The Sea's Revenge

Session Twenty-Three

We start this session on a boat.

We get to Dakhri An-gyyr a day late, but no pirates along the way so that’s good!
The city is beautiful. They throw down the anchor and we row to the shore.
The city is dusty red and white and vibrant blue. It is very cinematic.

We disembark and pay the docking fee to some gold-cloaks. Sharzad warns us not to try to bribe them.

Sharzad goes and finds a tailor to buy some clothes that will disguise her better and be more for the hot climate. She successfully gets the clothings without anyone seeing her guns.

Walking through the city there are mostly orcs, with wood elves and an unusual number of of tieflings.

Afa looks for a place to perform and finds a tavern with a stage. The proprietor asks her to play a sample and she does a bad (for Afa) job but he has low standards and lets her have free rooms. She notices he’s unimpressed and uses her fey presence to be charming.

They decide to set out to find an old mentor of Sharzad’s, Mahsa, who might have more information. They make their way there and see lots of goldcloaks along the way.
Sharzad knocks on the door and a grumpy voice replies. She opens the door and is shocked to see Sharzad: “Come in! Come in quickly, you dunce!”
Mahsa is an orcish woman and is super awesome.
She is very happy to see Sharzad but is also upset that Sharzad has taken a risk to be in the city.
Mahsa tells them to take a seat but only Afa does. She asks Sharzad to explain herself.
Sharzad explains that we are here to stop the executions.
Mahsa explains that the rebels got set up and captured. The emperor claims to have 30 rebels and says that the execution will be a spectacle in the arena. No one knows exactly where the prisoners are being kept.
Afa suggests that she could make a guard like her to get the information. Mahsa warns against that.
She also tells us that the rebels are hiding out in the caves of the old city. She also warns Sharzad that the rebels might not welcome her.
Sharzad asks Mahsa to try to get a gold coin out of her hand. Mahsa does the feat easily and when Sharzad says that its surprising that Mahsa doesn’t make a living as a thief. Mahsa says “How do you know I don’t?” Mahsa is awesome.

As they leave Riaeki warns Mahsa to take extra precautions. Mahsa said she is glad that they came with Sharzad. Riaeki says, “You shouldn’t be.”

They decide to wait until the miners get off work to find them and a way into the caves. In the meantime Sharzad takes them to her mother’s house. Sharzad stops and the door and then goes around to hide and asks Nalia to knock on the door and say hi to the person who lives there. She knocks on the door and an Imperial Guard answers!
Nalia starts saying “I’m here conducting a survey, do you have the time to answer a few questions?” She says that she and Afa are doing a study abroad and Nalia fails dramatically to deceive.
The guard calls inside the house to “Annahita.”
Sharzad becomes ANGRY and walks down the street. Riaeki catches up with her and tells her off for running away when she sent Nalia into danger. This is Sharzad’s family!
Nalia and Afa go inside and meet a researcher and starts to talk to her.
The Imperial guard walks away and Sharzad sees that it is not her father!
He walks a little ways away and speaks into some speaking stone “suspicious activity, not who they say they are.” Then he appears to wait.

Inside the house Nalia and Afa conduct a very awkward survey.

Riaeki and Sharzad enact a Plan. Riaeki knocks on the door and Sharzad climbs up to the roof. Riaeki out of breath says that we need Nalia, but Annahita sees through it and demands to know what is going on. Nalia begins to stammer out the truth.
Meanwhile Sharzad shoots a gun and shouts “for the rebellion!” She sees an approaching group of guards and shoots at them shouting “gladiators can never die!” Sharzad runs and they give chase! Sharzad runs across the buildings. It is a chase scene! The Imperial Guard keeps up with Sharzad pretty well but she gains some distance when he climbs up to the roof.
“Stop in the name of the emperor!”
“The emperor is a tyrant and no true king!”
Sharzad jumps off the roof very dramatically.

Meanwhile, Afa casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Sharzad’s mom and gets the heckie out of there. The three head off.

Meanwhile Sharzad continues to gain ground from the guard. She finds a sewer grate and goes into the sewer, but she doesn’t manage to slip into the sewer unseen.

The three go back to Mahsa’s house.

The guard begins to gain ground on Sharzad. She tries to hide but he sees her. Sharzad tries to shove him into the water but doesn’t manage that either.

Meanwhile back at Mahsa’s they find out that the wood-elf was Sharzad’s mom! They discuss the situation and decide to not go back to the tavern and talk about the risks of a house-to-house search.

Sharzad leads the guard deep into the dark sewer and then turns to ambush him. She short-range crits on his thigh and knocks him out. She ties him up and takes him with her. She drags him allll the way to the tavern. She casts a healing spell on the guard.

Afa disguises herself and goes in search of Sharzad. She finds her and reports back to the group.
Mahsa says to tell Sharzad “She is an idiot, and next time I see her i will box her ears”
Also! “This wasn’t a marriage of love”

They make it back and find Sharzad. Riaeki boxes her on the ear and divine smites her.

They drag him into the sewer and Afa casts Charm Person on him. She pretends to be another captive and starts talking to him about the rebel captives.

Riaeki casts detect thoughts as Afa questions him about where the prisoners are and sees the image of the building on the hill in the center of the city and another more specific building. He notices the intrusion and warns Afa not to speak.

