The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixty-One

its my turn for notes so that means you all get kpop lyrics all DAY


  • agrippa = librarian. super not ominous at all
  • we MEET FOR BREAKFAST at the hungry unicorn! or brunch. fantasy brunch. mimosamic.
  • serious conversations about how much money lilith could reasonably have. its not none but it’s not some.
  • discussions about horse costs. five silver for a mean horse. a gold for a nice horse. sharzad pays a gold for a ‘not horrible’ horse. riaeki asks her spectral conjured horse nawhea to go find good horses for the group and does a MAD COOL JUMP to find RAD HORSES. "now i’m rolling horsetigation, and the horse will have advantage’. she still sucks at finding horses. sharzad’s horse is a rangy looking bay with long legs, looks nyoomy. riaeki asks it if it likes sharzad. seems like yes? nalia finds a very large black horse, lilith finds a blue roan.
  • on the road, the horses prove difficult to ride, but the party sort of gets on with it. lilith is quiet, but very hardworking. riaeki tries to break the ice by regaling her with tales of the party’s adventures. sharzad goes to talk to lilith on the second night of travel, complimenting her on her work ethic and requesting information about her monastery life. there’s some tension, because lilith is a noble, and lilith is unwilling to part with information about her family. lilith’s family prefers to stay in the capital rather than in napa valley, because they can gain more influence in the city. and they wanted lilith to marry someone she… didn’t like. apparently they were attempting to make an agricultural alliance between staple farmers and luxury farmers.
  • i say something really stupid about fruit
  • lilith and sharzad disagree over what would be the most economical and socially progressive way to distribute land and goods among people. they share an awkward sausage, innuendo intended specifically because they’re both gay
  • then the temperature drops, and it begins to snow. in late spring. sharzad tries to climb a tree, and doesn’t. riaeki uses divine sense, and senses nothing. nalia thinks the weather is probably unnatural. nothing seems to happen, and after a while it stops snowing. lilith and riaeki trudge off looking for the edge of the snow, or anything else weird, and find nothing. while they’re gone, sharzad complains to the air (and nalia). the gang decides to set watches, but nothing happens. other than it being super cold. the gang rolls shit con saves, except riaeki who is fine. lilith takes a level of exhaustion because ylethaen is a JERK the rest of the journey is snowy, but uneventful. riaeki yells in the direction of her sword whenever it starts to snow, and lilith recognizes it a bit.
  • the gang passes the time reading and talking to themselves, cooking, backseat cooking, and trying to pretend it isn’t cold— which is more and more difficult , especially when all the travellers we pass comment on it. lilith buys gloves at a passing town, and riaeki enlists nalia to create a flame that would warm someone without lighting them on fire. (after a long lecture about the magical essence and uses of rocks)
  • nalia: you mean like a torch?
  • anyway, nalia has a sidequest to make a snuggie now.
  • finally, we approach the hill that hosts the town of green hill and the evil monastery of green hill. town also probably evil but unverified. the party discusses places to stay— there’s one inn in the village, and it’s probably not very discreet. lilith thinks she might know a place the party could stay for…. less money— a farmhouse that mostly burned down. probably no ghosts there or undead presence, so that’s cool. (riaeki’s divine sense detects no undead). time to eat! bland conjured food, yum
  • lilith, nalia and riaeki decide to investigate the town. riaeki wears a hat to try to look less like a high elf. sharzad stays back because of her low charisma and general inability to deceive. in town, people are milling about, looking all norman rockwell-y. there’s not a lot of magic here, mostly small cantrips on torches. the inn and basic services are most of the important buildings. most of the worship seems to be of brea.
  • the group enters the inn, as it seems to be the major meeeting place of the town. and also warm. lilith immediately makes her way to the fire and MEETS A FIRE GENASI!!!!! his name is aerin and he’s great. nalia looks for people who look educated and sees a group of old timers sharing tales of youth. riaeki looks for magic and finds a half elf with a magic dagger. she’s in a corner with a big mug of warm but she’s very alert and looking around the room. there’s also a fairly nicely dressed man with an enchanted shirt.
  • riaeki goes up to talk to the half elf girl, and has a pretty good read on her. she is definitely NOT a traveller passing through, and trying to extricate herself from the conversation. riaeki casts detect thoughts. the girl is looking for a ‘him’. she made her own weapon, and reacts…. badly when riaeki makes it clear that she’s reading her mind. riaeki tells her that she was raised from the dead, which she reacts worse to, but riaeki indicates her paladin-ness and tries to lay it out that they seem like they’re on the same side.
  • nalia gets closer to the old lady telling the story, who is adamant that a druid or something is changing the weather. upstairs, the girl confides in riaeki that her family was killed by a vampire. riaeki tries to sympathize by explaining that she probably accidentally killed her own family. it does not go over well. but she also tells celeste that lilith met a vampire in the wine cellar of the monastery. celeste seems pretty eager to get in there and kill it, but riaeki warns her that there’s a BIgger Plot -that the gang knows why it’s snowing-and that shit might get real. celeste asks to meet riaeki’s friends, in the hollowed out barn they are sharing.
Session Sixty

