The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty-Seven

We follow the tracks through the swamp. Its very treacherous footing and it is humid and sticky.
We trudge on, some doing better than others. We are very lucky to have Eagan since none of us can roll survival for shit. We are all very miserable.

As the day comes to an end, Riaeki catches sight of something moving slowly. She manages to see that its a humanoid figure sitting near the tree, possibly injured and goes to check it out. It is a young Yuan-Ti man with a large wound in his leg. She offers to help with the wound and mentions that they are looking for the people from the castle. He is defensive and not forthcoming for the information. Riaeki kind of threatens to kill him, but in a polite way, in order to get him to join and help us. He doesn’t want to die right now, so he agrees to come back to the rest of the group and Riaeki heals his leg.

Belana describes some of the missing people and the mystery man confirms that they are with the group. He helped heal the injured ones. He has the same holy symbol that Nehaska did. There’s more conversation and we find out his name is Tzin Halsul. Riaeki ties him up and gives the lead to Nalia. As we continue on, Riaeki casts detect thoughts to see how truthful he is.

Afa strikes up a conversation and learns more about Yuan-Ti theology, asks about cranberries, and discovers that he knows Nehaska. (They share parents but she’s not his sister or something.) We also learn that the name of the god that they both serve is Merrshaulk. He says of her “she’s an adult, but she’s still ahtle.”

We finally make camp on a solid bit of ground and keep watch. We find out that the reason he reacted so strongly to Riaeki’s talking to gods was that he had an ex-boyfriend who was and aasimar who left because of a divine vision.

In the course of the conversation, Riaeki invites Elu to talk to Eagan through Riaeki’s body and he took her up on the offer! (Apparently he just reached out and touched him and didn’t say anything). Eagan then wakes everybody up.

Halsul heals himself by filling his wound with magical blood.
Belana wants to charge off but Afa wants to eat breakfast. There is much bickering as we set off with Halsul takes the lead.
We discuss possibly flying in, or using a smoke cloud as cover. There’s a patrol but luckily we duck it.

Next we have a stop and a conversation about why they need the sacrifices in the first place. Apparently there is a plague in the Yuan-Ti city, a rotting plague that causes people to hallucinate and wreak havoc with unnatural strength. We discuss if solving the plague must solve the hostage issue.

Halsul says he won’t report the incident until after they escape and we decide to let him go before we solidly decide on a plan.


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