Riaeki pulls Sharzad aside to talk to her. Riaeki tells about how she was pulled onto a ship and locked up. There was a storm and Riaeki had a message she needed to tell someone. She ran up onto the deck in the storm. She looked up and saw a lightning bolt about to hit the ship and she reached up and caught it. She turned and spoke to the first mate of the ship: “keep the balance.” The members of the ship then took her in and she lived with them for a while until the first mate mutinied and took over the ship. He put her in a boat with nothing and rowed her to shore.
“You can’t leave us out if you want us to help here. This is your home. These are your friends”
Sharzad says “Do me a favor. If you see the emperor stop me from killing him. Kill me I don’t care.”
Riaeki: “I don’t understand how you don’t want him dead. If I saw the tainiste I would have to kill him.”
Sharzad “The rebels, they will hate me. You will hate me too. My brother was the best person I ever knew. Like me but better. Brighter, stronger, more spiritual. I was locked up for the emperor’s amusement. My brother tried to free me. He was captured and the emperor made me fight him to the death. He would have killed both of us. My brother, he laid down his weapons and knelt in front of me and said the prayer. They were counting down and the guards were all around. They would have killed both of us. He is stronger than me there is no way I could have made him drive his blade into my throat. I killed the first revolutionary. This is how I earned my freedom.”

Riaeki says she doesn’t hate Sharzad any more than she previously did.
Sharzad: “I think you think I’m a good person. I wanted you to know that I am not. I abandoned my friends, I left them to die and I was the one who delivered the message in the first place”

Session Twenty-Two
  • previously on dnd: the gang was drunk on a beach in the middle of the day like your normal dnd adventuring group
  • afa chases more geoduck and drunkenly plays some fey songs on her new mandolin. she knows a few of riaeki’s sea shanties.
  • short time jump. afa continues to learn sylvan: hello, goodbye, how much do you want for my soul, some insults. basic fey sentences. the book is very careful to not pick a side between seelie and unseelie.
  • sharzad does some blacksmithing, despite the fact that soren has blue screened out. she makes some sculpture that her aunt can sell in her shop— vases and other flower/plant related containers. her business is… not doing great.
  • NALIA IS GOING TO LARR XA’S HOUSE BY HERSELF. he’s not THERE! she tries to peek in a window, but can’t really see. it seems to be dark inside. she calls out, but there’s no response. she leaves, distressed.
  • riaeki finds the shipwreck survivors group from the breaking wave. the three people she met earlier are there— the sea elf man, the high elf woman and the gnomish woman. they talk around things. the gnome woman is friendly and willing to talk about boats. the high elf woman recognizes game.
  • a few weeks pass. we’re deep in winter now. sharzad makes moves on the spirit in the sewer. the rats sometimes say hi. sharzad…. talks to the rats. about spirits. IT’S A RAT SHARZAD ITS THOUGHTS ARE NOT DEEP. sharzad tries to convert the rat? “is this something speaking all the time people do?” “the best speak very little. it is why i am not very good at it.” rats are super into education, it turns out.
  • sharzad tries to teach the rat to meditate, but does not do well. rats are chatty. chat rats. sharzad attempts to find out about the rats’ social structure. this rat tells her about attsk. they’re a rat democracy, which is more than we can say about america at the moment. then she tries to teach them about proper food hygiene. sharzad strikes up a friendship with a rat and stARTS CRAFTING COOKING UTENSILS FOR THEM. she looks for moonflower to help the rats in their ritual. NEW FRIEND IS NAMED TSKIN. “you can take the things that people throw away, and make better things out of it!” it seems like tskin might try to cook food. we’re in full ratatouille now folks. sharzad’s meditations with the spirit goes well, and she’s reminded of home.
  • reka has sent the party a message to meet him at his home. he tells sharzad that it might be too dangerous. sharzad and reka’s family are CLOSE. the party waits for reka in his study, with his son pentek. pentek can do magic!!! ish! riaeki and sharzad…. play footsie?
  • reka says that the issue he brings to the party is something that sharzad will care about. yikes. reka keeps tabs on what’s going on in dakkryi ahn ghir, and is worried about the formerly-free city. there’s a nascent resistance that has caused crackdowns from the emperor (who wants to kill sharzad). they’ve captured some resistance fighters (and some civilians) who are set for execution. reka wants them safe. the party is ABOUT THIS. he’s willing to pay them for it, too.
  • reka has very little information to go on, and it’s dated. sharzad is absolutely willing to go, even risk her life.
  • the ship that reka has prepared for them is named stormfather’s grace and riaeki…. has definitely tried to take it with her pirate crew. oops.
  • sharzad is wigging out, and afa offers her her cloak. riaeki asks if sharzad wants the emperor dead, and sharzad says that’s a BAD idea. afa points out that the party knows a lot of powerful dead people. nalia doesn’t know how to swim.
  • the party goes to dessie’s. afa tries to pet the cat and goes full sakaki. dessie has a bunch of healing potions, and the party yet again does not haggle.
  • afa goes to buy a magic sword. there’s a really cool one that a noblewoman used to claudio up a motherfucker. it has enchantment magic on it, and a VIBE. it wants afa. this is great. afa buys it.
  • this is a SWORD OF VENGEANCE and is possessed by a vengeful spirit. goddamn it afa.
  • sharzad tears up the shop a little looking for armor and other magical goods. dessie has rad elvish armor that can make itself look like clothes. sharzad wears too many guns to blend in.
  • riaeki wants to be better at stealth, and dessie has beautiful chainmail that makes no noise. riaeki buys it. AND HAGGLES!!!! take that
  • dessie offers up gloves that make you better at swimming, and nalia jumps at them.
  • sharzad buys some lockpicks, despite not… knowing how to use them. and she tries to haggle. it doesn’t go well. “i’ll give it to you for 18” “19 AND WE NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN!”
  • the party makes their way down to the stormfather’s grace. reka looks harried, but determined, and waves them over. he introduces them to the captain, a sea-elf woman named moira. she asks them not to call her captain. nalia asks what’ll happen if she falls overboard and it quickly becomes a comedy of errors.
  • the crew has been instructed not to follow the party into the city.
  • riaeki offers herself up as a jack of all trades and sharzad offers herself up as well.
  • afa attunes to and makes her pact weapon the SWORD OF VENGEANCE.
  • the boat sets off!
  • moira introduces the party to her crew; denwyn and erasyl. riaeki spends the night on the deck and sharzad lends her her glasses. riaeki finds somewhere quiet and confronts the hallucination wine: “i don’t know how this works, but i’d like to talk to saiid”. she does not talk to saiid. instead, she has a horrible dream: her sister has somehow called down a storm that is sinking their ship, and she is powerless to save it or herself.
  • A black sky. Beneath your feet, slick wood. Your skin burns as rain pelts you, cold and sharp as arrows. Around you, waves crash against the deck, wind howls, a bolt of lightning streaks across your vision. In front of you, your sister, clinging to the mast, soaked, staring at you with unblinking intensity.