The next morning, Riaeki decides to go talk to Rashul. She marches to his temple on Temple Hill before the sun rises and walks in yelling, “can we talk about this now or what??”
The priests here still aren’t used to Riaeki doing this, so one walks up and asks what’s going on and promptly gets possessed by the god.

Rashul tells Riaeki that he’s not sure whats going on, and Riaeki is very not pleased to hear it.
He starts talking about Yleth and realizes that he can talk about some of this, as the death curse is now dispelled. But he also says “Yleth did more before she died” and also points out that she is the goddess of secrets so still manages to keep some things unsaid.

Riaeki demands to know what Rashul wants her to do, and he say that “killing her would not be an unworthy goal” but that is not all he wants. But that seems to be all that can be said.

Nalia wakes up early and works on copying out a new cantrip.

Sharzad goes around to the mercenary company to let them now that despite everyone being hungover, there is still training today. She gets a water jug and a knife thrown at her for her trouble.

Lilith wakes up to find a person standing in her room. It is Luelle Greyhawk who asks “Why are you in my house?” When Lilith is evasive, Luelle grumbles that Belinda was also close-mouthed. She also asks “Are you the one who turned religious, or the one that couldn’t find a husband?” Lilith answers that she should go to the capitol more often if she wants to keep up with the gossip.

Meanwhile, the company is practicing on the beach. Nalia is teaching magic, Riaeki is teaching sword and shield, Sharzad is teaching martial art forms. Lilith shows up about 20 minutes into the session.

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Session Fifty-Nine

We begin with a discussion with Lilith. She describes the monastery she spent most of her life at, which she discovered was in fact a shrine to Yleth. She then fled.

Lilith mentions that she knew the name nexxaya —> underdark

Nalia and Afa both know that the Underdark exists beneath Ealdcyth, the dwarven homeland. There isn’t a whole lot known about it (other than there are civilizations down there), but dwarves consider it their duty to keep whatever is down there from coming up. So not great, Bob.

The gang discus briefly the idea of going to the Underdark, but Belinda cuts them off. She says that there will need to be a recording of events before the party can go anywhere. Lilith goes off with Belinda when she excuses herself. The party meanwhile decide to get some rest; Nalia heads off to recuperate a little, and Sharzad to check in on the company. Afterwards, both intend to meet Afa and Riaeki at the Hungry Unicorn.

Meanwhile Sharzad sees some teens gossiping about what they just saw and tries to “correct” them but maybe only ends up weirding them out.

At the Hungry Unicorn, Riaeki and Afa talk with Lydia and some other members of the guild. She and Sharzad go back and forth about semantics. Nalia arrives a little later, once everyone is on their way to being quite drunk.

Afa brings up that she wants to go visit her parents, and her family in the Faewyld. This is discussed a bit more by the party and it seems that she ends up pretty set on it.

The day wears into night as the gang basically stays at the Unicorn all day because it’s been that kind of day, folks. Afa plays her mandolin and is really good at it, which Riaeki notices as odd since she only began playing a few months ago. Sharzad meanwhile is dancing up a dang storm.

Toward the end of the night, Nalia makes her goodbyes to Afa, as do the others. :(

Session Fifty-Eight

Last time: A literal god came back to life and we were distracted looking at one of those himalayan rock salt lamps. Jesus.

This time: We die.

As the creature dissappears, the blood itself becomes icy and void-like. The party sees it- and sees it begin to coalesce into the shape of strange creatures of shadow. The party immediately begins to cast spells- empowering Riaeki, as Riaeki guard those around her with divine energy, while Sharzad hides herself in her perch. The crowd begins to flee, though some still linger with curiosity. The guards direct some out of the square, while Belinda guards the Duke, whose retinue is beginning to flee.

Riaeki runs in and strikes first, landing the blow and unleashing a smite of divine energy on it. The divine energy damages somewhat, but it seems to resist the thunderous strike. She strikes again, smiting once more, emboldened by the rage of the first blow not fully landing, and the energy of this attack rings true.

