The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixty-Nine

welcome to dnd plus isabel, the fortified option for when you need more isabel in your dnd


  • we enter the veins, which is extra gross with all the grey’s anatomy i’ve been watching. the duregar city we just left is called ak’uech. we’re informed that we need light sources for the caves, and that even darkvision might not compensate.
  • up is not the most efficient direction to go up. unfortunate
  • we can go west, to the svirfnieblen gnomes, we can go north to the drow, which is a long journey through sadness caves of desolation, or we can go northwest, which is where the deep janine (i don’t know if this is how it’s spelled and i refuse to ask) live and they’ll steal us forever or something. but they have an elevator. blasts aerosmith
  • there are glowing runes that are small on the walls and are not particularly regular and in a variety of handwritings. they seem like they’ve been applied at different times by different people.
  • ksenja explains the wall markings: grisha has been here, kostya has been here, dicks, dicks, scott should be by in about an hour. she offers riaeki to ‘make her mark’ on the wall with her knife, which is really ironic
  • we come to a fork in the tunnel. one way is the deep janet from the good place, the other is the sfarfoobib, and ’sharzad’s people’, or mushrooms. the sblarbleeblab way is about a month, and the other way is a little over two weeks. a vote is held to take the longer route, despite ksenja’s sister living in THE MAZE of the deep jeanine garofolo
  • bc it is our 69th episode, it is dank as hell down here
  • we enter the duregar makeout point, which is a natural sauna with a campspace. riaeki is horrible at putting up tents. sharzad suggests they share a bedroll, as sharzad left hers in the barn near the monastery. ksenja helps them put the tent up pretty fast.
  • sharzad carves a totem to the spirits of the underdark in the form of mushrooms. nalia washes her wizard robe and saunas in the boiling water because she has hellskin. riaeki sidles up to lilith and asks her for some, er, tips? for… being with ladies? lilith helps out.
  • while this conversation is going on, lilith … realizes she recognizes riaeki . from the past. when she dressed differently and wasn’t a pirate. and had a normal face. riaeki doesn’t take this particularly well and storms off to her tent but not before asking her father’s name: tehlmar. and he’s definitely dead. sharzad comes over to try to be comforting, but riaeki kicks her out.
  • ksenja asks lilith about her many connections on the surface, and sharzad about her work making little spirit totems. sharzad explains about the spirits, which ksenja interprets as ghosts. sharzad tries to elaborate on her religion. ksenja looks around for things left behind by teens. she finds booze.
  • we drink booze. it’s mushrooms.
  • drunken conversations are had. riaeki whines about being a noble and needing to confront tiatha. kisenja assures us that the rats down here don’t talk. nalia complains that sharzad wants to try to imprison everyone.
  • sharzad and riaeki are canon now


cyninge maddi15

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