The Sea's Revenge

Session Thirty-Four

last time with the lads: having reached the second floor of master ynaris’s shop, we pause to recover some mf hits points…

Nalia finds a hollow book with a gem and mysterious seal inside, seeming to point even more to a connection to the pirate necklaces. Afa plays a song to cheer everyone up. Sharzad pulls a tooth. Riaeki cleans off some gunk. The gang makes sure to loot some books to sell, because books are for nerds and money is extremely good.

After narrowly avoiding a sword trap in the ascending stairs, Riaeki decides to use some of the mimic pieces to cover the sword holes in the wall. It takes some trial and error but the party eventually makes its way to the next door…which is suspiciously fancy and weirdly intricate. Afa manages to unlock it and Riaeki opens it.

Inside the room, the party sees a huge framed mirror on the opposite wall. There is a circle on the floor that Nalia and Afa investigate, and which Nalia recognizes as a summoning circle. Still looking at the mirror, Sharzad sees something reflected in it that is next to Afa. Eventually the image resolves into that of a tiefling-like figure who then speaks directly to Afa. In the course of conversation, it becomes clear that Ynaris has summoned and bound the demon to the mirror. The demon begins menacing Sharzad as she moves to loot the room. Nalia decides to try to disrupt the summoning circle while Afa and Sharzad distract the demon. However after a few minutes he notices what she’s doing and, enraged, says a word in Abyssal and Nalia is instantly stunned.

Afa recognizes what spell has been cast and begins to wail about Nalia to distract the demon. However she also fools Sharzad and Riaeki…She then asks what the demon wants and suggests the Queen might be willing to help him. Riaeki is starting to drag Nalia away and Afa whispers that Nalia is just stunned— not in true danger. However the demon overhears this and realizes has has been duped. Afa says she’s never performed for a demon before. She then contacts the Queen of Air and Darkness and asks if what he was saying was true and he is worth making a deal with. The Queen replies he is little more than a low level courtier. As this is happening, Nalia comes back into consciousness. Riaeki asks if she’s going to continue her circle and she does. With a few final strokes she finishes the circle and the demon is now bound to Nalia’s service.

After some conversation back and forth, the gang eventually agrees to rewrite the contract such that the demon (named Eltezu) is not to kill anyone who comes into this room except for Ynaris— who is to be killed if he returns. He is then to alert them to this.

With this done, the party decides to leave the tower. Afa surfs down the stairs on riaeki’s shield. Sharzad slides down but gets whacked on the head. Rip. Riaeki and Nalia walk down and they al leave with their loot in tow.

Unfortunately once they leave, a city guard patrol spots them and demands an explanation since they absoultely look like they just looted the entire store. Riaeki lies and says they are helping Master Ynaris. The city guard is NOT at all attuned to this and is like oh yeah for sure…but then she goes in to close the door and triggers one of the tripwires. The gang then has to help her when she gets a bunch of acid goo flung at her. She again believes the gang when they say the traps were set by Master Ynaris to keep people out while he’s moving (this is kind of true though) and she asks for the party’s name so she can give them a commendation for helping her. Afa, thinking quickly, says they are Lisbet, Sara (Riaeki), Maria (Nalia), and Lou (Sharzad). The gang then freakin books it outta there, leaving the rug with the gnome city guard, who Sharzad threw it at when she went to go help the other guard.

The party then look for some lodgings and enter an establishment called “The Laughing Witch”. They have dinner and talk amicably with the barkeep and a company of bards who are staying there. They then head back to the theatre to see The Folly of Steven and EXTREMELY enjoy it.


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