The Sea's Revenge

Session Thirty-Nine

That evening, there is an awkward drunk conversation between Sharzad and RIaeki. Riaeki does her nightly meditation next to Sharzad’s bed and it is very cute!!!

Nalia and Afa wake to a knock on the door. There is a messenger from the family, say that this day is “all hands on deck.” Nalia goes to wake the others. They are super hungover. The messenger girl tells us the work is going to be at the bottom of the canyon. They groggily get ready and stuff food and coffee into their faces. They group discusses the kindness of potatoes.

When they reach the edge of the canyon they decide to take one of the industrial lifts down. Afa holds onto a rope in the corner to get a good view. Everyone else sits in the center of the platform like people with reasonable opinions of height. There is a glorious view of the canyon and the island with the university as we descend. When we reach the bottom we find we are taking a rowboat down canyon to one of the docks. Riaeki is very good at the boats.

Our destination is a magically constructed bay in a side eddy. In the bay there is a ship. It is the Edge of the World!!!!!
Sharzad draws a gun on Shelley (the messenger girl) and she becomes very afraid. We discuss our options and find out that Nexxaya came with the crew again this time. The crew looks very comfortable and safe here. We decide to send in Afa for the info while the rest of the group stays back and keeps watch. Afa saunters forward and gets the needed info out of Fenelessin with a wonderful lie. They are probably staying at a place called the Raven’s Wing We send Shelley home and plan our next move. Sharzad suggests getting rooms at the Raven’s Wing and scoping out the place.

The gang now needs to find a way back up to the surface. We make our way back upstream to where we took the crane down and grab another platform going up.

Sharzad goes to tell Lydia to head to Calafort now as shit is about to go down. Lydia assumes that we’re all gonna die but she goes along with it ’cause hey, seven gold.

The other group looks for the Raven’s Wing. It is on a bridge near the Skyward. Afa goes in but is not as successful at the lying this time and doesn’t get information. Then Nalia goes in to ask for a room, acting the distracted scholar. The lady at the desk is very rude, saying that “normally they don’t have rooms for tieflings.” Nalia says she’ll pay more and the lady palms most of the coin. She then invites Nalia to not use the dining facilities. The room is very nice with an alcove window hanging out over the canyon. Nalia casts Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum.

Sharzad catches up with the group and goes in after Nalia and manages to get past the mean desk person. Afa and Riaeki stake out the hotel and see Larr Xa and Nexxaya approaching! Sharzad overhears the conversation between those two and the mean desk lady. Afa and Riaeki follow, pretending to be Larr Xa’s crew and discover where is room is. The gang reconvenes and comes up with a plan. Nalia casts private sanctum around their room so they can’t hear us coming and the mean desk lady can’t hear the scuffle. We pick the lock and burst in, getting a surprise round. Afa tries to cast hold person but they BOTH save. Fuck them.


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