The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixteen

Last time, on The Sea’s Revenge.

We recover some hobgoblins. Sharzad Learns Maths. Some interesting conversations occur in an inn (Nehaska and Tenk are worried we mistrust them. We do.) Sharzad and Afa recreate a frat party, with potions.We all suffer the wrath of the Storm (thanks Riaeki). We meet a elf bard terrifying nightmare fae, who Afa makes a musical deal with. We fail to acquire owlbear babies (but manage to not Die). Finally, we reenact Ghostbusters, but with more fire (props to nalia).

Riaeki divinely senses, and it seems we’ve cleared the place out. Nalia finds some 5 silver and some coppers on the bodies. Sharzad jumps up and down on some embers for 10 minutes. Afa finds some blood stains and a strange magical lamp.

Tenk comes to check on us. Sharzad suggest burying the bodies. Tenk suggests using the building as a makeshift pyre. It is decided we’re going to stay in the haunted house for the night, and we build a pyre by the lake. Riaeki goes to pray to the Rashul and gets a weak scent of ocean salt. Afa inspects her lamp: it lamps things. Specifically, it’s a lantern of revealing, which is probably how we get to the dungeon underneath of haunted house. Sharzad says last rites.

Callum wakes up, is informed. There’s some awkward banter about cannibalism (we do not condone cannibalism). We discuss hunting, fishing, and consecrations. It seems like something awful happened here, a long time ago. Watches are arranged, and Sharzad manages not to take a watch with Nehaska (score).

Sharzad and Afa taken first watch, and Callum stays up with them because he’s a terrifying nightmare fae. There’s some art and some banter. Nalia and Tenk take second watch, and discuss #magicalSkills. Nalia asks Tenk about the Goblins- apparently Fae Goblins are a bit smarter, and stranger. Tenk advises Nalia not to buy anything or trust anyone- and, maybe, not to trust Afa either. Riaeki and Nehaska talk. Nehaska is wondering why Riaeki doesn’t trust her, and they talk about the hobgoblin fight. Nehaska thinks she’s not so different from Riaeki; Riaeki doubts that, and counters that she didn’t exactly ‘choose’ to serve her god. Nehaska follows the gods of her people, but not the way that her people do. She believes that the gods love ‘us’ as their creations and love all of ‘us’ equally. Nehaska’s trying to convince Riaeki to trust her. Riaeki apologizes. We learn some dark things regarding Tenk, and cannibalism (we do not endorse cannibalism).

We wake up and Afa’s a bard now.
So that’s.

Oh and all of the rest of us are better now. Sharzad and Riaeki go to catch some fish- we grab a smallmouth bass!

Note from the DM: Murder the PCs.

We continue on towards the market. Callum is chummy with folks and Sharzad is suspicious. Afa is nervous about seeing family! (aww) Finally, we reach the market. It’s Big, and filled with tents, magic, and wonderment. Illusions, natural and otherwise, are everywhere. We’re surrounded by all sorts of goods and vendors and buyers. Riaeki is on the cusp of remembering something. So that’s. Terrifying. A demon boy takes notice of Nalia. Afa is deeply reminded of her past.

Sharzad attempts to comfort Riaeki, poorly. Nehaska welcomes us to the market. Nehaska’s going to set up the cart on the outskirt, to begin doing business in the standard items. Afa is eager to explore, so we decide to be her chaperones. The whole market is disorganized, and we don’t look too out of place (a weird sensation for many of us). There’s a strange tent of tapestries, where people go to get some sort of awful truth revealed, probably. There’s a tree-stall selling leaves(?). Nalia finds a centaur who is holding the body of a horse. Nalia finds him handsome. It’s bad.

I cannot remember what we wanted the horse man for but I’m not buying his hair.

Nalia awkwardly asks about his hair things. Sharzad calls us the Fantastic Four, because she’s a fool and forgot to come up with codenames. Afa asks about buying hair. Mr. Horseman tries to bullshit us. Afa fails to haggle. Sharzad fails to remember that the instruments aren’t for sale. Afa closes the deal.

We deliver the casks. We ask about the goods, and about Kirsikka. Apparently, hags will appear “when we most need it”. We go to the dryad and manage to offend it pretty much instantly. It’s also got a chained up pet bird, which sucks. A random goblin calls to us, and brings us into a bookstore. This is a bad idea, but we’re doing it. Nalia finds a book on the foundations of elven universities, and on evocation magic. Sharzad tries to offer haggling advice, and fails. The goblin looks at Nalia’s palm, and demands that she give up her soulmate, should she ever meet them. We learn that other things may be traded as well, like true hatred, and future riches. It seems to be a very good book, but we decide to come back later.