>The Wraith retaliates, burning away at Riaeki’s life force with it’s terrifying etheral claws.
>The other wraiths harvest lives from the crowd.
>Sharzad fires her full clip from her divinely enhanced pepperbox, destroying the Wraith threatening the Lord before firing a bullet through the Wraith that struck Riaeki, ending that one as well. She whips out her pepperbox’s twin and fires at another wraith, but the strike is weak.
>Afa lashes out at the Wraith that Sharzad struck last, hexing it, taunting it, and unleashing Eldritch blasts at it- but her Hex does not seem to harm it even as the force of her blasts takes chunks out of it.
>Nalia rushes towards the Wraith and strikes it with her Skyspire, landing a true blow with a shroud of electrical punishment on the creature, staggering it and then disengaging.
>The crowd hesitates, unsure of where to flee, and isn’t fleeing the area as well, while the guards around the duke’s pavilion are swarmed for protection, preventing the Duke & Belinda from fleeing.
> Riaeki charges the Wraith by the belltower, lashing out at it wildly. Her first strike falls short as the creature dodges, but she presses the attack, slicing her sword through it twice in a blur of activity; it looks half-disposed-of.
>A shadowed figure in a blue cloak hurtles with impossible speed out of the belltower, unleashing a flurry of strikes on the wraith with her’s fists, The wraith avoid the first, but takes the third fully, dissolving into vapor. The figure moves to engage the last Wraith.
>The last wraith whispers eldritch words to the body it just stole the life of, and raises a spectre of it’s victim before attempting to flee.
>Sharzad trains her remaining pistol on the fleeing wraith, and lets out three shots, obliterating it.
>Afa blasts the specter twice and though each blow strikes weakly she still does a great deal of damage. She also manages to get a good look at the spector- a 30 year old sea elf woman.
>Nalia rounds toward the specter and unleashes a firebolt, but it goes wide.
>The crowd, panicked by the sight of the resurrected specter, pushing further into the pavilion for protection- but the guards turn on the them to protect the duke, and the as the nightsticks come out and the crowd rolls over city officials, the crush of people threatens to turn into a melee.
>Riaeki runs to the specter and strikes it, and it dissolves. She turns the the stranger and tells them to help break up the melee, then begins running that way herself/
>The stranger rushes that way herself, and makes it all the way over. She helps Belinda up.
>Sharzad reloads her guns then runs for the statue, where Lydia and some of the others (?) are.
>Afa speaks to some of the crowd, instruction them to proceed in an orderly fashion of the square. It’s not the most successful.
>Nalia inspects the execution stage- the bottom side is covered in magical runes. She looks at the portal- it’s an active portal to another realm of shadows and glowing eyed creatures… that are moving our way.
>The conditions at the pavilion continues to degrade as the melee fully breaks out. Belinda tries to get to the duke, but his guards are formed into almost a phalanx.
>Riaeki uses her ring to slam her fist into the walls of the city, making a loud booming sound. She uses the attention to threaten people into dispersing.
>Lilith (the stranger) moves to put herself into a position to guard the nobles from the pressing throng of people- and Duke Carpenter recognizes her.
>Two strangely shaped grey figures, covered in strange slimy tattered hoods with massive foot-long mouths emerge from the portal, and as they burn under the sunlight;one of them locks eyes with Nalia… and instantly drain all of the life from Nalia’s body. The other turns to Riaeki, but Riaeki lets out a curdling scream and shrugs off the brunt of this terrible strike, though her mind is still ravaged by the beast. They then move to attack- Riaeki blocks the blow from one, and the other send a lance of necrotic energy at her- which she also resists.
>Sharzad runs for the Lightheart company, yelling a rallying cry- Lydia hears her and Sharzad tells her to run and get the company and any available guards to help with the evacuation, while ordering Minu to advance with her towards the portal. She fires three shots at the creature, hitting twice and nearly destroying it.
>Afa, seeing Nalia fall, lets out a primal scream, Shattering the stage; a shockwave of energy destroys the creature Sharzad damaged, and harms the other. The stage itself also cracks, splintering & splitting; as it does so, the blood ice that makes up the portal cracks as well.
>Nalia rolls on the ground in pain, but her resolve steels- but even as it does, the necrotic energy of the creature threatens to drag her down into the grips of death.
>The melee at the pavilion continues- and a rock strikes the Duke in the chest.
>Riaeki lashes out at the remaining creature with the ring of the ram, landing a strudy blow to his chest- he flies backwards from the force of the blow, crashing with force into the stage. She breathes divine life back into Nalia, reawakening her, and then casts compel duel on the creature before running away, forcing it to follow her.
>It does follow, and strikes out at her for a deal of damage.
>Sharzad runs to Riaeki and, with the last shot of her gun blessed with divine favor she summons up every last bit of divine power in her and shoots the specter in the mouth with a glowing bullet- the specter soaks up the energy and cracks through with radiant light, bursting out into a glowing flash before being reduced to ash. The threat, for now, is gone.

