Reka Ossan

Warm, capable half-orc accountant


Reka has grey-green skin (marking him as the coastal orcish ethnicity that is common in Dakhri An-Gyyr) and warm brown eyes. His black hair is clubbed into a neat ponytail, and his tusks are small for a full orc. Over seven feet tall, he’s impossible to miss, even in the chaos of midday trade. He has a keen eye and never forgets a face, which combines with his friendly personality to make him very socially adept. Because he’s constantly in one of the busiest places in the city, he’s a font of information, especially about goings-on outside Calafort. He has a wife, Dreya (a half-orc) and a son, Pentek, who is only three. They live in a well-kept, vibrant orange house on the seaward side of the Hill.


Reka Ossan

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