There’s a fire in your stomach, warring with the chill seeping into your skin. You know. You know.

You’re walking toward her, one hand clutching at anything solid to keep yourself upright. In the other is your sword, drawn, a familiar weight.

“I know,” you hear yourself say, your voice ragged. “I know this is you.” Another step towards her. She is utterly still, a fixed point in the chaos, eyes darker than the sea around you.


She tips back her head and laughs, clear as a bell. When she looks at you again, she’s smiling, almost gleeful.

“You didn’t the first time,” she says. “Poor, stupid Riaeki, always too trusting for her own good.”

Another wave slams into you, nearly wrenching your arm from its socket. You tighten your grip on the rigging, palm slick with blood. As you shake the salt water from your burning eyes, you see her gesture sharply, once.

The hair on the back of your neck stands up. You lunge forward, but you’re too slow, too far …

Everything goes white.

You are consumed.

  • sharzad calls them together in the morning and requests that they not kill anyone while in the orcish city. they… sort of agree. riaeki gives sharzad back her glasses. pirates have been seen more lately, not sure what that’s about
  • moira puts the group to work: sharzad will go on some watches, and she asks about the party’s capabilities in battle. nalia is extremely seasick and goes looking for books. erasyl offers her the ships logs. riaeki looks through, but can’t find any mention of her ship, so she goes off to help.
  • riaeki and sharzad have watches. riaeki sees a mermaid. sharzad gets in some light up fog. “it’s just ghosts”. sharzad tries to commune with the ghosts, but the fog is more arcane than divine in nature. she goes to wake riaeki up and asks her about the fog. in the sailor’s stories, it’s the remnants of shipwrecks, and the spirits of those lost.
Session Twenty-One

Last week: Yelling at god, flower apologies, ancient sea elf islands, terrifying figures, bone pits, strange amulets, and amateur archaeology.

The party splits up, heading to their respective homes. Sharzad goes for a run, and stops by Caradoc’s house. She meets a woodelf named Deirdre and has an awkward conversation with her. She apologizes to Caradoc, and they talk about their family. Caradoc speaks of his sister, who was brave and foolhardy. Sharzad talks about her late brother, who was similar- and lies about his demise at the hands of the emperor. They talk late into the night, and Sharzad takes some time to (poorly) wingman for Riaeki.

Nalia receives an invitation to a university event, and seems very excited to attend. She’s welcomed in to a house that is decorated with many nautically related items. Mystery dives right into asking Nalia about Abjuration magic. (Nalia sits on her hands? Weird.) They speak about new types of counterspells, to redirect magic against an opponent.
I don’t know Mystery and I don’t like him. He’s definitely a secret clown. I swear.

Nalia runs into Margaery, a sea elf. She seems confused that Mystery lives in his house. His name is Larr Xa. Fuck. This seems to scare Margaery- who thinks that Larr Xa is a violent, scary-as-hell pirate. Oh dear.

Afa heads to return an artifact to the temple of Brea. Afa goes to hit on a cute girl. We’re all proud. What a good. The acolyte is confused and Afa gets shot down hard=- until she brings up that the artifact depicts Brea as a sea elf, whereupon the acolyte points out that this may be blasphemy. Still shot down. Oh, Afa.

Riaeki drinks herself to sleep. It’s… bad.

Riaeki turns up hung over. Sharzad hands out flowers (“They’re good luck!”) and gets Riaeki coffee on request. What a nice breakfast. They agree to go see Captain Kenner.

Sharzad tries to get Riaeki to haggle. Sharzad fails. There’s an Entertaining Conversation about Garklins and Man Dolin’s.

It turns out that sea elves are good. Which is nice.

We meet Brendan, a sweet good sea elf boy boy. We asks about meeting someone who can translate ancient sea elf writing. Apparently it’s judgement day.

That means it’s time for trials. Geez. What a red herring.

We hire a boy and go to see Ifee. She is tall and buff and has cool hair. Damn her. Afa greets her! We are all led into her bungalow. She lays out a small meal for us, and we take the time to compare our coin to our collection brought to her by alasharesheiya. Apparently there were ‘before’ sea elves, that were ‘closer to the sea’, but the ‘academics’ say that’s apocryphal. Sharzad is… very awkward. We have a very awkward conversation about the Gods. We talk about our findings, mentioned the island- and Ifee says that the island is Very Cursed. Oh no. The curse is on the island, not visitors. Apparently Bailemor was the seat of the ancients. Something cataclysmic happened, and so the sea elves try not to go. Riaeki speaks of the island, saying that the Stormfather said he’d been at Bailemor and couldn’t return. (oh dear). Kenner’s here! He’s very handsome and bald and a lil’ sea elfy.

We ask about getting a translator to go to Bailemor, and show him the coin. The coin has suggestions of meanings- the intimations of leadership, etc. We ask about getting a tattoo translator, and take out a picture of the Evil Acolyte Guy. For some reason, he’s… familiar to Kenner. Odd. He agrees (out of frustration with Procedure) to join us on Bailemor.