Riaeki goes and finds the bodies of the dead; there are several. She must choose. She goes to the high elf woman & casts Revivify, calling her back from beyond the veil. Riaeki pulls the woman over the body of the other man- the man she couldn’t save- and explains the circumstances of this woman’s resurrection (she’s a student at the university), and tells her to help with his funeral, and live her life in his honor. She’s named Liri Isariel. Riaeki tells her how to find her, and leaves the woman alone to cry over this man’s corpse.

We comfort each other (Nalia especially) and then alert Belinda that we need to talk to her, while the lightheart company helps evacuate the square. We explain what Ylethaen is; we talk about the lifting of the death curse (and what that might mean about the ability of people to remember the Ylethaen), theorize on what the Ylethaen’s domains might be (Death & Winter?), and finally meet Lilith, a regal-looking Lilith Vineland, of the Marin Vinelands, who knows of Ylethaen. We’re introduced to each other, and decide to learn more about Lilith Vineland’s story, and how she knows of Ylethaen.

Session Fifty-Seven

the last time i did notes there were so many cats and now there are MORE CATS!!! holy shoot
last time on DND everyone argued and it was bad. but we did seem like we mostly arrested people who did crimes, which was good

  • first we resolve shopping quandaries: with all of the party funds, we can buy 4 potions of healing, which are distributed throughout the party (nalia takes two)
  • sharzad goes INVESTIGATIN. she goes huntin for cultists in the fancy part of town and meets with a guard who was sent after the illusionist mage from the unviersity. apparently she’s in custody. sharzad somehow makes this conversation awkward.
  • riaeki gets to the execution site early. sharzad meets up with afa and nalia over breakfast to ask if they should bring the guild. afa wants to be clear that the guild members didn’t think we were GOING to get paid and have LOST that (which is true), and manages to convince sharzad, who thinks this is disingenuous.
  • afa talks to anara, the air genasi , about the dustup at the trial. sharzad starts to realize some things about riaeki’s reaction. some of the guild members decide to attend the execution anyway (anara, xan, lydia, caspian, minu). rain has some THOTZ about jek se being revealed at the trial and arrested. afa: “oh yeah, the pirates are in the city, so you might want to avoid…. the city” afa loans rain her divination-protecting cloak.
  • riaeki watches the hustle and bustle of preparations in the square where the execution is. the guards seem like they’ve been briefed on angry ex pirate elves. riaeki notices a nervous half-elf replacing a stair, and keeps an eye on him. food vendors are setting up. looks to be a shindig.
  • the rest of the gang gets to the square about 90 minutes before the party starts. afa inspects the square for magic. there’s a lot— abjuration on the fortress, lingering evocation magic , transmutation magic in the belltower. nalia investigates the statue of iroth that stands in the center of the square. she’s depicted as the combination of her incarnations: one hand holds a sword, and one a scroll. there’s a loose stone in the steps!!
  • nalia yanks out the stone because nalia’s super buff. underneath it , something is glowing. nalia sends light down into the hole— the glowing thing is a raw crystal. seems magical. seems recent. nalia goes to get someone and let them know. she finds a guard and without preamble, asks ‘ARE YOU A WIZARD?’ the guard is taken aback but knows some magic and agrees to look it over.
  • “yeah that’s not…. great? you should probably not. touch it.” she tells nalia she’s done the city a service— though she doesn’t know what. nalia throws in that she’d really like to know what magic it is, if they figure it out. a mage-y guard comes over to cast identify on it, apparently it’s just nystul’s magic aura, which makes the guard think nalia’s playing the world’s lamest mass terrorism prank. nalia convinces them that it wasn’t her. unfortunately, everyone can overhear this
  • riaeki marches over and sort of berates the guard. she seems like she’ll do a sweep, but she doesn’t really listen to riaeki’s freaking out. riaeki and nalia agree that they need afa to help try to find magic. sharzad has gone to get her. they argue about how much of a problem this is, and afa assures sharzad that she’s been scanning the plaza with magic sight.
  • afa and sharzad investigate cobblestones (very thoroughly). nalia looks out over the scene and can’t discern much. riaeki goes to look at the shady stair, and is stopped by a guard, who looks it over and tells riaeki in no uncertain terms that she’s not allowed to do anything., so she looks out at the crowd and gets… nothing. a balladeer is singing a song framing nexxaya and larr xa as doomed lovers, and riaeki as a javert figure.
  • sharzad finds nalia and asks if nystul’s magic aura can cover magical effects. it’s a complicated dm ruling, but it seems like it would conceal other spells on an object. sharzad decides we need to plan for the worst, and asks nalia to get to the front and cast wall of force if anything bad happens. she goes to find afa, who asks what to do about the crowd. sharzad doesn’t think belinda will listen to our concerns, which seems accurate.
  • sharzad mentions getting up onto the bell tower, which leads afa to mention that transmutation magic is on the bells. there’s a long tangent about whether they’re secretly security dragons, and whether or not afa could get an orcish title by slaying them. afa steps on sharzad’s foot. sharzad goes to find riaeki, who afa thinks probably should not be told this because she’s taking everything extremely seriously.
  • sharzad offers riaeki an apple, and tries to apologize, which riaeki…. doesn’t really understand. but she eats the apple. sharzad explains that she’s going to get a vantage, (afa thinks the barracks is a bad idea, and afa doesn’t think much is a bad idea) and they agree to meet at the statue if everything goes wrong.
  • sharzad tries to climb onto the roof of the barrister’s guild, which she can do fairly easily with the jumping ring. she lets minu know about the threat and tells her to stand at the back.
  • the execution is beginning. duke wren carpenter is carried out on a palanquin, belinda greyhawk is with him. in chains are larr xa and nexxaya mir, surrounded by guards. a hush falls over the crowd. belinda and harold finch continue to a different raised stage. two executioners are on the platform, carrying axes. the prisoners, the guards, the executioners, and a caller mount the stage.
  • the caller asks if larr xa and nexxaya have any last words. nexxaya speaks something in a language we don’t understand. larr xa meets riaeki’s eyes, and smiles. the caller decrees that they’re to be executed.
Session Fifty-Six

