The Sea's Revenge

Session Thirty-Three

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST: the party totally trusted a high elf that looks like steve buscemi, and frankly got what they deserved, which was attempted murder

  • the party agrees to go with ratha to another location. we’re led in a circumspect way to a culdesac that seems fairly nice, where we enter one of the houses. it’s not fancy, but clearly a decent, homey home. we’re accompanied by the prisoner, who is put in the cellar by guards.
  • ratha asks about our capabilities. riaeki offers to fight her, at which she looks around the room and says ‘maybe later’. she inquires after sharzad’s weapons, and sharzad apologizes for shooting her. ratha accepts her apology, but seems like she hasn’t entirely forgiven sharzad (reasonable). she turns to nalia. “tell me about you.” nalia’s kind of taken aback. “well, we’re both tieflings? um, i’m a wizard. these are my friends.” ratha mentions that she knows a little magic. she seems to like nalia a lot— tiefling bond? or something more~~
  • ratha turns to afa, who calls herself a bard, rather than a warlock. afa says that she’s better at talking than sharzad— ratha and sharzad both agree. “who sent you to the house?” afa tells her about ynaris, and brings out the necklace. she says that she doesn’t think the engraver exists. “no, master ynaris /is/ the engraver— everyone knows that!” (“that makes more sense now” says nalia.) ratha thinks that he’s gone to ground now, and would be difficult to find, though she’d have ideas if we wanted to start looking. we’re most likely to find ynaris with the lady, who leads the mob. riaeki asks for reassurance that ratha isn’t leading us into another trap, seeing as the last time we trusted someone, it was steve frigging buscemi.
  • one of the locations the lady might be is a club that’s now called ‘the sinkhole’,. we could ask someone called benyat, who ratha doesn’t seem to think is a great lead, maybe because he’s in the city guard. or, we could attempt to look for mobsters and interrogate them. (we’re great at interrogating.)
  • ratha doesn’t appear to know why larr xa would be an ally to the family, but suggests that he’s giving them something they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. ratha asks if the reason we’re trying to find a pirate is because we’re sailors. riaeki shrinks at that, but no one seems to notice. sharzad tactfully mentions that we’ve encountered him before.
  • afa suggests we don’t bring nalia if we lie to the mob (sharzad chimes in that perhaps we shouldn’t bring her either). ratha responds that it’s alright, because they’re not high elves (riaeki shrinks further). nalia suggests we go to the club, as we could more easily pretend to be tourists, which has historically gone great. she also hopes to get her clothes fixed, maybe, before we go out.
  • sharzad asks if there are maybe some seedy locations we could clear out, seeing as we have some time. there are, but they might take longer than would be optimal. ratha would like us to prove ourselves to her, which frankly seems rude seeing as we nearly killed her.
  • afa asks for a place to get food, and ratha sends us to a RAD ASS SPEAKEASY! then she asks what we should do with the prisoner we’ve got in the cellar, which, again, we’ve just been so historically great at deciding. sharzad hopes ratha won’t kill her, which seems unlikely given that ratha was apparently planning on cutting off her head and doing some godfather shit with it.
  • sharzad goes to talk to the prisoner, who is named MARIS of all things, she looks pretty damn scary as she asks maris (seriously/!?) who runs the docks, where the pirate crew would have, erm, docked. “you’re scared of ratha?” “she’s a murderer!” “did you see what i did to her?” as she intimidates the heck outta her, she slips her the key to her chains. no one seems to notice. “the family is a lot of things,” she says, “but they keep my children fed.” “with the money they take from other people’s children,” says sharzad, walking out.
  • as we leave, ratha warns us that the family members who are likely to be at the sinkhole will be armed, dangerous, and armed and dangerous. and if we succeed, ratha would like to see us again.
  • quick cat break.
  • we ASCEND, back up the scary scary stairs, and proceed to ynaris’ shop. afa checks for traps at the door, and riaeki uses divine sense. there’s no undead, but there’s a slight fiendish presence, which is TOTALLY COOL AND NOT BAD AT ALL. afa does manage to see some kind of tripwire, and points it out to the party. riaeki gets out her trusty kinda sticky fabric and sharzad uses it to cover the tripwire. as this is happening, sharzad notices a shady looking dragonborn , who sees her looking and books. riaeki chases after him.
  • riaeki catches this spy pretty quickly— he attempts to cry for help, but no one seems to notice. sharzad and nalia have run after, and afa stays to open up ynaris’ shop. riaeki asks if he’s family, or if he works for ynaris, and offers to buy him out. he boldly lies that they’re paying him a whole gold, so we offer him five. his name is xan, and we tell him to take the gold, go to calafort, find reka, and take up with the company. afa casts magic mouth so if he goes back to the family, it’ll speak up against him. he seems like he’s gonna go!
  • so now we finally enter ynaris’ shop. afa tries to steal…………. everything. all………. of the things. sharzad helps her. most of the magic has been spirited away, but they take apparently most of the jewelry. it’s worth TEN THOUSAND GOLD?!?!?!?!?! our plans have now changed to go sell all this fuCKIN LOOT!!!!
  • as we reach the end of this long hallway maze thing, only some of us see a door. sharzad sees some runes around the door handle. apparently they’ll freeze us solid if we try to open it. afa tries to pick the lock with mage hand, which activates a magic mouth: “this door requires a key”. riaeki, who has ways of mitigating elemental damage, tries to break the door down anyway.
  • we take like a fuckin bunch of cold damage, which sucks. nalia chugs a potion. in front of us is a staircase. riaeki explains the fiend energy she sensed before, but explains that she doesn’t think it was a being. the staircase is steep, and long, and we come to another door. there’s no magic on it, but afa and sharzad check for traps anyway. it seems to not be trapped? afa tries the handle. it is, of course, trapped as hell. afa takes a bunch of poison damage. sharzad hurriedly gives her a potion, but afa insists she’s okay. we open the door on what seems like a pretty cleared out, though nice, sort of living room space. riaeki uses detect thoughts to sense if anyone’s hiding and senses….. some thoughts. there is something in here and it wants to eat us.
  • afa senses magic on the rug, and tries to cast hex on it. it sticks…. and the rug rears up to attack us. this is super normal. it’s initiative time. sharzad takes about seventy shots with her guns, critting once, and it seems like it’s dead. riaeki still senses something alive, though. afa tries to hex the lamp, and her hex disappears. sharzad tries to pick up the rug, which is very heavy, and does not do so. afa summons some dancing lights, forms them into a sort of humanoid shape, and sends them around the room to see if anything reacts. it walks by the bookshelves, and it walks by the table, and it walks by the desk…. which grows an appendage of some kind and whacks it.
  • nalia casts firebolt and blasts the mimic, which reverts to its mimic form and looks gross as hell. sharzad shoots it a heckuvalot, which goes well, and riaeki tries to slash at it, which goes less well. it retaliates, biting her… and sticking both her and her sword to it’s gross sticky vore ass body. afa hexes it and eldritch blasts it, and nalia…. casts sleep on it. which, miraculously, seems to make it pass out. riaeki tries to retrieve her sword. it takes her a…. while…. and sharzad comes over and shoots the sleeping mimic in the eye. it explodes mimic guts over sharzad and riaeki, and that is delightfully where we’re going to end the night.


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