The Sea's Revenge

Session Fifty-Six

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST we kinda bungle the whole uhhhh trial thing what with the attacking folks inside the courtroom as people are leaving.

Riaeki and Nalia head to find Akar to do some scrying. The scrying spell is successful. The dwarf in question appears to be outside the city. It appears the group of pirates left through the south gate, still under an illusion spell. Riaeki and Nalia also remember, with Akar’s prompting, that the illusion magic is likely from Delphina Greenwater. They then go to find a guard to tell them what they saw. The guard calls it in.

Meanwhie, Afa and Sharzad head to the beach. They hash out some of the events of the past (pretty tough) day, including how Afa was in a VERY precarious, harmful position. They then head to a tavern, where Afa does a pretty amazing performance :3 AND gets an ongoing gig out of it!

Nalia makes her way back home for some well deserved rest, while Riaeki heads for the temple of Tanith.

The next morning, Sharzad visits Nalia to talk about what happened at the court room. She asks Nalia why she cast fog cloud and Nalia admits she did so without thinking much, partially out of fear Larr Xa would get away somehow. Sharzad says they need to not do that in the future and plan better. Nalia takes a bit of offense, thinking Sharzad means to tell her what spells to learn. Sharzad assures her this isn’t the case. Mollified, Nalia shows poor Sharzad a bunch of spells in her spellbook and babbles on about magic for a while.

Next, Sharzad goes to see Riaeki at her apartment. The apartment is very bare of any personal effects. They have a difficult discussion, again about the events in the court room. They disagree in part on what went wrong, what was or wasn’t justified. Sharzad believes what happened was something the gang should encourage the gang to exercise more caution, and Riaeki feels they were justified in acting quickly. Both have a stake in their position. In the end, Sharzad says firmly she doesn’t believe what happened was worth it, and Riaeki says she does. Sharzad ultimately is looking toward what can be improved in the future regardless and tries to communicate this. The two part on somewhat uncomfortable terms as Sharzad heads off to meet with Belinda.

Sharzad and Afa head to see Belinda. The meeting is about as comfortable as you might expect!!!! Belinda is not feeling particularly generous toward the gang. She says that she cannot stop them from attending the execution as it is public knowledge, but would prefer if they didn’t. She does reluctantly offer a mode of communication in an emergency. Bellana also reminds Sharzad of Calafort’s unhappy history with mercenary companies.

So all around an extremely good day for Sharzad.

That night, Afa has a scary ass dream meeting with Callum again and he basically offers her a kind of soul selling deal?! He does something to her mandolin and tells her to contact him if she thinks about it further (NOTE: I’M SORRY THIS IS VAGUE I THINK I MISSED SOME OF THIS :( )

And to finish off, Nalia and Riaeki do some shopping!


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