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST we kinda bungle the whole uhhhh trial thing what with the attacking folks inside the courtroom as people are leaving.

Riaeki and Nalia head to find Akar to do some scrying. The scrying spell is successful. The dwarf in question appears to be outside the city. It appears the group of pirates left through the south gate, still under an illusion spell. Riaeki and Nalia also remember, with Akar’s prompting, that the illusion magic is likely from Delphina Greenwater. They then go to find a guard to tell them what they saw. The guard calls it in.

Meanwhie, Afa and Sharzad head to the beach. They hash out some of the events of the past (pretty tough) day, including how Afa was in a VERY precarious, harmful position. They then head to a tavern, where Afa does a pretty amazing performance :3 AND gets an ongoing gig out of it!

Nalia makes her way back home for some well deserved rest, while Riaeki heads for the temple of Tanith.

The next morning, Sharzad visits Nalia to talk about what happened at the court room. She asks Nalia why she cast fog cloud and Nalia admits she did so without thinking much, partially out of fear Larr Xa would get away somehow. Sharzad says they need to not do that in the future and plan better. Nalia takes a bit of offense, thinking Sharzad means to tell her what spells to learn. Sharzad assures her this isn’t the case. Mollified, Nalia shows poor Sharzad a bunch of spells in her spellbook and babbles on about magic for a while.

Next, Sharzad goes to see Riaeki at her apartment. The apartment is very bare of any personal effects. They have a difficult discussion, again about the events in the court room. They disagree in part on what went wrong, what was or wasn’t justified. Sharzad believes what happened was something the gang should encourage the gang to exercise more caution, and Riaeki feels they were justified in acting quickly. Both have a stake in their position. In the end, Sharzad says firmly she doesn’t believe what happened was worth it, and Riaeki says she does. Sharzad ultimately is looking toward what can be improved in the future regardless and tries to communicate this. The two part on somewhat uncomfortable terms as Sharzad heads off to meet with Belinda.

Sharzad and Afa head to see Belinda. The meeting is about as comfortable as you might expect!!!! Belinda is not feeling particularly generous toward the gang. She says that she cannot stop them from attending the execution as it is public knowledge, but would prefer if they didn’t. She does reluctantly offer a mode of communication in an emergency. Bellana also reminds Sharzad of Calafort’s unhappy history with mercenary companies.

So all around an extremely good day for Sharzad.

