The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixty

The next morning, Riaeki decides to go talk to Rashul. She marches to his temple on Temple Hill before the sun rises and walks in yelling, “can we talk about this now or what??”
The priests here still aren’t used to Riaeki doing this, so one walks up and asks what’s going on and promptly gets possessed by the god.

Rashul tells Riaeki that he’s not sure whats going on, and Riaeki is very not pleased to hear it.
He starts talking about Yleth and realizes that he can talk about some of this, as the death curse is now dispelled. But he also says “Yleth did more before she died” and also points out that she is the goddess of secrets so still manages to keep some things unsaid.

Riaeki demands to know what Rashul wants her to do, and he say that “killing her would not be an unworthy goal” but that is not all he wants. But that seems to be all that can be said.

Nalia wakes up early and works on copying out a new cantrip.

Sharzad goes around to the mercenary company to let them now that despite everyone being hungover, there is still training today. She gets a water jug and a knife thrown at her for her trouble.

Lilith wakes up to find a person standing in her room. It is Luelle Greyhawk who asks “Why are you in my house?” When Lilith is evasive, Luelle grumbles that Belinda was also close-mouthed. She also asks “Are you the one who turned religious, or the one that couldn’t find a husband?” Lilith answers that she should go to the capitol more often if she wants to keep up with the gossip.

Meanwhile, the company is practicing on the beach. Nalia is teaching magic, Riaeki is teaching sword and shield, Sharzad is teaching martial art forms. Lilith shows up about 20 minutes into the session.

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