The Sea's Revenge

Session Seventy-Two

Last time of Riftside: congratulations we trolled ourselves

  • Ksenja is stuck to wall. Everyone else is flying close around her. Sharzad is flying in the middle of the room. We’re fighting a damn arachnid Kaiju/Jaeger unholy combination
  • Sharzad wheels around in midair as the spider makes it clear that it knows where here allies are. She fires four times, two blessed, but her shots pass through it with minimal damage— seeing that she has little effect, she puts away her pistol, and draws her mortar. Each of her four hits produces a swarm of spiders from the Kaijaeger.
  • Riaeki rushes forward (telling Ksenja she’ll be right back), and slices twice with her sword, destroying a swarm then slashing deeply into a leg of the Kaijaeger, imbuing her strike with a huge burst of radiant energy.
  • The swarms rush forward- one rushes up to leap at Lilith but fail to reach her. The others attempt to nip at Riaeki’s ankles, but her armor of divine energy ward them away with sparks of light that light up the caverns with each repelled spider.
    The huge spider lunges at Riaeki but it is also blocked by her shield of divinity. Enfuriated, one of it’s eyes (a huge spider, larger than the rest) launches itself at Sharzad, but she barely manages to dodge out of the way.
  • Lilith strikes furiously at one of the swarms, destroying it with a single strike, then swings down to strike at another. She misses at first, but rallies her concentration to unleash a cacophany of blows, striking perfectly at the swarm to destroy it, then kicking another into nothingness.
  • Ksenja concentrates and marks the spider in her mind for the hunt, then draws her shortbow and fires once, striking true with an arrow into its structure.
  • Nalia stretches out to hands, reaching with her mind and arcane prowess to dismantle the magic inherent in the being before us- but there’s nothing there to dissamble.
  • Sharzad extends her mortar, firing with precision to set the target on fire and destroy one of the accompanying swarm. She then wheels her pistol to fire at one of the swarm swarming on Riaeki- her bullet strikes it, and burst with radiant energy, dispersing it. She fires one final time at the construct, piercing it.
  • Riaeki wails on the beast, biting her sword into it, each strike unleashing a huge burst of divine power, bursting through the construction with intensity.
  • Two of the spider swarms disappear into the main constructed, repairing it as the proceed inwards, and the others swarm forward, one missing, and another barely piercing Riaeki’s divine armor, biting into her leg and releasing a powerful poison.
  • One of the eyespiders of the creature flies at Lilith, though she dodges gracefully. As Lilith is distracted it lashes out at Riaeki, piercing through her chest and unleashing a caustic poison through her body.
  • Lilith flies across the battlefield, crushing the two remains swarms with her fists.
  • Ksenja falls from the wall and yells at it “Get the fuck away from my new friends!” She pours magical energy out of herself, but it seems unaffected by her magicks.
  • Nalia yells ‘BEGONE!’ and unleashes a mote of fire at the fire, enveloping the entire hulk in fire as the silk itself catches fire and crisping the spiders under it’s heat. The hulk collapses into a smoldering heap on the web- and the web begins catching at well

The party runs into the opening of the wall. Sharzad asks Riaeki if she’s all right; she says yes, is covered in spider bites, pale on her feet, and obviously lying. The party forces her to nut up and take a healing potion.

The tunnel is not excessively spidery! (Lilith still stomps every spider she sees.) It slants up, is not an overwhelmingly difficult walk, and leads to a wider hallway that feels more constructed. The stalactites/stalagmites resemble pillars. Three roads: wide but steep, going up; one way a fissure in the floor, steep AND narrow; one is caved-in. Ksenja directs the party up the large path in recompense for the tight path before, regrets this MOMENTARY KINDNESS immediately when Riaeki gets snide. When the path tightens, she tells Riaeki it’s_what_she_deserves.gif. They make their way through a tight spot, with only Nalia getting a horn briefly stuck. They emerge in an infrastructural cavern, walk forward through an easily traversable hallway until they reach an underground VOLCANO! As we experts of the underdarque know, the best thing to do with a volcano is walk Right into it, so we do that, that’s where the exits are. Nalia is flagging :( Sharzad looks for Nice Rocks for her Guns, finds obsidian and a mysterious gemstone that, after a tinker’s tools check to retrieve it turns out to be a handful of decent-sized peridot.

Beneath a lavafall, we find an OBSIDIAN BRIDGE leading to TWO DOORS — Svirfneblin work, which Sharzad goes to admire and is interrupted by a female deep gnome uncloaking herself from invisibility and asking her her intentions. Ksenja rushes over, throws a bunch of paperwork at her; the woman has a complex wire earring that lights as it looks at each of them and she is convinced of their lack of malicious intention. She takes the party over the bridge, which is enchanted to dispel the intense heat of the volcano.

The party enters the city of the Svirfneblin, and thus endeth the sesh.


cyninge cyninge

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