That night, Afa has a scary ass dream meeting with Callum again and he basically offers her a kind of soul selling deal?! He does something to her mandolin and tells her to contact him if she thinks about it further (NOTE: I’M SORRY THIS IS VAGUE I THINK I MISSED SOME OF THIS :( )

And to finish off, Nalia and Riaeki do some shopping!

Session Fifty-Five

We start off having picked a fight with seven disguised pirates in a crowded courtroom.

Two of the pirates try to shove Riaeki over but she is strong and does not fall. One of the pirates runs into the crowd and the others try to assess the situation, and Jek Se draws her weapons.

Nalia casts fog cloud and the crowd starts to realize somethings up.

Afa casts hold person and get one of the rando pirate but misses the runaway. She runs after pirate trying to disappear into the crowd, Sharzad tossing her a pair of manacles.

Sharzad then shouts that there are pirates in the crowd and then manacles herself to Jek Se???? Then she stabs Jek Se. So does Riaeki.

Belinda Greyhawk takes stock of the situation, and yells for the guards to open the doors. Then she pulls a longbow out of invisibility but her shot goes wide.

The crowd then PANICS and bolts for the doors, but luckily they are opened now.

So its chaos now and Afa loses sight of the runaway and now is in danger from the stampede. Another pirate tries to run for it and they manage to down her.

Afa gets knocked down and stampeded but she manages to get up and to the nearest wall which she climbs with her nice gloves.

Nalia has cast haste on Riaeki so now she attacks very fast.

Belinda misses another shot and then tries to close the distance to melee. The crowd is still panicked but has moved in the direction of the exits so its not a blind panic.

Jak Se then grapples Sharzad and holds her scimitar to her throat. The other standing pirate also grabs a random captive.

Nalia shouts “Hey! Let go of my friend!” and Ray of Frosts Jek Se and she goes down! Sharzad goes down with her. Sharzad undoes her manacle and rushes the last pirate and manages to knock down the last pirate.

The super fast Riaeki manacles Jek Se, cast lay on hands on her, casts wrathful smite on her weapon and finishes the last pirate all in one turn. Its super cool.

Now the fight is over and Belinda is angry at us (again). She moves through the crowd helping people.

In the aftermath guards manacle the remaining the pirates and Sharzad looks around for people that need healing. Afa complains that people stepped on her. With their feet. We also see Reka standing up and bleeding. He comes over to talk to us and ask if we’re okay and its a little awkward.

Riaeki bluffs casting zone of truth with her shield and asks Jek Se if she killed Qeri. Jek Se refuses to answer questions even when Riaeki ups her game and threatens to cut off extremities.

Belinda comes over to demand a full report. She takes us to a private room and proceeds to yell at us for causing a panic in such a big public event. Riaeki says that Jek Se could have fought through the whole crowd and that it was important to catch her.

Belinda points out that if we weren’t so lucky many people could have died. She is not happy with us.

We all walk out into the courtyard and Afa spots some disguised figures, which she points out to the guards without bothering to tell the party first.

Riaeki and Nalia manage to get past the guards to go ask Akaar to scry for the pirate that got away while Sharzad and Afa sit behind a currant bush.

Session Fifty-Four

Last time on The Shea’s Revenge: We did stuff. Afa stole something from Lydia that Lydia stole from Sharzad. We trained the company. We talked to Nehaska about her hometown & negotiations for a deal between there and the darkwaters. Nalia tried to teach (poorly) and Riaeki taught defensive strategies. We filled out witness statements, and were informed that the trial would be tomorrow, and the execution would be several days after that. We arranged for our mercenary company to provide some additional security & went to prepare.

Riaeki & Sharzad agree to hang out for the night, Sharzad saying that she was ‘something she needs to finish up’. Afa heads over to the university library to do some learning. She meets with our dragonborn friend at the library to look up ‘Callum’. She finds a mention of Callum in a book about Fae. She borrows a book, and several others on the unseelie.

Riaeki & Sharzad go to Nehaska’s to ask about Tenk’s location, and in the process find Tenk! They go to buy some bulk goods, and then go off to find a Tinker to buy some gears. Tenk & Sharzad talk about Nehaska- letting her know about her Brother, etc. Tenk talk about how he met Nehaska: he was set to be sacrificed, and the two of them fought to a standstill- and became friends. They talk about what it means to be willing to be sacrificed, and the mathematics of having enough willing tributes. Sharzad decries the god as ‘a cruel spirit’, and Riaeki & Sharzad talk about what a spirit is. The conversation turns to Sports & the difference between Losing and Getting your Ass Beat. Eventually, they arrive at a Tinker’s shop- old, ramshackle. Riaeki hears cursewords, crashing, clanging around, and then the door opens. Standing there is a gnome, tall, dark grey skin, with small eyes and big pointed ears. He asks what we want and the conversation trails off to talking about body parts.