We meet Letto, one of Afa’s old friends. He’s a fun and offputting dude. Sharzad makes a bad joke. We ask him about Kirsikka, and he seems surprised. Apparently Kirsikka’s on the Night Collector’s bad side, and isn’t supposed to be selling her goods here. So that’s. Good. He says to try to find a vendor who’s not who they appear to be. Letto remarks upon the growth of Afa’s abilities. Apparently Letto and Afa grew up together- Afa crossed over when she was five. Also, cannibalism. Multiple cannibalism jokes.

Sharzad wants to go the the tapestry tent. The tapestries are creepy transformation sequences. So that’s bad. A voice a welcomes us, and we’re sniffed by a massive black dog. She’s a hag, and she’s interested in Riaeki. She trades in memories, and Riaeki lacks them. Riaeki wants to find her name, but the hag can’t offer that. The hag counter offers with a memory of family- enough to find them. Riaeki points out she already has two of those- but still considers it, asking the price. The hag wishes her to carry a seed with her for a year and day, then plant it wherever she is. The seed will then grow into a tree. We all consider.

Riaeki takes the deal- for three memories. The hag takes her hand…

And she’s in a house, standing on a rug next to her father. His hair is cut short and practical, with a close-cropped beard. She’s training her with swordsmanship, with a wooden sword, and completes a disarming. She’s happy. She’s been practicing that for a long time.

Then she’s a teenager, on a wagon. Behind her is a caravan. Being a caravan guard- that was familiar to her. Her man is talking to a serious man in fancy robes. They’re travelling between cities.

Then she closes her eyes, and opens them. She’s next to the sea, on the deck of a ship. A merchant ship. Next to her is a woman her age, or a bit younger. She’s smiling, hair whipped back by an approaching storm. But she’s resentful. Her sister. And her sister is wearing a ring- an emblem. A family crest. A sword, below a white star.

Riaeki wakes up, weeping. And, without looking at anyone, she run from the tent, out into the market.

