The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty-Three

(Afa goes to talk to Larr Xa and tell him that the Queen rejected his contract)

On the sixth day, the boat approaches Calafort. We tie up the boat and we are greeted by Reka’s assistant Brynda. She is rather shocked at our cargo of prisoners (again) and heads of to send a message to Belinda Greyhawk.

Afa and Sharzad debate being liked vs. being feared.

Belinda arrives and takes the prisoners. She is Very Disapproving of Larr Xa’s missing extremities and tells us to reconsider our methods.
Belinda tells us that she may have a job for us. Riaeki doesn’t understand the legal system and is confused that they are not going to be charged immediately. Belinda explains and Riaeki is worried that the time a trial will take will give them time to escape. Belinda continues to explain the justice system to a confused Riaeki.

Belinda goes on to tell us that she wants to hire us to escort a friend of the family’s daughter to the Kineshi Swamp. This family we will be working for is the Darkwaters.
We all roll absolutely amazing on our history (3 nat20s and one 18 WHAT) so we get a nice infodump on the Darkwaters.
-they are an incredibly wealthy family that deals in money management. Banking, insurance, etc.
-they have more high-elf blood than some other noble families and as a result got kinda a shitty plot of land when they were enobled.
-they have the Kineshi swamp, which is very dangerous in large part due to the lizardfolk and the yuan-ti that preform horrible sacrifices in the heart of the swamp.
-The heads of the household are Lasalle and Jubal Scolt.
-most of their children are accomplished and well-behaved, except for one, Bellana.
-A local bard wrote a song about her throwing someone through a tavern window.
-The Darkwaters tend to use their swamp castle for punishment rather than retreat.

We continue to discuss the job. Belinda says that Bellana might not be happy about having to go and hasn’t been informed of her journey.

Sharzad says that she needs to stay behind in Calafort to work on building the mercenary company.

We arrive at the jail. It is an extremely solid building built into the hill. The door are covered in abjuration magic. They put Larr Xa and Nexxaya into the cells, and the locking of the doors includes cells. Belinda assures us that magic inside the cells is limited and it is all very secure.

She tells us we will be in contact with us when it is time to leave for our next job. She gives us the writ to redeem for the bounty, which we go to immediately collect. We get the money from a very nice tiefling with a broken horn and then head out.

We discuss where to buy the land for the guild hall and then split up. Sharzad goes to sell Nexxaya’s garments to a tailor and get things made for herself. The woman tries to convince Sharzad that it would be cheaper to have Nexxaya’s garments tailored to her, but Sharzad says she would rather sell the garments and have new stuff made from scratch. When she places her order for a dress and wants it soon, she gets a stern lecture on how long dresses take to make from scratch. Sharzad orders a dress and some professional clothes.

Riaeki goes to try to find Nekhasa. She starts by going to Caradoc’s and is told that he is in a meeting. An older elf who looks similar to Caradoc storms out and then Riaeki is let in. Caradoc says he’s fine, but Caradoc is not fine. Riaeki asks about Nekhasa and he tells her where she’s staying. Riaeki turns to go and then says that is Caradoc needs to talk he can talk to her. He says that things have been extra tough between him and his father since the whole nebulous Angharad deal. Riaeki says she still feels responsible for that. They talk about that and also some emotional stuff that i forgot to take notes while it happened, but Riaeki spent 5-lay-on-hands points while touching his face.

Afa grabs some food and goes to hang out at Bredan’s fish stall and they trade stories of their adventures.

Nalia goes to give a present to Akaar. When she arrives he’s in the middle of making his weekly stew. Nalia helps even though she is not very good at chopping vegetables. Nalia updates Akaar on all that has happened and tells him about the Yleth orb. She gives the brooch to Akaar and he is very touched even wiping away a tear! And he says that he always enjoys his conversations with her and then they chop some more vegetables.

The gang reconvenes and looks at the listings for properties in Oldmarket. Most of them are managed by the Sailors Guild and we need to talk to someone named Dolph. We go and talk to Dolph and it is awful and when Afa gets the impression that they wouldn’t then be allowed to go to the feywild, she decides its time to leave.
Next we see that the temple of Rashul owns land and we go to talk to them. We secure a plot of land and now we have land to build the guild!


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