Sharzad asks Riaeki to negotiate on her behalf, and Riaeki casts detect thoughts so that she can know what prices to ask for. The gnome calls her weird, and Riaeki says that she’s a high elf, so maybe that’s why he’s discriminating. Damn. The gnome realizes that Sharzad is buying parts for a gun, and requests that he be able to inspect the gun. Riaeki negotiates that he can inspect it, but not take notes, and we get a discount! Sharzad shows off her guns, the gnome goes off to get the parts, and Tenk says “I think he likes you!” We… don’t believe that. We get the parts, & Sharzad asks to be told if he tries to build. They talk about spirits & guns, Riaeki threatens him for Sharzad, & he introduces himself: Kronthud Ironfoot. They go build a rifle together! Then they head off to sleep. Meanwhile, Afa is reading her book of fae stories. First, she finds a story where Callum helps someone get out of a deal. Then, Callum teaches someone how to hide their true intentions from the fae. He seems to fill the role of helping Fae trick people or helping people trick the Fae, as a trickster spirit, and is almost always helpful. He seems to be a staple figure in these stories. And these stories seem to be from the same region Afa is from- and the same region the goblin market was in.

They all go to sleep- and Afa dreams. Callum is there, with his Lute. He asks if Afa is ready to practice, and he seems quite normal. At one point, he teaches her a trick, and she says: “That’s very clever!”. She isn’t able to read his reaction.

We wake up the next morning, going to the trial & waiting in line for a while, before being admitted to the keep. Belinda Greyhawk meets us there, and directs Riaeki to go and speak with someone- we enter an arena-style room, big enough to hold a couple hundred people, and proceed through it to a small, nicely furnished room off to the side. Inside is a small, unassuming human man, slender with close cropped hair and spectacles. A scholar. He introduces himself as Wren- and we think he’s most likely Duke Wren Carpenter, the highest noble in the city. He says a joke about standing- he finds it difficult- then says he owes us a great debt for recovering Larr Xa & Nexxaya Myr. We say he doesn’t, really, and he acknowledges that, but says he likes to thank people. We mention the risks of a public execution, and he says that’s what he wanted to talk to us about- how we were going to help secure the execution. He says they’ll have 20 guards there- most of them around himself & around the stage itself. 5 guards will be in plain clothes, among the crowd. We’re… concerned.

We make plans to provide them with more information about the pirate crews, and tell Wren about the cult in the town. We make plans for how to use the mercenary crew, Sharzad makes a gaffe, and Wren agrees to hire some mercenaries (mages) to defend the harbor. We head out to see the trial.

Nexxaya & Larr Xa plead guilty, and we notice that a group has reacted poorly to this group pleading guilty. Afa looks back- and notices this group is covered in illusion magic. She tells Nalia- while Sharzad tells Riaeki she intends to go back there and speak to them. Larr Xa & Nexxaya admit guilt in the most assholish ways. The trial ends quickly and we go to confront them, with magic invisibility, Riaeki’s Pure Anger, and dimensional doors. Afa trips one of them, and Riaeki casts dispell magic on another- causing that person to be revealed as Jek Se.