We return to Bailemor on Kenner’s boat. The tattoos were simplified for artistic rendering! Damnit! But he can still read this: A hunter, a warrior, a magic-user, a death/loser, The goddess of war and death doesn’t seem to be represented. Kenner reads a line of dialogue above the carved figures- a series of names. Breadha, Arda Iroth, Carrashul, Maoirithel, Eluannach, Ylethaen. Yleth. Lethaen. God damn it all.

We talk extensively about the gods, history, ancient sea elf empires, legends, and cultural traditions. We ask him to keep it secret, keep it safe. We arrive back at the island, try to tip a tiny boy, and then row back to the island.

We adventure down into the sewers, and meet with an ancient spirit. The gods were not gods once, but then they became gods. It knows of Ylethaen. The gods didn’t usurp, exactly, but they presumed. Afa asks about the methods of becoming a god. The spirit seems to shore up Riaekis belief in the stormfather, in that the Stormfather didn’t… lie, exactly. It warns us that the ‘roots of the bindings run deep’. Sharzad touches the water- it reminds her of the Viriditas. Riaeki is scared stiff. They then retreat from the spirit’s lair, have a bit of a tiff about ‘taunting’ it, Afa is confused why this all took so long, and we all go to the Breaking Wave.

When we get there, Riaeki pounds a drink, then yells, “Anyone here ever been in a shipwreck?” Oh dear. A couple of folks answer, and they get to talkin’. The high elf, the least devout of the group, says she’d had amnesia, but she got better. The gnome tells Riaeki that there’s a support group for whose who were in shipwrecks and lost their memories, and that talking to those you knew before can help cure the ailment. It… doesn’t help. Sharzad buys some nice liquor, and they all go out to the bonfire spot to yell at clouds.

They hang out at the beach, and yell at clouds as at group. Sharzad tries to make friends. Riaeki says they are not friends. It is #awkward. But still, they spend the night bonfiring.


Picking up on the day we left off….

Riaeki makes her way to the temple of Rashul in the evening. She marches up to the statue and shouts “HEY!” at the top of her lungs. A dwarven woman taps her on the shoulder, a woman with silver eyes! Riaeki is still loud and proceeds to ask “Is it you?” and then saying that she is sick of being placed in situations where she is set up to fail. The woman responds that Riaeki overestimates the level of control of her life. Riaeki demands at least “a hint” because “you have taken so much from me.” She asks Rashul if he wants the magic back. Rashul tells her to talk to other survivors of shipwrecks. She storms out of the temple and tries to slam the door.

Riaeki then goes to the temple of Brea and donates 500 gold! to the temple. When the acolyte thanks her she says “don’t thank me, its blood money”

Sharzahd goes for a run around the city. She ends up in Newmarket and manages to walk back home.

Nalia goes to Akaar’s house. She tries to be stealthy but is somewhat conspicuous. When she arrives she asks, “Akaar, am i a good person?”
Akaar says that she is one of the best he has met.
Nalia recounts the trip to the goblin market and the book that she decided not to buy, wondering if it means she’s not meant to go back to learn at the university.
Akaar tells her, “My dear, your capacity is not determined by how expensive your books are”
Then Nalia asks “Are there some things that we’re not supposed to learn?”
Akaar begins to give examples of people whose lives were messed up because of knowledge (including someone who threw himself into the sea). He says that he is not sure whether when Mirithal keeps something from them, whether or not you’re supposed to uncover it. He concludes that he’s never been sorry to have more knowledge. Nalia then says “If i never come back from on of my trips, you can have my stuff if you want.”

Afa goes and buys a very nice mandolin that is also shiny. She sneaks into a rich-person park and plays fey songs. Local noble teens are grateful for the sex music.

The gang meets up at the hungry unicorn. Sharzhad comes late covered in flowers with three bouquets. They have dill in them, and worker takes them to task for bringing in outside food.

Afa shows Sharzhad her mandolin and they have a conversation about pearls vs. mother-of-pearl that is very strange.
Riaeki asks what she’s supposed to do with the flowers and Sharzhad says “put them in a glass with water?”
During the breakfast someone comes over to wish “congratulations?”

We go to where Riaeki knows the boats are.
It is an awkward long ride to the island. Sharzad can’t sit far enough away from Riaeki. Riaeki glares at temple hill.

The gang arrives at the island and goes to look at the ruins. They are weird ruins with lots of carvings.
Afa pokes lots of things and sees lots of old magic.
Riaeki notices a design like the compass rose on the ground and follows it north and finds the ruins of a cottage.
Sharzad taps the stone floor with her hammer seeking for hollow spaces. It sounds like rock.
Nalia looks around suspiciously for rats, possibly standing on each other’s shoulders and in a trenchcoat. She thinks she sees a rat and finds a carving of a group of six tattooed elves? standing in a circle holding hands.
Riaeki looks at the carving and thinks that it might be the human pantheon but it is different in many ways.

Everyone sets out to look at the smaller cottage foundation. Afa sees some magic there. Riaeki suggests that Nalia firebolts the area to see what happens. Sharzad fires her new gun at it and destroys part of the ancient ruin. Riaeki is not pleased. Sharzad tries to fix it but ends up piling small rocks on each other and having them fall over again.
Afa finds a piece of a rock with a cool rune on it. She also finds a piece of pottery that depicts Brea, but they look particularly sea-elfy.

The gang goes east on the compass rose and they reach the sea. In the sea there is a standing stone with markings on it that depict Rashul stuff. Riaeki dives down and starts digging at the base of the stone. She finds a coin and a gemstone. The coin isn’t any recognizable denomination, and is big and gold. The gemstone is a large star sapphire.

They go south and find a well. Afa jumps into the well and casts feather fall on herself. She sees lots of necromancy magic and lands on some bones. Sharzad pulls her back out. Afa looks around and finds depictions of death including the hooded figure! Sharzad tries to commune with the spirits of this place, but they are quiet, like they are asleep.
Riaeki yells at god again: “if you want me to start a war in your name, you have to do some convincing. And you’re one to talk about tone!”
A voice responds: “Its been a long time since i was here”
“Be more clear!”
“I wish I could”
“Well then, you’ll have to be ready for me to fail you”
“Many have. Follow your sword.”

