The Sea's Revenge

Session Thirty-Eight

Well lads, we sure are fighting some ghosts. Clara, the little girl ghost, pulls some real spooky shit. Some of us get hexed with some dark energy and it’s bad news. Nalia basically gets scared stock still and AGES A MILLION YEARS FROM FEAR. Clara seems to have something against Afa in particular. She hexes Afa and returns Afa to a memory of being home a long time ago. A snotty blonde girl spits on Afa, who has been pushed to the ground, and says that she can’t believe her parents can’t see her (Afa) for what she is. Afa feels hatred. Another memory begins, where people are looking down and away from Afa as she walks through town back toward home. At once she sees the blonde girl’s parents talking with her own— both are crying, but the girl’s mother is yelling and saying Afa’s parents need to do something about “that thing” or that they will— she accuses Afa of killing her daughter. That night, Afa packs up her few things and goes to a place in the forest that she knows is a portal to the fae. She sees a familiar face.

Back in the current timeline, Sharzad and Riaeki try to comfort Afa, who is paralyzed while she experiences the vision. Suddenly, Afa expels the possession Clara had put on her. She casts Phantasmal Force, trying to use her memory of Ivy against Clara. When Clara laughs at her for this, Afa compares Clare to Ivy, saying they both hurt people. Nalia finally overcomes the hex and after asking Afa if she needs help, shoots fire bolt.

In the aftermath, everyone is pretty shocked. Riaeki hugs Afa. Sharzad realizes Nalia has aged and tells her. Though shocked, Nalia decides she’ll have to find a way to remove it.

Meanwhile, Afa confronts Robin. She says she never killed Ivy and he made her parents cry, and now they have no one. Robin counters that Afa killed her twin. Afa says she never met her twin and Robin says she killed her in the cradle. He clearly believes she is a changeling. We all really hate this guy. As Afa talks more about how horrible Ivy was to her, and how miserable her parents must be now (which Robin confirms), Robin begins to see that he and the village may have been terribly wrong. Though he apologizes tbh we still don’t like him much and he doesn’t seem 100% convinced even so.

The gang does a search through the rest of the rooms and finds a big pile of skeletons that were clearly from children. It’s a bad vibe….

Riaeki asks Nalia if she knows what’s going on with her whole thing. Afa mentions that she knows it would take a powerful cleric to reverse a lingering effect of a curse. Riaeki asks Robin if there is a temple of healing in the city. He does, and Riaeki says he should come with them as well, as insurance.

At the temple of Elu, they seek help and pay 200 gold for a greater restoration to be performed on Nalia. She feels great!

Afterwards, Riaeki goes to the temple of Rashul to get some answers, which nonetheless remain elusive. Sharzad talks with Robin who is similarly intractable. Afa and Nalia hug and then go look for some special potatoes. Afa says she’d like to visit her parents when they’re done here.

The gang discuss what to do next and the possible dangers about continuing with the Family. Then they decide (naturally) to go see another show. After Sharzad spends some time talking confusingly with a man advertising a racy dancehall show, the gang decides to go see a morality play that Afa is familiar with. Sharzad and Riaeki get into a big conversation about the show. Nalia notices Sharzad is wearing Riaeki’s ring and tells Afa. After whispering about it for a while, Afa hops down and tries to sleight of hands Riaeki and Sharzad’s hands.

The group eventually agrees to go back to the cabaret place even though Sharzad says it doesn’t make sense because there isn’t a “story”. Afa has a good time watching all her friends be very uncomfortable. After a lot of embarrassment, they head over to ”the vegetable play.” Sharzad and Riaeki get in a dancing contest. They have a conversation about how they feel and why Riaeki gave Sharzad the ring. THEN THEY KISS!!!!!!!


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