Session Fifty-Three

today we are blessed….. with many cats…….. thy’re all so good…. we love them so

  • we’ve all agreed to help sharzad with the training , but first we’re going to talk to nehaska. there’s some hubbub about how we’re going to find her, as she left the city on a job last we checked. going to talk to caradoc would be AWK WARD, and the only other way to find her is to use the yleth scrying ball. which probably seems like a bad idea. eventually with many eyes emojis from sharzad, the gang heads to the bung and barrel, where nehaska was last seen.
    *bean interlude. excellent licks. tia is in a paper bag.
  • the bung and barrel is empty but for an employee. riaeki asks her where nehaska is:
    employee: why?
    riaeki: well we met her brother, and we need to tell her that he you know, still likes her, despite her being rejected by her family—
    nalia: we’re her friends!
  • this convinces the employee, apparently.
  • nehaska apparently only is here to sleep, and isn’t around much. we decide to leave her a note. leaving directions is a bit complicated, and we come up with a name for the forge that our guild is being built (the cleric’s hammer). also apparently we’ll be staying at the hungry unicorn late.
  • there’s a brief discussion of finances and how good everyone is at killing things, and undead in particular. "we could have a competition’ ’we’d need to get someone to raise them, and i don’t want to go all the way to the university.’
  • it’s apparently illegal to raise a soul, but not necessarily a body, so long as the person consented in life to the raising. there are organ donation cards, but like for your body. there was a famous legal case where someone asked to be murdered so they could be raised, which is a vibe.
  • cat break as rick demands to be let out and is rudely denied. GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sharzad gives a lovely training speech. like it’s a sharzad speech so it’s pretty rambling, but it’s inspirational. riaeki claps. riaeki is the only one who claps. sharzad corrects tani as he puts xan in a chokehold (‘put his head down’). afa attempts to pick lydia’s pocket. (there’s a quick aside as to whether lydia had successfully picked sharzad’s pocket. mostly she hadn’t, but also she stole a figurine of sharzad’s.) she steals the figurine, and a woven bracelet. riaeki attempts to teach jalal protection fighting, and is pretty good at it. nalia tries to teach some basic cantrips, but doesn’t teach very well. maybe singes someone a little. afa talks to lydia about having stolen from sharzad (lydia wants to steal one of sharzad’s guns). and about her bracelet (“it’s pretty” “if you’re into that”). they agree to an exchange: lydia will teach afa to be stealthy, and afa will teach lydia how to con people. this can only go well
  • when we’re about 2/3 of the way through training, nehaska shows up.
  • nehaska seems… charmed…. by the mercenary company and offers to give us her leftovers, which is vaguely rude. we tell her about having visited the city which is called altepetl. afa tells her about the plague, and rescuing the yuan-ti from zoumisa, and riaeki tells her that the gang met halsuul, whose name i’ve forgotten how to spell. riaeki and afa talk to her about her brother, that he’s still a cleric and still cares about her, and uses all his spell slots on other people. riaeki prods nehaska iinto trying to be of assistance with the whole ‘yuan-ti peace treaty’ thing.
  • sharzad gives a speech about keeping up with training when not adventuring, and riaeki, happy to help, punches her in the face. nehaska heals sharzad, which riaeki resents profoundly.
  • a runner from the city guard comes to get riaeki, telling her that belinda greyhawk would like her to come make a statement ‘at her earliest convenience’. riaeki decides that might as well be now. the other three decide to join her, and the group heads off.
  • belinda greyhawk is in her office, talking to the runner. she hands us paper to write our statements, that are fancy and legal, and gives us a detailed explanation of what to do and not to do in terms of filling them out.
  • afa provides the most detail, and afa and riaeki both write fairly feelingly of their statements. afa does not poke around in the desks , miraculously. sharzad does try to sell the guild to the random guards in the room. they are NOT SOLD.
  • belinda greyhawk gives a rundown of how the trial and execution will happen— riaeki is skeptical, and convinced that the crew of the edge of the world or yleth herself will somehow intervene . she and sharzad enlist the guild to help with the guard duties on execution day, and try to get the execution moved closer to the trial so that they have less time to plan. belinda greyhawk objects on humane grounds, but says she’ll ask the judge.
Session Fifty-Two


Nalia goes to talk with Akar about some of the items she got, as well as the freaky snake god. Akar is happy to give some insight about the items, and mildly concerned about the snake god. He suggests Nalia consider talking to a cleric about things she finds bothersome, and she thanks him. Then they do some knitting!

Riaeki goes to check on Larr Xa and Nexaya. A guard tells her that the two talked to each other from their separate cells quite a bit, and were eventually separated.

(Meanwhile, Afa gets some good fried potatoes.)

Sharzad has been busy training the mercenary company.

Back with Riaeki: A visit to Belinda Grayhawk yields more information on the Darkwaters and yuan-ti conflict. She also reminds Riaeki that she will need to give a full deposition.

LATER THAT NIGHT, the gang reunite with Sharzad…who HAS A DOG NOW! We love Sunny the Bulldog!!! Everyone starts catching up; in particular Sharzad starts grilling Riaeki about everything in the past few weeks and her general state of being. Riaeki gives Sharzad the grappling hook, though it turns out it’s not magic after all. Sharzad goes to change before they go to the Hungry Unicorn. She comes back in a beautiful dress that looks like the ocean :3

At the Hungry Unicorn they run into many of the members of the mercenary company, including a very drunk Lydia. The entire party has a good time and gets to relax for the first time in the pat few weeks! (Nalia also identifies a mystery item…BUT WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?!)

Next morning, Sharzad visits Nalia and asks if she would be interested in tutoring one of the mages in the mercenary company. She then goes to see Afa, and similarly asks for her help with the guild, with sneaking. She then returns home and asks for Riaeki’s help too, with healing.


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