The Sea's Revenge

Session Thirty-Five

Sharzad wants to talk with some other members of the gang, but they go to bed early. She then tries to talk to the bartender but that doesn’t go very well and she ends up drunkenly oversharing. She heads up to the room hoping to talk to Sharzad but Riaeki pretends to be meditating. Sharzad pokes her but Riaeki does not respond.

After Sharzad goes to sleep, Riaeki heads downstairs seeking out the aasimar Mirien.
Riaeki asks, “You’ve been lots of places, haven’t you? Can I ask you something?”
Riaeki draws her family crest and asks if Mirien recognizes it.
Mirien says, “I think I do. Its that merchant family, isn’t it? From Gephyra?”
Mirien says that they traveled with a caravan run by this family, but they can’t remember names or other details and it was a while ago. Mirien says of the woman who ran the caravan, “you look a lot like her.”
Riaeki thanks them and runs out of the room.

While Afa is asleep she has a mandolin lesson.

When Sharzad wakes up, Riaeki is still meditating and Sharzad notices that something is off. Also it was strange that she didn’t respond to being poked.

The breakfast is amazing food that reminds Sharzad of home.
Sharzad asks Riaeki if she’s all right since she was asleep all night and didn’t respond when Sharzad tried to wake her up. This still doesn’t add up.
Sharzad then asks about the boy that we helped earlier, as Riaeki was uncommonly generous and protective of him. Riaeki says that she panicked, and Sharzad wonders why.
Riaeki says that she can explain, but she can show her. Then she gives Sharzad her shield.
Sharzad attunes to it, and hesitantly casts detect thoughts.

In Riaeki’s mind there are vast oceans and deep canyons of regret, and sparks of friendship that cast some of the darkness away.

Sharzad returns the shield.

Mirien comes downstairs and approaches Riaeki, saying, “Hey i remembered the name you were looking for! Tiatha Valtaeris, but she went by Tia most of the time.”
The detect thoughts is still up when this conversation happens! Sharzad sense a confusing array of emotions, mostly fear.
Sharzad: “Riaeki, what was that? Who is Tiatha Valtaeris?”
Riaeki involuntarily crushes the mug that held her coffee.
Riaeki starts to explain. That is the name of her sister who murdered her! It all comes out over the morning coffee.

Riaeki then asks that we don’t talk about it and then go sell our stolen goods instead. We discuss future plans and see that we will eventually need to track the sister down, especially since Riaeki suspects she serves Yleth.

We go out searching for a fence. Sharzad tries to identify some potential targets. Riaeki uses her piratey-ness to seem a legit in-the-know criminal. Afa lies about their criminal connections.

We find an inventor who is interested in the precious metals and gems. She gets overexcited and offers 11,000g! Sharzad is confused that the party doesn’t haggle. Aren’t you supposed to haggle?

She pays us in a combination of ingots and coin. We now have a fuckton of money!
Sharzad offers her the jeweler’s kit, but it has Master Ynaris’s mark. Luckily, the shopkeeper thinks Ynaris is a dick and supports us. She gives back the kit and Afa burns off the mark.

The group heads off to the Skyward to spend their sweet sweet loot. They discuss the nature of spirits and Riaeki and Afa are a little weirded out by the ubiquity of spirits. They also discuss the nature of the gods and whether there are ultimate rules governing stuff and everyone is very confused.

We find a store with some enchanted items that looks sorta bland called the Mystic Emporium. Apparently they walked into a training session and there is a very awkward customer service interaction between one of the employees and Sharzad. At a certain point the proprietor steps in and introduces herself as Embris. She’s a dwarf with the elaborate traditional braids. She explains that this is a branch that might not have some of the more specialized magical items. She looks the party over and figures out that they are adventurers and starts looking for things that would be useful for them.

Riaeki haggles down the price of a ring of the ram and a dimension door cape. There is also for sale a Handy Haversack. Meanwhile Sharzad stands staring and poking at armor and not really getting anywhere.
We decide to buy the three items and the math to figure out how to pay for the stuff and the math is just really hard, guys. But we know we do have enough.

Then we get the magical items identified


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