The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixty-One

its my turn for notes so that means you all get kpop lyrics all DAY


  • agrippa = librarian. super not ominous at all
  • we MEET FOR BREAKFAST at the hungry unicorn! or brunch. fantasy brunch. mimosamic.
  • serious conversations about how much money lilith could reasonably have. its not none but it’s not some.
  • discussions about horse costs. five silver for a mean horse. a gold for a nice horse. sharzad pays a gold for a ‘not horrible’ horse. riaeki asks her spectral conjured horse nawhea to go find good horses for the group and does a MAD COOL JUMP to find RAD HORSES. "now i’m rolling horsetigation, and the horse will have advantage’. she still sucks at finding horses. sharzad’s horse is a rangy looking bay with long legs, looks nyoomy. riaeki asks it if it likes sharzad. seems like yes? nalia finds a very large black horse, lilith finds a blue roan.
  • on the road, the horses prove difficult to ride, but the party sort of gets on with it. lilith is quiet, but very hardworking. riaeki tries to break the ice by regaling her with tales of the party’s adventures. sharzad goes to talk to lilith on the second night of travel, complimenting her on her work ethic and requesting information about her monastery life. there’s some tension, because lilith is a noble, and lilith is unwilling to part with information about her family. lilith’s family prefers to stay in the capital rather than in napa valley, because they can gain more influence in the city. and they wanted lilith to marry someone she… didn’t like. apparently they were attempting to make an agricultural alliance between staple farmers and luxury farmers.
  • i say something really stupid about fruit
  • lilith and sharzad disagree over what would be the most economical and socially progressive way to distribute land and goods among people. they share an awkward sausage, innuendo intended specifically because they’re both gay
  • then the temperature drops, and it begins to snow. in late spring. sharzad tries to climb a tree, and doesn’t. riaeki uses divine sense, and senses nothing. nalia thinks the weather is probably unnatural. nothing seems to happen, and after a while it stops snowing. lilith and riaeki trudge off looking for the edge of the snow, or anything else weird, and find nothing. while they’re gone, sharzad complains to the air (and nalia). the gang decides to set watches, but nothing happens. other than it being super cold. the gang rolls shit con saves, except riaeki who is fine. lilith takes a level of exhaustion because ylethaen is a JERK the rest of the journey is snowy, but uneventful. riaeki yells in the direction of her sword whenever it starts to snow, and lilith recognizes it a bit.
  • the gang passes the time reading and talking to themselves, cooking, backseat cooking, and trying to pretend it isn’t cold— which is more and more difficult , especially when all the travellers we pass comment on it. lilith buys gloves at a passing town, and riaeki enlists nalia to create a flame that would warm someone without lighting them on fire. (after a long lecture about the magical essence and uses of rocks)
  • nalia: you mean like a torch?
  • anyway, nalia has a sidequest to make a snuggie now.
  • finally, we approach the hill that hosts the town of green hill and the evil monastery of green hill. town also probably evil but unverified. the party discusses places to stay— there’s one inn in the village, and it’s probably not very discreet. lilith thinks she might know a place the party could stay for…. less money— a farmhouse that mostly burned down. probably no ghosts there or undead presence, so that’s cool. (riaeki’s divine sense detects no undead). time to eat! bland conjured food, yum
  • lilith, nalia and riaeki decide to investigate the town. riaeki wears a hat to try to look less like a high elf. sharzad stays back because of her low charisma and general inability to deceive. in town, people are milling about, looking all norman rockwell-y. there’s not a lot of magic here, mostly small cantrips on torches. the inn and basic services are most of the important buildings. most of the worship seems to be of brea.
  • the group enters the inn, as it seems to be the major meeeting place of the town. and also warm. lilith immediately makes her way to the fire and MEETS A FIRE GENASI!!!!! his name is aerin and he’s great. nalia looks for people who look educated and sees a group of old timers sharing tales of youth. riaeki looks for magic and finds a half elf with a magic dagger. she’s in a corner with a big mug of warm but she’s very alert and looking around the room. there’s also a fairly nicely dressed man with an enchanted shirt.
  • riaeki goes up to talk to the half elf girl, and has a pretty good read on her. she is definitely NOT a traveller passing through, and trying to extricate herself from the conversation. riaeki casts detect thoughts. the girl is looking for a ‘him’. she made her own weapon, and reacts…. badly when riaeki makes it clear that she’s reading her mind. riaeki tells her that she was raised from the dead, which she reacts worse to, but riaeki indicates her paladin-ness and tries to lay it out that they seem like they’re on the same side.
  • nalia gets closer to the old lady telling the story, who is adamant that a druid or something is changing the weather. upstairs, the girl confides in riaeki that her family was killed by a vampire. riaeki tries to sympathize by explaining that she probably accidentally killed her own family. it does not go over well. but she also tells celeste that lilith met a vampire in the wine cellar of the monastery. celeste seems pretty eager to get in there and kill it, but riaeki warns her that there’s a BIgger Plot -that the gang knows why it’s snowing-and that shit might get real. celeste asks to meet riaeki’s friends, in the hollowed out barn they are sharing.


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