Session Fifteen
  • nehaska heals nalia while the gang is clearing the path. her religious symbol is not familiar to riaeki
  • sharzad does some destruction math
  • the party reaches the traveller’s rest (suggested by nehaska)
  • riaeki helps nehaska with the horses while the rest of the party goes in. afa orders potato and edible bird.
  • while everyone is eating and drinking at the inn, nehaska apologizes for getting off with the group on the wrong foot. everyone (save riaeki) assures her this is not the case.
  • riaeki and sharzad have a conversation about being at cross purposes with saving each other and others
  • nehaska asks afa about her experience with the fey while tenk asks nalia about her magic studies
  • while everyone else heads to bed, riaeki goes outside to stand in the rain for a little while
  • in their room, afa and sharzad try one of the remaining experimental potions. sharzad’s makes her throw up :( afa’s makes her feel great!
  • sharzad tries another one and throws up again :(
  • the next morning after breakfast, nehaska and riaeki go out to take care of the horses again
  • the party sets off! the first few days are relatively uneventful other than the rain being consistently miserable
  • after two days, they enter a forest where they meet callum, a friendly half-elf. it turns out he is headed for the goblin market too
  • callum and afa trade stories about the feywild
  • the party sets up night watches: afa and nehaska, sharzad and tenk, riaeki and nalia
  • once she goes to sleep after her watch, afa speaks to callum in a fey/dream state (?) and they make a deal
  • on their watch, sharzad and tenk exchange some knowledge
  • sharzad then goes out into the forest to pray
  • on their watch, riaeki asks nalia about memory suppression spells. nalia doesn’t have much of an answer for this
  • the next morning, the party sets out and enters the shadefall woods
  • along the way the party runs into some owlbear cubs separated from their parents. there is a close call with a near confrontation with the parent owlbears, but thanks to afa’s fear spell manage to avoid it
  • later, they pass an abandoned way station and riaeki is able to detect that there are undead inhabiting the area. the party agrees to clear the area. nehaska and tenk guard the wagons while the rest go inside (except callum, who is napping)
  • together the party managed to defeat the five zombies!
Session Fourteen
  • a week since the party last spoke to keradoc. afa, riaeki, and nalia go to visit reka and give him lilac honey. afa tells him about french fries. he thanks the party for helping him. his son is adorable.
  • sharzhad visits cult students. she strikes up a conversation with tornos gladstone, who is very religious but does not like being in prison. iono is more reticent, but seems to regret his life choices. “the problem is that the others can’t replace her; they’re not divine. she has the capability to rule. the others are pretenders. when you die, you’re supposed to transcend, right? but you don’t anymore, because she’s gone.” sharzhad: “you don’t always just die.”
  • riaeki gets her sword identified at the arcanum. afa doesn’t knock over a shelf. the sword is repurposed from other metal? “there’s something else” to it, but esandrian can’t be more specific.
  • the party receives a list of mercantile goods from keradoc to trade and source. they’re weird. and strangely vegan.
  • they meet their wagons at the eastern gate. sharzhad is carrying everything she owns. keradoc is talking to a pretty woman (walkin down the street~). her eyes are lizard-y. “my dear friend and associate, nehaska”. a scaly green man comes out from behind the carriage— his name is tenk.
  • riaeki asks about vegan fey goods. the fey think it’s more fun not to lie, and ethically sourcing materials is more a goal than a necessity, but keradoc is more worried about it in the wake of harald.
  • keradoc gives the party a map. it takes forever to upload to roll20. the river the party is to travel over is /not/ called the deflated cock.
  • nehaska and tenk take the reins of the caravans. they chat familiarly but it’s off somehow. afa talks to them about the fey. nehaska dumped a guy in a scorpion pit once. nalia knows the two new people are probably from kineshi bog. sharzhad can see forever. a small wagon is coming from the other directions. it appears to be a farm wagon with halfings. afa buys potatoes. nehaska asks if they’ve seen anyone; they haven’t. sharzhad discreetly buys carrots. riaeki sees: “you can eat whatever you want, we’re not gonna judge you.” “you will say nothing.”
  • the party enters goblin gulch. sharzhad starts singing in orcish. riaeki and afa notice something across the road. nehaska and tenk pull the caravan up.
  • there is much debate over a very big tripwire. sharzhad wants to test it, afa wants to mage hand it, riaeki wants to throw a stone at it. it’s a moot point, as a creature leans over the side of the canyon and triggers it. massive gunpowder explosion. riaeki and sharzhad both try to push each other out of the way, and ruin it for each other. the canyon is blocked off, and hobgoblins are everywhere. it’s initiative.
  • the hobgoblin captain shouts “surrender your goods or be killed!” sharzhad: “we possess magic beyond your ken! we’ve defeated cultists and rats!” this, shockingly, does not work. “you don’t look like much to me!” “okay!”
  • the party shouts at nehaska to help them fight rather than try to get the caravans out of the crevasse. she misses many longbow shots.
  • hobgoblins hit pretty hard. afa kills one and runs onto the caravan.
  • the hobgoblin captain throws a javelin at sharzhad. it misses. free javelin!
  • afa stabs a hobgoblin.
  • nehaska casts suggestion on the hobgoblin captain and he tells his underlings to turn tail and leave. but he’s still in riaeki’s moonbeam and the damage breaks the spell. afa takes him down, and the rest of the hobgoblins flee.
Session Thirteen

Notes go here!
Last time on: The Sea’s Revenge.
We met the headmaster; chased down a student; searched a room; found a rat; destroyed a wall; poisoned a teammate; killed a student; saved a professor; stopped a cult ritual; and opened a flesh-tree so it’s inhabitant could be freed (accidentally).

Afa and Riaeki loot the bodies while Nalia and Sharzad stand to the side. They acquire a gold necklace, coins, a strangely wrought sword, and a shadowy cloak of wood-elven design. Spending some time to evaluate these items, they discover the cloak is a cloak of elvenkind and the sword is a +1 cold iron sword of some sort (probably cursed, using transmutation magic ?).

Sharzad goes off to get the headmaster at Riaeki’s bidding and Afa begins to meditate to contact her patron in regards to the question of “Yleth”. She is answered by a wave of cold, and a voice saying, “Don’t worry about her.” It’s very concerning. Nalia recovers some arcane strength.

The headmaster lets Sharzad into his room. Sharzad foolishly attempts to explain what exactly occurred. The headmaster contacts his contacts, concerningly. The necromancer professor, one other, and Baraksan will accompany them to the very scary underground ritual place.

Riaeki and Afa identify some of the bodies regarding to which god they claimed as an alias. Rubia is Tanis, for example. Nalia investigates the tree, and using her height advantage looks inside the tree- to witness a pile of bones inside of it. Very concerning. They agree not to mess with the tree further until Mr. Magic Man arrives with his entourage.

