The Sea's Revenge

Session Seventy-One

back at it again in the underdark!!

Having turned down the scary mushroom deal, the gang sets off again with Ksenja at the lead. After crawling thru a tunnel for about an hour, the party stops when they come to a drop-off. Ksenja produces a sick ass BLOOD GLOW ROPE from her HAND and hops down to start shimmying down. Despite a kinda bad slip, she makes it down toward the bottom of the cavern to find that there is water at its bottom. She returns to tell the party. Meanwhile, Lillith as a bat (Bat-lith) checks out the cavern. There’s no visible exit but a big pool of water which might have a way out. After some discussion, Riaeki casts water breathing on everyone so that takes care of that. Ksenja goes back down to scout in the pool for said exits. Everyone then makes it down the split more or less intact except Lillith who is startled and loses her grip— but she manages to catch herself and lower herself the rest of the way.

The gang walks along the bottom of the lake until they reach the tunnel Ksenja found. They swim for some time thru the tunnel, which is Fine except for the cold. They finally come upon a bank and surface— except for Ksenja who is struggling. Ksenja does rope trick to pull herself from the river and hang from the ceiling basically. Riaeki uses her own rope to tie herself to the bank and wade out to Ksenja, who uses the rope to wade back to the bank. Unfortunately, Riaeki goes to look at the waterfall as she herself is coming back and gets swept toward it and over! The party starts trying to reel her in while she tries to repel up. She comes up and over the waterfall and makes it back to the bank, safe but exhausted. Nalia starts to set up a fire and Riaeki lies tf down to rest.

Looking around, Ksenja sees an extremely cool and normal spiderweb below one of the exit tunnels and below the waterfall (it would catch them if they fell— terrific!) Lillith again goes ahead to scout. She brings back news that the spiders probably use the tunnel, and the web is actually many webs. After some discussion, the gang decides to try to traverse the tunnel and hope spiders don’t attack. Everyone except Ksenja flies over there— but she slips on her climb! She falls while Riaeki is trying to support her and they both fall. Nalia and Lillith fly over to help too, but before they reach her Ksenja ensnares herself to the wall (omg!) and comes to s top just above Nalia and Lillith.

All this ruckus has woken a spider, which unfolds itself and begins to emerge. EVERYONE FREEZES!!!!!! And guess what…IT’S NOT A BIG SPIDER BUT THOUSANDS OF TINY SPIDERS INSIDE A CONSTRUCT FORMING ONE BIG SPIDER! COOL!!!



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