide.

The crowd then PANICS and bolts for the doors, but luckily they are opened now.

So its chaos now and Afa loses sight of the runaway and now is in danger from the stampede. Another pirate tries to run for it and they manage to down her.

Afa gets knocked down and stampeded but she manages to get up and to the nearest wall which she climbs with her nice gloves.

Nalia has cast haste on Riaeki so now she attacks very fast.

Belinda misses another shot and then tries to close the distance to melee. The crowd is still panicked but has moved in the direction of the exits so its not a blind panic.

Jak Se then grapples Sharzad and holds her scimitar to her throat. The other standing pirate also grabs a random captive.

Nalia shouts “Hey! Let go of my friend!” and Ray of Frosts Jek Se and she goes down! Sharzad goes down with her. Sharzad undoes her manacle and rushes the last pirate and manages to knock down the last pirate.

The super fast Riaeki manacles Jek Se, cast lay on hands on her, casts wrathful smite on her weapon and finishes the last pirate all in one turn. Its super cool.

Now the fight is over and Belinda is angry at us (again). She moves through the crowd helping people.

In the aftermath guards manacle the remaining the pirates and Sharzad looks around for people that need healing. Afa complains that people stepped on her. With their feet. We also see Reka standing up and bleeding. He comes over to talk to us and ask if we’re okay and its a little awkward.

Riaeki bluffs casting zone of truth with her shield and asks Jek Se if she killed Qeri. Jek Se refuses to answer questions even when Riaeki ups her game and threatens to cut off extremities.

Belinda comes over to demand a full report. She takes us to a private room and proceeds to yell at us for causing a panic in such a big public event. Riaeki says that Jek Se could have fought through the whole crowd and that it was important to catch her.

Belinda points out that if we weren’t so lucky many people could have died. She is not happy with us.

We all walk out into the courtyard and Afa spots some disguised figures, which she points out to the guards without bothering to tell the party first.

Riaeki and Nalia manage to get past the guards to go ask Akaar to scry for the pirate that got away while Sharzad and Afa sit behind a currant bush.


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