The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty-One

Last Week: We get into mortal combat with Larr Xa and Nexxaya. Well, not mortal exactly. Dire? Anyways. Through clever use of hold person, grappling, handcuffs, and Gun, we apprehend them, and begin to quiz them about our old friend Ylethaen, discovering an awful conspiracy of thousands. We decide that we need to search the Edge of the World for more information; Afa, Nalia, and Sharzad go to the Edge of the World to do a heist, while Riaeki stays behind to watch after Larr Xa and ends up doing some torture. Awesome. Wow. We visit Ratha to talk to her about her future in the city and the level of difficulty of the heist (difficulty: very hard. our fucks? zero.) We proceed to the bay, sneak very badly through the docks, and jump off of the cliff, just like, a lot.

We swim towards the boat. It’s a fucking comedy of failures. Afa hits barnacles then runs away. Sharzad climbs the boat while invisible and forgot to wrap her guns right. Nalia, as always, is the fucking MVP, looking like a mermaid witch doing a cthulhu chant, it’s great.

Sharzad finds fine clothes, lingerie a pair of magical gloves (?), and a stash of coins and jewels. Nalia finds books on various magic, Larr Xa’s journal, and a small, slim volume that’s not in Larr Xa’s handwriting. It’s a weird Elvish- maybe Nexxaya’s language. Afa sees a slight glow behind a glow in the wall. She opens it- it’s a shimmering glass orb, a crystal orb, sitting on a dark metal stand. It’s fairly small, small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand. She takes it. Nalia literally factually says “Mamma Mia.” Finally, Sharzad finds the breastplate of Nexxaya, and puts it in her bag.

Once we’ve looted the room, we discuss what to do next. Sharzad says not to look in the brig- which immediately reminds Afa to look in the brig. Afa points out prisoners who wouldn’t be able to escape the fire might be there, so Sharzad says she’ll go by herself. She sneaks over- the room is full of symbols of Rashul. Lightning bolts, scratched into the walls, with anything available- even fingernails. Sharzad, rattled, checks the room as quickly as she can, and hurries back. Sharzad tells everyone it was nothing- but Afa realizes it was a lie.

Nalia takes the logs and Nexxaya’s book. Sharzad looks over the maps and find the most valuable- a map to their home base, a map marking spots along the coast of marin and artakshad, a map of the river to Mistfall, and a sketchy map of the river delta of Kineshi Swamp. Sharzad puts those and two more miscellaneous maps. Afa gets four books- two arcane, two historical. Sharzad puts four more miscellaneous maps among them. We build a pyre in the center the room, then move to the window to prepare to escape.

We fly away- behind us, the ship explodes, the gunfire being set off by the fire. We fly to the university, and return home. Everyone realizes what happened to Larr Xa- Sharzad is horrified. We discuss an escape route- when someone knocks on the door to find Larr Xa. It’s Raine. Riaeki grabs her and brings her inside- she’s surprised, but registers the… dire nature of her situation. Riaeki explains- we’re mercenaries, we have a contract on him. She says she understands, and Riaeki requests she not tell anybody what we’ve done. She asks, ‘Do you still serve him?’ ‘Yeah.’ We invite her to join us in calafort, and ask larr xa if he would betray her. He says he won’t, and we believe him. We invite her to join- she’s proud, and doesn’t want to take our money without having done work, but she’s interested in joining us. We let her leave, then prepare our escape.

Riaeki and Sharzad go to find a boat together, leaving Nalia and Afa to figure out how to the get them to the boat. Nice. Afa/Aileen is very smart. Afa and Nalia decide on plan- flying laterally and estimating the distance. Stormlord above. They pull themselves up to the window. Afa: ‘Are you ready?’ Nalia… thinks she is. Afa is sure it’ll be fine. They jump… Nalia’s fine. But Afa can’t properly keep ahold of Nexxaya. She has to let go- but she pulls a sick stunt to come back around and pick up the body.

Riaeki and Sharzad discuss the room on the boat, the nature of revenge, what happens to Larr Xa, and more. They have a lot in common on that front.


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