The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixty-Four

We start with a SURPRISE ROUND against the vampire.
Sharzad blesses her guns. Riaeki casts moonbeam right on the vampire. It makes him look extra hot. Lilith casts silence so that Sharzad can shoot a bunch. Celeste throws a dagger but doesn’t manage to hit.
We do some more damage to the vamp. Sharzad notices that Riaeki’s sword glows more while hitting the vamp.
He notices that Riaeki’s done a lot of damage and tried to charm her but he FAILS.
Seeing that this isn’t going very well so he freaking CLIMBS ONTO THE CEILING and twists his head down and scuttles over to the stairwell. Celeste runs after him to try to punch him and he bites her and eats her blood and she drops down dead (or at least unconscious).
Lilith runs up to the ceiling vampire and punches him a few times though its weird punching him on the ceiling.
Then Nalia casts a Wall of Force and traps the vampire in the basement. (Nalia MVP!!!!!)
Trapped in the basement, the vampire is too proud to call for help.
We continue to damage him, though Lilith gets bit.
Riaeki lands the final blow as he tries to scuttle away again, and since he’s still in the moonbeam spell he can’t transform and straight up dies.

Riaeki then revivifies Celeste. We loot the body and find some stuff including ten graves. Riaeki uses divine sense and confirms that in those graves is undead (and something seems off about Celeste now too). We talk about what to do next and Celeste is very shaken by the whole being dead and brought back thing. While trying to decide whether to deal with the undead now, Riaeki casts detect thoughts on the buried undead to try to figure out how dangerous they all are. She gets a jumble of half-awake thoughts and a deep underlying command: “sleep.” She also discovers that this command in fact came from the vampire we just killed.

We decide to leave the monastery (except for Riaeki and Nalia) to get Celeste to safety and hopefully be able to finish our goals another day.


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