The creepy sword twitches in the scabbard and pulls her south, and meets Nalia partway.
Nalia says “we found something and i think its bad. please tell Afa not to jump in the bone pit”

Riaeki shows up and decides to check out the bottom of the pit since the sword has a tug down. She and Afa featherfall down, and the sword still pulls down. They dig down into the bones. They find a very shiny medallion! It looks like Riaeki’s sword. Afa thinks that they might be all part of the same spell. Nalia confirms that it is possible to make a spell across several objects.

They go west and find the remains of a tower with lots of different schools of magic. There is a common picture of a sea elf with a crown of stars. Mirithel has a crown on stars!

They head back to the mainland in another round of awkward silence.
Sharzad lists of the meanings of the flowers while Riaeki rows REALLY HARD.
Sharzad talks: “A lot of my family died doing what they thought was right. You asked if I am a threat to you. My family has made many enemies but one is greater than the rest. His name his Ormazd.”

Ormazd is the emperor of Artakhshad??!!!

“He hates you?”
“He hated my brother. I was a good surrogate.”

Afa points out that they stood up to the Seelie Court and that she’s perfectly happy to stand up against an emperor.

Riaeki says that she was ready to die for her friends and now that Sharzad betrayed them she’s questioning who she made that decision for.

Sharzad: “When i was a prisoner we had a saying, a prayer. It goes: ‘If i die, i die with honor. And I die for you.’”

They make it back to shore and go visit Akaar. They ask him many questions about the origins of the gods; (afa: are the gods sea elves?) he answers the best he can. He tells about human religion myth and stuff.

Then they go see the nice abjuration man to show him the pieces of the spell that they have. He says that the enchantment looks like a key, but to what?
Nalia asks him if they had all the pieces, would he put him together. He says not without much study. Nalia asks if the pieces could be used to trace each other. He says only in a very limited way, since there is not actual magic connecting them.

He asks what this is all about. They explain the situation and say that the image on the card is the big bad.

He looks at the card and says it looks like a depiction of “lethaen,” a ghost story from where he comes from: if you go out in the blizzard, it will take you. It has a dagger that will turn you into ice.

Session Nineteen

(FYI I got super emo in the middle of writing this so if anything is incomprehensible…that is why)

The gang get ready to leave the Goblin Market!

Sharzad and Tenk go off to complete a mysterious errand…Crafting a a new device that Sharzad designed to break things apart (a new gun?!) Things go pretty good at the forge, but assembly is harder..they cobble it together but it is #questionable

Nalia and Afa go to buy supplies and spend ten gold on rations. Afa casts hysterical laughter on the merchant after she slanders potatoes!

They set out!

After a little while on the road, they spot someone standing on a bridge on their path. It is a member of the Seelie court. The Seelie are NOT happy about the Seelie merchant getting her shop burned down. Afa and Nalia deny involvement (unconvincingly…rip). Afa also warns the Seelie that there will be retribution if she is harmed. The fey guy is not impressed. Sharzad says there’s a way everyone walks away unharmed…and then fires her new gun!

Unfortunately, her new gun pretty much just explodes when she fires it. She then fires her other pistol three times. This dude is bleeding silver blood now and he’s pissed!!!!!

Afa hexes him and he takes damage, but he retaliates by SWOOPING in to mess with Riaeki! Nalia panics and casts invisibility on Afa, thinking that maybe if she’s not visible the guy will have to leave them alone? It is not a well thought out plan. All the dogs rush in a do a bunch of damage to basically everyone!!!! Things are going bad for the gang and when the fey casts entangle, Nalia says desperately that he should take her since she was the one who lit the shop on fire, and leave everyone alone. The fey pauses and asks her to say more. After talking, the fey guy says he will take Nalia with him and leave everyone else. Nalia is distrustful of him and he basically says they will make a deal. Afa is VERY disturbed by this and is tugging on Nalia’s cloak! Things proceed and before Nalia makes a final agreement, Afa intervenes.

The fey guys agrees to hear them out if they all talk under a zone of truth. Afa, now visible, is asked what Court she belongs to. She answers Unseelie and he says she may not testify, only the unaligned mortals

He asks Nalia if she burned the shop and she says yes; he asks why and she says the displacer pelts were unethical (not a lie!) but when he asks who asked her to do it, she has to say that it was Afa. She is very angry and almost crying when she says this.

Next, the fey asks Sharzad if she witnessed this and she says yes, and explains about Orfid, an Unseelie who was also there (NOTE: I don’t totally remember what happened with this because I was FRAZZLED pls feel free to amend…)

Riaeki gets the same questions but responds that she was pretty drunk at the time. True!

When the fey finally vanishes (taking his friends with him), Riaeki runs to hug Nalie who is now crying, and tells her to never do that again! Nalia says she thinks she may have made things worse for Afa, but Afa and the others reassure her.

Riaeki then tells everyone that if they have anything in their past that could get the gang killed, they should all have a discussion about it so everyone knows ahead of time. Everyone agrees, but Sharzad looks very nervous and tries to hide it by stowing all the pieces of her exploded gun in the back of the caravan. Riaeki, however, still notices.

That night Riaeki drinks the Special Wine again and dreams of falling in darkness and being swept into the sea.

A few nights later, Nalia asks Afa what the fey would have done with her. Afa says most likely turn her into something or make her a servant forever, and that it wouldn’t have been worth it. N says OK and that she’s glad they’re all together so they can kill fey group if they come back.

Sharzad rebuilds her gun!