Mr. Magic Man arrives, unreadable as usual. Sharzad lies for the parties benefit, then when confronted about it, claims she was just “more trustworthy”. The headmaster inspects the scene. Ava explains: “It brought her back as not-Rubia.” Mr. Man-of-the-Magic inspects the scene until professor Vishenev arrives. A gnome with curly dark brown hair and white robes with silver embroidery enters. Edenne, head of the temple of Myrithel. She casts a spell, illuminated by strong moonlight, and begins a quick replay of the events of the battle, revealing how the spirit was truly released. Sharzad is no longer trustworthy. Riaeki flags down the Myrithel and hands her the notes where the various Cultists claim the name of gods, pointing out the one who took the name of Myrithel. The priestess believes this is mostly cheeky. They exchange religious well-wishings and contact info, then she leaves. Mr. Magical-Man-Dude confronts Sharzad, who responds cheekily; Vishenev confronts Riaeki, who responds honestly. Vishenev seems to react to the knowledge that there are bones inside the tree.

Riaeki uses her spell slots to reawaken to Cultists, who respond with anger and confusion. Riaeki questions him about the tree, he demands to get up, she offers the blade to help him stand (untying him in the process), then pulls the blade back. The Professor of All Things Not So Good (Sylvain). Barbs and comments are exchanged; the Professor essentially admits to it, then gloats over the release of the spirit. Mr. MM (magicman) bloviates regarding the inevitable success of the justice system, and then Sylvain claims that we have released ‘The Servant, One Of Her Greatest Servants. Now her power grows every day, every day, and we worked so long to find this place and weaken the bindings, and now you’ve completed the ritual for us!" We all dislike him very much. Afa tries to charm him. It doesn’t work so Afa tries ‘the mean way’. Sharzad attempt to intimidate him, and it seems to work.

Sylvain begins to explain:
“In the beginning there were gods, but they were much greater than they are now, able to walk the mortal earth. But they was one much greater than they, and she convinced them to lock themselves away. Then, she ruled. But the other gods were… they were more resourceful than she had planned for. They sent their sniveling minions for her, and eventually she was overwhelmed and slain. But she had many who served her, many of great power, and if they were to marshal her power again, we could bring her back.” Riaeki mentions the Magic Headmasters god, Sylvain insults that god, and Mr. Man-With-The-Good-Magic is pissed. The other professor explains: “There was once another god, and she caused some chaos, but she was dealt with.” Theology continues. “Yleth considered herself part of the pantheon. She betrayed the pantheon, and she suffered the consequences. She was the keeper of the dead, and she started hoarding souls that had passed through this world.”

They speak about the spirit in the sewers, discuss it’s ideology and relation to Yleth.

Sylvain complains, he’s confronted regarding his Friends In Other Sects, then he gives some ominous remarks saying that ‘Death Isn’t What It Used To Be’. Riaeki offer the blade to The Headmaster, who refuses the chance to kill Sylvain- when Baraksan enters, and is confused.

Apparently the school was founded on the ruins of an old temple to protect? or defend? something, but most of that knowledge was lost to the ages.

The Headmaster uses a high level spell to paralyze us, and thus we get very handily lectured by this old fellow. We point him towards Caradock, and we begin on our way. Riaeki and Sharzad have a conversation about morality and second chances. Afa and Riaeki have a conversation about the Queen of Air and Darkness. Riaeki quizzes Vishenev about the blade- it’s bound to Yleth. Unfortunate.

All together, they head to Caradock. He’s very perturbed (but super impressed we completed the job in less than a day, amiright?). He’s stunned we managed to do so very much, and mentions that he’s surprised anyone managed to surpass Harold. We discuss whose mess this is to clean up, and we contend ourselves for the job. We each receive 296 gold! Riaeki tips the Headmaster, flips him off, and he leaves (in a huff). Caradock will be busy getting good for the ‘Northern Markets’. Near ‘Cartreph’. We look over the maps to find Yleth temples, finding many minor temples, one Major Temple to the south in the swamps, one to the northwest, but for the most part they don’t match present day settlements. The Northern Markets are too far inland to go Yleth hunting at the same time.

He offers us 1000 gold to go to the Northern Market, make some sales and purchases with the fey, and he’ll give us time to investigate Yleth while we are there (and do some investigation of his own in the meantime). We agree, and decide to head to the Temple to get the +1 Cold Iron Sword checked out, before the Drinking.

