The Sea's Revenge

Session Fifty-Three

today we are blessed….. with many cats…….. thy’re all so good…. we love them so

  • we’ve all agreed to help sharzad with the training , but first we’re going to talk to nehaska. there’s some hubbub about how we’re going to find her, as she left the city on a job last we checked. going to talk to caradoc would be AWK WARD, and the only other way to find her is to use the yleth scrying ball. which probably seems like a bad idea. eventually with many eyes emojis from sharzad, the gang heads to the bung and barrel, where nehaska was last seen.
    *bean interlude. excellent licks. tia is in a paper bag.
  • the bung and barrel is empty but for an employee. riaeki asks her where nehaska is:
    employee: why?
    riaeki: well we met her brother, and we need to tell her that he you know, still likes her, despite her being rejected by her family—
    nalia: we’re her friends!
  • this convinces the employee, apparently.
  • nehaska apparently only is here to sleep, and isn’t around much. we decide to leave her a note. leaving directions is a bit complicated, and we come up with a name for the forge that our guild is being built (the cleric’s hammer). also apparently we’ll be staying at the hungry unicorn late.
  • there’s a brief discussion of finances and how good everyone is at killing things, and undead in particular. "we could have a competition’ ’we’d need to get someone to raise them, and i don’t want to go all the way to the university.’
  • it’s apparently illegal to raise a soul, but not necessarily a body, so long as the person consented in life to the raising. there are organ donation cards, but like for your body. there was a famous legal case where someone asked to be murdered so they could be raised, which is a vibe.
  • cat break as rick demands to be let out and is rudely denied. GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sharzad gives a lovely training speech. like it’s a sharzad speech so it’s pretty rambling, but it’s inspirational. riaeki claps. riaeki is the only one who claps. sharzad corrects tani as he puts xan in a chokehold (‘put his head down’). afa attempts to pick lydia’s pocket. (there’s a quick aside as to whether lydia had successfully picked sharzad’s pocket. mostly she hadn’t, but also she stole a figurine of sharzad’s.) she steals the figurine, and a woven bracelet. riaeki attempts to teach jalal protection fighting, and is pretty good at it. nalia tries to teach some basic cantrips, but doesn’t teach very well. maybe singes someone a little. afa talks to lydia about having stolen from sharzad (lydia wants to steal one of sharzad’s guns). and about her bracelet (“it’s pretty” “if you’re into that”). they agree to an exchange: lydia will teach afa to be stealthy, and afa will teach lydia how to con people. this can only go well
  • when we’re about 2/3 of the way through training, nehaska shows up.
  • nehaska seems… charmed…. by the mercenary company and offers to give us her leftovers, which is vaguely rude. we tell her about having visited the city which is called altepetl. afa tells her about the plague, and rescuing the yuan-ti from zoumisa, and riaeki tells her that the gang met halsuul, whose name i’ve forgotten how to spell. riaeki and afa talk to her about her brother, that he’s still a cleric and still cares about her, and uses all his spell slots on other people. riaeki prods nehaska iinto trying to be of assistance with the whole ‘yuan-ti peace treaty’ thing.
  • sharzad gives a speech about keeping up with training when not adventuring, and riaeki, happy to help, punches her in the face. nehaska heals sharzad, which riaeki resents profoundly.
  • a runner from the city guard comes to get riaeki, telling her that belinda greyhawk would like her to come make a statement ‘at her earliest convenience’. riaeki decides that might as well be now. the other three decide to join her, and the group heads off.
  • belinda greyhawk is in her office, talking to the runner. she hands us paper to write our statements, that are fancy and legal, and gives us a detailed explanation of what to do and not to do in terms of filling them out.
  • afa provides the most detail, and afa and riaeki both write fairly feelingly of their statements. afa does not poke around in the desks , miraculously. sharzad does try to sell the guild to the random guards in the room. they are NOT SOLD.
  • belinda greyhawk gives a rundown of how the trial and execution will happen— riaeki is skeptical, and convinced that the crew of the edge of the world or yleth herself will somehow intervene . she and sharzad enlist the guild to help with the guard duties on execution day, and try to get the execution moved closer to the trial so that they have less time to plan. belinda greyhawk objects on humane grounds, but says she’ll ask the judge.


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