As they’re walking, Sharzad takes Nalia aside and apologizes for maybe being harsh earlier, but says she has had a lot of self-sacrificing people in her life, and it makes her uncomfortable— basically that Nalia doesn’t need to do that. Nalia tells her she thinks of Sharzad as their friend now but she won’t do that to her, and also she probably wont ever again anyway! Before they go back to the group Nalia says she’s sorry Sharzad has experienced that, and Sharzad quietly agrees.

They return to Calafort! What’s the deal with these guards!

They head to Caradoc’s house. Sharzad says to Riaeki that when they get in there to run with her on something that she is going to lie about. Riaeki is VERY wary but agrees.

Once inside, everyone exchanges greetings and updates on the mission. Sharzad asks if Caradoc has had any visits from the fey. When Caradoc responds in the negative, it comes out that Sharzad made a bargain for Angharad. Riaeki is in genuine disbelief.

Sharzad explains that she made a contract for Angharad to return for three years, and Riaeki interrupts and says that’s what the dagger was for. Caradoc, in shock, asks if there was a starting date. A sick realization comes over everyone and Sharzad drops her weapons belt and walks into the other room. When Riaeki follows her, Sharzad has tears in her eyes

As Riaeki gets a grip on what has happened, she becomes more and more enraged at what Sharzad has done, to her mind, behind their backs.

Sharzad, devastated, says that she thought she could do good. Riaeki responds that she doesn’t know where this egoism comes from, and Sharzad replies after a moment that it runs in the family. Riaeki asks why she would do this and Sharzad says she would give anything to see her family again, even if for only three years. Riaeki responds that those standards don’t apply to everyone.

Sharzad: You’re right. I’m a fool.
Riaeki: Shall we go back in there and fix your mistake as well as mine?
Sharzad: What was your mistake?
Riaeki: Apparently I have no eye for traitors

Both return to the stunned Caradoc. Riaeki can tell he is shocked, but beneath it is a current of anger. He tells them that with the fey, when it comes to time, they are cruel. He says not all is lost as they still have the dagger, and if anything changes he will contact them. The mood is very grim. They are paid on their way out.

Once outside, Riaeki punches Sharzad in the face, and Sharzad turns and walks away. Nalia steps to go after her but falters. Riaeki brings her back because they have business to attend to still. They all agree, miserable, to meet the next day to see about the old god they’ve awakened.

Things are not looking great.

Session Eighteen

after selling poison to a man who’s only sin was being a hipster,

  • everyone is looking for bad decisions, but rolls shitty on their perception so SEES NOTHING,
  • sharzad finds a forge, meets a dwarf, and haggles very badly to rent the forge. sharzad does not buy a breastplate.
  • afa and nalia talk to a nyad selling weapons. she’s really hot. SHE’S SELLING LIGHTSABERS!!!!!!!!!!! nalia buys a quarterstaff. she takes afa inside her magical hut
  • AND SHE’S KIRSIKKA!!!! she offers sharzad power, which she refuses. she offers nalia knowledge, and riaeki the same, and they refuse. she offers afa freedom…
  • kirsikka knows why the party is looking for the starfall dagger. she’s willing to trade it for the dying words, if the party kills the night collector!
  • riaeki looks for the hallucinogen-selling satyr. afa returns to the scene of the arson.
  • the party returns to nehaska and tenk, who give them the next day off. the party discusses looking for information on yleth.
  • nalia gets quarterstaff lessons from tenk. sharzad is emo. afa explains fey deals to riaeki, who doesn’t want her to kill herself against the night collector.
  • fck that (why did i type this? who knows)
  • afa, riaeki, and nalia go into the fey market to look for information. riaeki talks to a goblin seer. she draws three cards: a void, a broken rock, and a hooded figure with a dagger. “that card’s not in my deck— gotta go!”
  • stymied, they search for strong divination magic and find an old sea elf. nalia approaches him.
  • he charges them 100 gold, and says the reading will be unpleasant.
  • there’s something “in his way” but he seems to be able to navigate it. the gang sees a horrible battlefield with evil weapons that look like riaeki’s sword. at their head is the hooded figure, which looks at them. the scene changes. they’re in the ruins where they enchanted the moon rats, before they were ruins. a figure talks to the hooded figure, in robes of all white, wearing a crown of stars. the hooded figure leaves, and looks at them. the scene changes. they see a spirit in front of the hooded figure, who animates a body. “for your allegiance, when the time comes.” the hooded figure looks at them, and draws a dagger. they seem to not be able to see the party… “we’re being spied on— or we will be, but i think they’ll be too late”. the vision ends.
  • the seer tells them that the figure raised from the dead is the thing they freed, but that they’ve “angered a god”.
  • sharzad approaches callum. she asks for an introduction to the night collector!!! A BAD IDEA, PROBABLY
  • callum leads her to a shabby-ish tent with a fey goblin in it, and asks her to make a deal for ang-harad. “trust is a big word from a medium being” “i have a big soul”
  • sharzad makes a deal: ang-harad gets three years of freedom and the night collector will not kill afa, if sharzad gives her kirsikka.
  • riaeki goes searching for wine. a satyr attempts to talk her down, and tells her that the wine gives “both true and false sight”. she returns to the caravan and begs sharzad to take her to the wine-seller, which she does.
  • riaeki tells the seller a secret for the wine, ,and they head back to the stand.
  • sharzad takes afa aside. she tells her that she freed ang-harad for three years, and the deal she made in order for that to happen. she also tells afa the deal she swore to callum to protect her.
  • sharzad tells afa about her past as a gladiator!!!!!!!!!!!!! rad
  • riaeki dreams of her sister again, who talks about imaginary friends!!! aaaaaaaah!!!!!
Session Sixteen

Last time, on The Sea’s Revenge.