Temple Hill: a fairly tall hill, topped with the temples of the gods of the human pantheon. They curve around one side of the top of the hill, with a large open plaza in front of them. Each represents the spirit of their god. We enter the temple closest to the sea, a greystone building with huge sturdy columns. Beauty in solid, strong utility. At the end is a statue, whose lower half is carved like water solidifying into a figure with a cloak covering his face and a pendant that looks like the moon.

We consult Riaeki’s god; a cold comes upon us, and Riaeki and her god have a conversation. “You brought friends?” “Well, y’know, I-” “Where did you get that?” “We were trying to- I know you know Yleth.” Things become uncomfortable. “Yleth is dead.” “They’re trying to bring her back. I was gonna stop him if you would, y’know, let me…” “Keep the blade. I cannot say more, but keep the blade, and use it.” We’re all zapped, and the god’s presence disappears.

We talk about Riaeki’s history with death, and some vague things are exchanged. Sharzad runs some errands, and everyone convenes at the Hungry Unicorn, getting some alcoholic beverages and potatoes. Riaeki hands Sharzad the Special Liquor, which she does a Shot of. It’s delicious. I’m terrified. Dear god. Sharzad is suddenly very, very wasted. In fact, so is Riaeki. Afa chugs a random potion. It doesn’t seem to have an effect. Riaeki talks to Nalia about the stresses of the day. Nalia’s glad to have new friends and not to be at the university.

Presents are distributed. Songs are played. Dances are done. Songs are requested. Nalia gets dragged into doing INTENSE FLIPS. Everyone gets very drunk, retires for the night.

The next morning, the party decides to go shopping at Dessie’s. It is a Nice Store with a Nice Pink Cat. Afa purchases Wintery Boots, Nalia purchases a Cloak of Protection, Riaeki purchases Split mail, and Sharzad purchases a tent, travelers clothes, fishing tackle, Tinker’s Tools, five manacles, and a scale. Riaeki grabs some healing potions, for the road, and Scones Are Consumed. Potions are distributed, and we head back to Caradock.

Caradock lays it out: this is dangerous. This market involves business we’re not familiar with, and don’t understand, but the potential for profit is vast. Apparently Afa’s friends tried to protect her from it. These deals are very creepy and bad and we should not take them so that’s, y’know, good. We must treat the people we’re dealing with as if they’re familiar, even if they’re not. We must not trade anything further than he permits for the goods he searches for. We’re also looking for the Night Collector, one of the archfey. She sounds like she’s hard to find and A Real Shady Dude.

We’re also looking for a hag named Kirsikka, who could be a good source of information. She’s very old, very powerful, will try to trap us, but she could be a friend if we can outwit her (she respects that).

Caradock needs something the Night Collector wants. His twin sister vanished when he was young. She had found her way to the faewild, and now she’s bound to the night collector. He will pen us a letter to give to her, if we find her. He’s sent many people to the markets before, but he thinks maybe we’ll be ones to succeed. (Afa considers the Night Collecter. The latter is unaligned, and seems to be connected to the Hags and the Goblin Kingdom. Sometimes the Fae deride her because she doesn’t care about Court Politics. But others advise against mocking the Night Collector.) Caradock’s sister’s name is Angharad.

We end there, awaiting a new quest into the world of the Fae.

Session Twelve

The party starts off this session finishing up their search of Sylvain Brisurin’s office. Everyone fails to notice something with a perception check. Sharzhad takes some hairs as a souvenir. Afa presses a magic spot on the desk and gets poison-darted and knocked out. Riaeki cures the poison.

Just then, a young woman enters the room, sees Afa, and runs.

Sharzhad immediately arrests her in the name of the merchants guild at gunpoint.

Riaeki fails to wake up Afa while Sharzhad fails to lie about her authority.

The woman runs again, and Sharzhad gives chase, gaining quickly. Sharzhad dramatically leaps over the banister in front of her but falls down. The woman manages to escape, and when a group of concerned students ask what is going on, Sharzhad tries to convince them that this is a drill.

Meanwhile, Riaeki wakes up Afa. Nalia looks at the place where the dart came from and finds a letter. The letter is from Harald Cleftstone telling Sylvain that the “components” he requested. Evidence!

The students are not convinced that this is a drill. They start questioning what they see, and one starts looking for professors. One brings the headmaster. The headmaster asks what is going on here. Sharzhad begins to explain things to the headmaster. Riaeki walks up behind Sharzhad and hands the Headmaster the letter. The Headmaster is unimpressed. Riaeki immediately casts Zone of Truth.

