The Sea's Revenge

Session Eleven
Alarming academia

Talked to Chandra about her thesis, noticed ambient abjuration magic and found rune in courtyard, talked with Professor Vishaneth, went to the library and got names from Thava of people doing odd research into school history and necromancy, visited The Bull’s Horns to discuss their next move and discovered fried potatoes, consulted Barakhsan about the abjuration magic and learned it was part of a binding, broken into Professor Brisurin’s office and found books on binding undead, reversing abjuration magic, and an ancient cult surrounding a being called Yleth, which had a temple run by the Servant where Calafort stands today.

Session Ten
Meeting new friends

Accepted a new job (investigation of university connection to Cleftstone case) from Caradoc, met Shahrzad, questioned Aqar about suspicious things at the university, gave an experimental potion to Shahrzad to drink, had some nice character interactions re: guns and animism, went to teacher and student haunts to look around, shot out a window at Sana’s Bar and Grill, met Chandra and accompanied her back to the university to see her thesis project.

Session Nine
Library cards and near-TPKs

Traveled into the hills, tracked giant spiders to their cave and fought them, rescued students and Darius, got library cards, a book on Sylvan for Afa, and delicious snacks, conducted the ritual, and imbued 50 moon rats with moon energy.

Session Eight
Terrorizing goblins and townsfolk alike

Disrupted Newmarket with fog cloud, paid their fine to Belinda Greyhawk, “negotiated” buying feldspar from Hulda, traveled to Bridgestone Forest, were set upon by goblins and wolves, put most of them to sleep and caused the leaders to flee, interrogated/charmed one, offered him an experimental potion to drink, collected moonseed flowers, agreed to search for teacher if he doesn’t return, and Riaeki spoke with Rashul.

Session Seven
And this is our friend who is a rat

Slept overnight in the sewers, escaped the Trip Wire That Wasn’t, encountered an ancient elemental guardian, fought some mushrooms, introduced Attsk to many people, brokered a peace with the urchins, consulted Aqar on a possible solution to the changing intelligence, got in contact with a priestess at the temple of Brea, and began planning a ritual to make the moon rats permanently sentient.

Loot: 75 gp, chunk of lapis lazuli (10 gp), ring set with chrysoprase (50 gp), Nyax’s spell book (Nalia), Keoghtam’s Ointment, Pipes of the Sewers, a Driftglobe, and the Inquisitor’s Shield (Riaeki)

Session Six
In which the city's sewer maintenance seems a touch lax

Followed Kit to his gang’s hideout, investigated missing items, entered the sewers in pursuit, dealt with several traps and natural hazards, killed a specter, befriended the moon rats and promised to help them, killed the wererat siblings.

Loot: Devil’s Luck (Nalia)

Session Five
Beach party

Got Dessie to identify most potions, met Esserian and had him identify the others, threw a beach party and got to know each other a little better.

Session Four
Potion-seller, give me your most illegal potions

Went shopping at Dessie’s General Supply and Adventure Shop, met with Caradoc and agreed to track down potion peddler, investigated, killed shop assistant, followed Geshen (potion peddler), killed two assistants and fought him to submission, interrogated him, stole his potions, and turned him in.

Loot: 420 gp, 20 sp, a zillion potions, many experimental.

Session Three
Breaking and entering

Broke into Harald’s house, stole evidence and other items, took assembled evidence and witnesses to merchants’ guild, saw to Harald’s capture and detention, exposed black market dealings, got paid (finally).

Loot: Assorted art objects, magical necklace (Afa), cloak of proof against divination (Afa), astrolabe (Riaeki), book titled “On Summoning” in Abyssal (Nalia), 100 gold each.

Session Two
Scrying and spying

Went into hiding, gathered information, met Nalia, captured and interrogated a spy, found a witness and convinced her to testify, conducted a scrying ritual.


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