We recover some hobgoblins. Sharzad Learns Maths. Some interesting conversations occur in an inn (Nehaska and Tenk are worried we mistrust them. We do.) Sharzad and Afa recreate a frat party, with potions.We all suffer the wrath of the Storm (thanks Riaeki). We meet a elf bard terrifying nightmare fae, who Afa makes a musical deal with. We fail to acquire owlbear babies (but manage to not Die). Finally, we reenact Ghostbusters, but with more fire (props to nalia).

Riaeki divinely senses, and it seems we’ve cleared the place out. Nalia finds some 5 silver and some coppers on the bodies. Sharzad jumps up and down on some embers for 10 minutes. Afa finds some blood stains and a strange magical lamp.

Tenk comes to check on us. Sharzad suggest burying the bodies. Tenk suggests using the building as a makeshift pyre. It is decided we’re going to stay in the haunted house for the night, and we build a pyre by the lake. Riaeki goes to pray to the Rashul and gets a weak scent of ocean salt. Afa inspects her lamp: it lamps things. Specifically, it’s a lantern of revealing, which is probably how we get to the dungeon underneath of haunted house. Sharzad says last rites.

Callum wakes up, is informed. There’s some awkward banter about cannibalism (we do not condone cannibalism). We discuss hunting, fishing, and consecrations. It seems like something awful happened here, a long time ago. Watches are arranged, and Sharzad manages not to take a watch with Nehaska (score).

Sharzad and Afa taken first watch, and Callum stays up with them because he’s a terrifying nightmare fae. There’s some art and some banter. Nalia and Tenk take second watch, and discuss #magicalSkills. Nalia asks Tenk about the Goblins- apparently Fae Goblins are a bit smarter, and stranger. Tenk advises Nalia not to buy anything or trust anyone- and, maybe, not to trust Afa either. Riaeki and Nehaska talk. Nehaska is wondering why Riaeki doesn’t trust her, and they talk about the hobgoblin fight. Nehaska thinks she’s not so different from Riaeki; Riaeki doubts that, and counters that she didn’t exactly ‘choose’ to serve her god. Nehaska follows the gods of her people, but not the way that her people do. She believes that the gods love ‘us’ as their creations and love all of ‘us’ equally. Nehaska’s trying to convince Riaeki to trust her. Riaeki apologizes. We learn some dark things regarding Tenk, and cannibalism (we do not endorse cannibalism).

We wake up and Afa’s a bard now.
So that’s.

Oh and all of the rest of us are better now. Sharzad and Riaeki go to catch some fish- we grab a smallmouth bass!

Note from the DM: Murder the PCs.

We continue on towards the market. Callum is chummy with folks and Sharzad is suspicious. Afa is nervous about seeing family! (aww) Finally, we reach the market. It’s Big, and filled with tents, magic, and wonderment. Illusions, natural and otherwise, are everywhere. We’re surrounded by all sorts of goods and vendors and buyers. Riaeki is on the cusp of remembering something. So that’s. Terrifying. A demon boy takes notice of Nalia. Afa is deeply reminded of her past.

Sharzad attempts to comfort Riaeki, poorly. Nehaska welcomes us to the market. Nehaska’s going to set up the cart on the outskirt, to begin doing business in the standard items. Afa is eager to explore, so we decide to be her chaperones. The whole market is disorganized, and we don’t look too out of place (a weird sensation for many of us). There’s a strange tent of tapestries, where people go to get some sort of awful truth revealed, probably. There’s a tree-stall selling leaves(?). Nalia finds a centaur who is holding the body of a horse. Nalia finds him handsome. It’s bad.

I cannot remember what we wanted the horse man for but I’m not buying his hair.

Nalia awkwardly asks about his hair things. Sharzad calls us the Fantastic Four, because she’s a fool and forgot to come up with codenames. Afa asks about buying hair. Mr. Horseman tries to bullshit us. Afa fails to haggle. Sharzad fails to remember that the instruments aren’t for sale. Afa closes the deal.

We deliver the casks. We ask about the goods, and about Kirsikka. Apparently, hags will appear “when we most need it”. We go to the dryad and manage to offend it pretty much instantly. It’s also got a chained up pet bird, which sucks. A random goblin calls to us, and brings us into a bookstore. This is a bad idea, but we’re doing it. Nalia finds a book on the foundations of elven universities, and on evocation magic. Sharzad tries to offer haggling advice, and fails. The goblin looks at Nalia’s palm, and demands that she give up her soulmate, should she ever meet them. We learn that other things may be traded as well, like true hatred, and future riches. It seems to be a very good book, but we decide to come back later.

We meet Letto, one of Afa’s old friends. He’s a fun and offputting dude. Sharzad makes a bad joke. We ask him about Kirsikka, and he seems surprised. Apparently Kirsikka’s on the Night Collector’s bad side, and isn’t supposed to be selling her goods here. So that’s. Good. He says to try to find a vendor who’s not who they appear to be. Letto remarks upon the growth of Afa’s abilities. Apparently Letto and Afa grew up together- Afa crossed over when she was five. Also, cannibalism. Multiple cannibalism jokes.

Sharzad wants to go the the tapestry tent. The tapestries are creepy transformation sequences. So that’s bad. A voice a welcomes us, and we’re sniffed by a massive black dog. She’s a hag, and she’s interested in Riaeki. She trades in memories, and Riaeki lacks them. Riaeki wants to find her name, but the hag can’t offer that. The hag counter offers with a memory of family- enough to find them. Riaeki points out she already has two of those- but still considers it, asking the price. The hag wishes her to carry a seed with her for a year and day, then plant it wherever she is. The seed will then grow into a tree. We all consider.

Riaeki takes the deal- for three memories. The hag takes her hand…

And she’s in a house, standing on a rug next to her father. His hair is cut short and practical, with a close-cropped beard. She’s training her with swordsmanship, with a wooden sword, and completes a disarming. She’s happy. She’s been practicing that for a long time.

Then she’s a teenager, on a wagon. Behind her is a caravan. Being a caravan guard- that was familiar to her. Her man is talking to a serious man in fancy robes. They’re travelling between cities.