The Headmaster is still unimpressed, saying that he doesn’t doubt the truth of what they’re saying but that they were breaking and entering in a professor’s office.

Nalia goes to get the books out of the office. The headmaster convinces them to talk to him in his office, and they also send for the student who ran (one of the students with the suspicious library list!)

On the way to the office, Sharzhad expresses her sincere thanks that the rest of the party came to her aid.

In his office, the Headmaster tells them that their evidence is worrying, but not in any way conclusive.

Sharzhad manages to convince the headmaster to let them “escape” so that they can continue their investigation.

Afa goes behind the library and uses the pipes of the sewers to summon rats. Among them is a Moon Rat named Hss’t who says that the rats never go under the university. Hss’t explains that under the university there is a tree that is “dead but not dead.” The party asks if Hss’t can lead them there, but there are only the “small ways.” They take Hss’t into the bottom of the library to see the beginning of one of the small ways.

Afa looks around for a larger pathway and finds a section of the wall that is much newer than the rest of the wall. Sharzhad tries to open up a hole in the wall. She explodes open the wall with her mortar, exposing a cold, dark hallway. The party heads down the hallway, so far apparently not noticed by anyone in the library above (yet).

Ominous music starts. The ominous hallway is ominous. The wall is covered in fading abjuration runes. There are faint voices in the distance. The voices resolve into ominous chanting. There are a group of cult looking people doing the chanting. In the middle of the circle is a huge UNDEAD TREE that is chained to five headstones.

Sharzhad approaches the cultists with Riaeki and Afa, while Nalia hangs behind. The cultists see then and INITIATIVE IS ROLLED.
The two sides fight:
—Riaeki summons a moonbean
—Professor summons skeletons
—Sharzhad does a BADASS turn where she gets a mortar shot on the tree and gets a headshot on the professor leading the cultists.
—Afa Eldritch Blasts one of the students dead and the other two down but not dead
—Sharzhad stabilizes the professor: just in time. The Lich-Tree thing resurrects Rubia, the dead student. She is very creepy and scary.
—Nalia FIREBALLS all the bad guys except the tree. The skeletons disintegrate. Rubia is on fire and continues to be scary.
—Rubia starts taking huge amounts of damage. She has a very creepy exchange with Afa where she says that “she’s been dead for a long time” and laughs creepily.
—This is clearly not Rubia anymore
—Finally Sharzhad fells not-Rubia.
—Riaeki climbs down and starts pulling bark off the tree. She cuts her way inside, through rotten internal wood that burns her hands, until she has made a hole big enough to look through. There is a blue glow inside the tree that suddenly WHOOSHES out in the shape of an orb.

The orb says “Thank you for that” and vanishes. The tree is no longer magical. Well, fuck.

Session Eleven
Alarming academia

Talked to Chandra about her thesis, noticed ambient abjuration magic and found rune in courtyard, talked with Professor Vishaneth, went to the library and got names from Thava of people doing odd research into school history and necromancy, visited The Bull’s Horns to discuss their next move and discovered fried potatoes, consulted Barakhsan about the abjuration magic and learned it was part of a binding, broken into Professor Brisurin’s office and found books on binding undead, reversing abjuration magic, and an ancient cult surrounding a being called Yleth, which had a temple run by the Servant where Calafort stands today.

Session Ten
Meeting new friends

Accepted a new job (investigation of university connection to Cleftstone case) from Caradoc, met Shahrzad, questioned Aqar about suspicious things at the university, gave an experimental potion to Shahrzad to drink, had some nice character interactions re: guns and animism, went to teacher and student haunts to look around, shot out a window at Sana’s Bar and Grill, met Chandra and accompanied her back to the university to see her thesis project.

Session Nine
Library cards and near-TPKs

Traveled into the hills, tracked giant spiders to their cave and fought them, rescued students and Darius, got library cards, a book on Sylvan for Afa, and delicious snacks, conducted the ritual, and imbued 50 moon rats with moon energy.

Session Eight
Terrorizing goblins and townsfolk alike

Disrupted Newmarket with fog cloud, paid their fine to Belinda Greyhawk, “negotiated” buying feldspar from Hulda, traveled to Bridgestone Forest, were set upon by goblins and wolves, put most of them to sleep and caused the leaders to flee, interrogated/charmed one, offered him an experimental potion to drink, collected moonseed flowers, agreed to search for teacher if he doesn’t return, and Riaeki spoke with Rashul.


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