Then she closes her eyes, and opens them. She’s next to the sea, on the deck of a ship. A merchant ship. Next to her is a woman her age, or a bit younger. She’s smiling, hair whipped back by an approaching storm. But she’s resentful. Her sister. And her sister is wearing a ring- an emblem. A family crest. A sword, below a white star.

Riaeki wakes up, weeping. And, without looking at anyone, she run from the tent, out into the market.

Session Fifteen
  • nehaska heals nalia while the gang is clearing the path. her religious symbol is not familiar to riaeki
  • sharzad does some destruction math
  • the party reaches the traveller’s rest (suggested by nehaska)
  • riaeki helps nehaska with the horses while the rest of the party goes in. afa orders potato and edible bird.
  • while everyone is eating and drinking at the inn, nehaska apologizes for getting off with the group on the wrong foot. everyone (save riaeki) assures her this is not the case.
  • riaeki and sharzad have a conversation about being at cross purposes with saving each other and others
  • nehaska asks afa about her experience with the fey while tenk asks nalia about her magic studies
  • while everyone else heads to bed, riaeki goes outside to stand in the rain for a little while
  • in their room, afa and sharzad try one of the remaining experimental potions. sharzad’s makes her throw up :( afa’s makes her feel great!
  • sharzad tries another one and throws up again :(
  • the next morning after breakfast, nehaska and riaeki go out to take care of the horses again
  • the party sets off! the first few days are relatively uneventful other than the rain being consistently miserable
  • after two days, they enter a forest where they meet callum, a friendly half-elf. it turns out he is headed for the goblin market too
  • callum and afa trade stories about the feywild
  • the party sets up night watches: afa and nehaska, sharzad and tenk, riaeki and nalia
  • once she goes to sleep after her watch, afa speaks to callum in a fey/dream state (?) and they make a deal
  • on their watch, sharzad and tenk exchange some knowledge
  • sharzad then goes out into the forest to pray
  • on their watch, riaeki asks nalia about memory suppression spells. nalia doesn’t have much of an answer for this
  • the next morning, the party sets out and enters the shadefall woods
  • along the way the party runs into some owlbear cubs separated from their parents. there is a close call with a near confrontation with the parent owlbears, but thanks to afa’s fear spell manage to avoid it
  • later, they pass an abandoned way station and riaeki is able to detect that there are undead inhabiting the area. the party agrees to clear the area. nehaska and tenk guard the wagons while the rest go inside (except callum, who is napping)
  • together the party managed to defeat the five zombies!
Session Fourteen
  • a week since the party last spoke to keradoc. afa, riaeki, and nalia go to visit reka and give him lilac honey. afa tells him about french fries. he thanks the party for helping him. his son is adorable.
  • sharzhad visits cult students. she strikes up a conversation with tornos gladstone, who is very religious but does not like being in prison. iono is more reticent, but seems to regret his life choices. “the problem is that the others can’t replace her; they’re not divine. she has the capability to rule. the others are pretenders. when you die, you’re supposed to transcend, right? but you don’t anymore, because she’s gone.” sharzhad: “you don’t always just die.”
  • riaeki gets her sword identified at the arcanum. afa doesn’t knock over a shelf. the sword is repurposed from other metal? “there’s something else” to it, but esandrian can’t be more specific.
  • the party receives a list of mercantile goods from keradoc to trade and source. they’re weird. and strangely vegan.
  • they meet their wagons at the eastern gate. sharzhad is carrying everything she owns. keradoc is talking to a pretty woman (walkin down the street~). her eyes are lizard-y. “my dear friend and associate, nehaska”. a scaly green man comes out from behind the carriage— his name is tenk.
  • riaeki asks about vegan fey goods. the fey think it’s more fun not to lie, and ethically sourcing materials is more a goal than a necessity, but keradoc is more worried about it in the wake of harald.
  • keradoc gives the party a map. it takes forever to upload to roll20. the river the party is to travel over is /not/ called the deflated cock.
  • nehaska and tenk take the reins of the caravans. they chat familiarly but it’s off somehow. afa talks to them about the fey. nehaska dumped a guy in a scorpion pit once. nalia knows the two new people are probably from kineshi bog. sharzhad can see forever. a small wagon is coming from the other directions. it appears to be a farm wagon with halfings. afa buys potatoes. nehaska asks if they’ve seen anyone; they haven’t. sharzhad discreetly buys carrots. riaeki sees: “you can eat whatever you want, we’re not gonna judge you.” “you will say nothing.”
  • the party enters goblin gulch. sharzhad starts singing in orcish. riaeki and afa notice something across the road. nehaska and tenk pull the caravan up.
  • there is much debate over a very big tripwire. sharzhad wants to test it, afa wants to mage hand it, riaeki wants to throw a stone at it. it’s a moot point, as a creature leans over the side of the canyon and triggers it. massive gunpowder explosion. riaeki and sharzhad both try to push each other out of the way, and ruin it for each other. the canyon is blocked off, and hobgoblins are everywhere. it’s initiative.
  • the hobgoblin captain shouts “surrender your goods or be killed!” sharzhad: “we possess magic beyond your ken! we’ve defeated cultists and rats!” this, shockingly, does not work. “you don’t look like much to me!” “okay!”
  • the party shouts at nehaska to help them fight rather than try to get the caravans out of the crevasse. she misses many longbow shots.
  • hobgoblins hit pretty hard. afa kills one and runs onto the caravan.
  • the hobgoblin captain throws a javelin at sharzhad. it misses. free javelin!
  • afa stabs a hobgoblin.
  • nehaska casts suggestion on the hobgoblin captain and he tells his underlings to turn tail and leave. but he’s still in riaeki’s moonbeam and the damage breaks the spell. afa takes him down, and the rest of the hobgoblins flee.

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