The Sea's Revenge

Session Thirty-Nine

That evening, there is an awkward drunk conversation between Sharzad and RIaeki. Riaeki does her nightly meditation next to Sharzad’s bed and it is very cute!!!

Nalia and Afa wake to a knock on the door. There is a messenger from the family, say that this day is “all hands on deck.” Nalia goes to wake the others. They are super hungover. The messenger girl tells us the work is going to be at the bottom of the canyon. They groggily get ready and stuff food and coffee into their faces. They group discusses the kindness of potatoes.

When they reach the edge of the canyon they decide to take one of the industrial lifts down. Afa holds onto a rope in the corner to get a good view. Everyone else sits in the center of the platform like people with reasonable opinions of height. There is a glorious view of the canyon and the island with the university as we descend. When we reach the bottom we find we are taking a rowboat down canyon to one of the docks. Riaeki is very good at the boats.

Our destination is a magically constructed bay in a side eddy. In the bay there is a ship. It is the Edge of the World!!!!!
Sharzad draws a gun on Shelley (the messenger girl) and she becomes very afraid. We discuss our options and find out that Nexxaya came with the crew again this time. The crew looks very comfortable and safe here. We decide to send in Afa for the info while the rest of the group stays back and keeps watch. Afa saunters forward and gets the needed info out of Fenelessin with a wonderful lie. They are probably staying at a place called the Raven’s Wing We send Shelley home and plan our next move. Sharzad suggests getting rooms at the Raven’s Wing and scoping out the place.

The gang now needs to find a way back up to the surface. We make our way back upstream to where we took the crane down and grab another platform going up.

Sharzad goes to tell Lydia to head to Calafort now as shit is about to go down. Lydia assumes that we’re all gonna die but she goes along with it ’cause hey, seven gold.

The other group looks for the Raven’s Wing. It is on a bridge near the Skyward. Afa goes in but is not as successful at the lying this time and doesn’t get information. Then Nalia goes in to ask for a room, acting the distracted scholar. The lady at the desk is very rude, saying that “normally they don’t have rooms for tieflings.” Nalia says she’ll pay more and the lady palms most of the coin. She then invites Nalia to not use the dining facilities. The room is very nice with an alcove window hanging out over the canyon. Nalia casts Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum.

Sharzad catches up with the group and goes in after Nalia and manages to get past the mean desk person. Afa and Riaeki stake out the hotel and see Larr Xa and Nexxaya approaching! Sharzad overhears the conversation between those two and the mean desk lady. Afa and Riaeki follow, pretending to be Larr Xa’s crew and discover where is room is. The gang reconvenes and comes up with a plan. Nalia casts private sanctum around their room so they can’t hear us coming and the mean desk lady can’t hear the scuffle. We pick the lock and burst in, getting a surprise round. Afa tries to cast hold person but they BOTH save. Fuck them.

Session Thirty-Eight

Well lads, we sure are fighting some ghosts. Clara, the little girl ghost, pulls some real spooky shit. Some of us get hexed with some dark energy and it’s bad news. Nalia basically gets scared stock still and AGES A MILLION YEARS FROM FEAR. Clara seems to have something against Afa in particular. She hexes Afa and returns Afa to a memory of being home a long time ago. A snotty blonde girl spits on Afa, who has been pushed to the ground, and says that she can’t believe her parents can’t see her (Afa) for what she is. Afa feels hatred. Another memory begins, where people are looking down and away from Afa as she walks through town back toward home. At once she sees the blonde girl’s parents talking with her own— both are crying, but the girl’s mother is yelling and saying Afa’s parents need to do something about “that thing” or that they will— she accuses Afa of killing her daughter. That night, Afa packs up her few things and goes to a place in the forest that she knows is a portal to the fae. She sees a familiar face.

Back in the current timeline, Sharzad and Riaeki try to comfort Afa, who is paralyzed while she experiences the vision. Suddenly, Afa expels the possession Clara had put on her. She casts Phantasmal Force, trying to use her memory of Ivy against Clara. When Clara laughs at her for this, Afa compares Clare to Ivy, saying they both hurt people. Nalia finally overcomes the hex and after asking Afa if she needs help, shoots fire bolt.

In the aftermath, everyone is pretty shocked. Riaeki hugs Afa. Sharzad realizes Nalia has aged and tells her. Though shocked, Nalia decides she’ll have to find a way to remove it.

Meanwhile, Afa confronts Robin. She says she never killed Ivy and he made her parents cry, and now they have no one. Robin counters that Afa killed her twin. Afa says she never met her twin and Robin says she killed her in the cradle. He clearly believes she is a changeling. We all really hate this guy. As Afa talks more about how horrible Ivy was to her, and how miserable her parents must be now (which Robin confirms), Robin begins to see that he and the village may have been terribly wrong. Though he apologizes tbh we still don’t like him much and he doesn’t seem 100% convinced even so.

The gang does a search through the rest of the rooms and finds a big pile of skeletons that were clearly from children. It’s a bad vibe….

Riaeki asks Nalia if she knows what’s going on with her whole thing. Afa mentions that she knows it would take a powerful cleric to reverse a lingering effect of a curse. Riaeki asks Robin if there is a temple of healing in the city. He does, and Riaeki says he should come with them as well, as insurance.

At the temple of Elu, they seek help and pay 200 gold for a greater restoration to be performed on Nalia. She feels great!

Afterwards, Riaeki goes to the temple of Rashul to get some answers, which nonetheless remain elusive. Sharzad talks with Robin who is similarly intractable. Afa and Nalia hug and then go look for some special potatoes. Afa says she’d like to visit her parents when they’re done here.

The gang discuss what to do next and the possible dangers about continuing with the Family. Then they decide (naturally) to go see another show. After Sharzad spends some time talking confusingly with a man advertising a racy dancehall show, the gang decides to go see a morality play that Afa is familiar with. Sharzad and Riaeki get into a big conversation about the show. Nalia notices Sharzad is wearing Riaeki’s ring and tells Afa. After whispering about it for a while, Afa hops down and tries to sleight of hands Riaeki and Sharzad’s hands.

The group eventually agrees to go back to the cabaret place even though Sharzad says it doesn’t make sense because there isn’t a “story”. Afa has a good time watching all her friends be very uncomfortable. After a lot of embarrassment, they head over to ”the vegetable play.” Sharzad and Riaeki get in a dancing contest. They have a conversation about how they feel and why Riaeki gave Sharzad the ring. THEN THEY KISS!!!!!!!

Session Thirty-Seven

Last time: We hold a contest to see who wins the ring of jumping, Riaeki does some Stunts, we get dolled up to go out to the club, go to the club, Sharzad accidentally seduces someone who works for the family, gets offered a job, Sharzad attempts to do some mobwork, gets interrupted by a kiss (rude), apprehends the drug addict friend, covers their debt to get a job, offers the drug addict friend a job, Afa and Nalia ABANDON US, and Sharzad and Riaeki have a very non-standard Declaration, resulting in Riaeki kissing Sharzad, and Riaeki running out the door.

We pick up with Nalia and Afa, with Nalia eavesdropping. They gossip- Afa’s noticed that Sharzad’s ‘sparkly-eyed’, but is surprised that Riaeki kissed first. Afa composes a strange, farcical love song story of the events that is Very Much For Everyone Here. After that… bawwdy tale, Afa tells the story of her first kiss with her girlfriend, which involved jumping out of a tree to overcome height differences.

Sharzad, stunned, waits a few moments to go after Riaeki- but decides better halfways across the square and heads back into the tavern, playing knives to get out some emotion. And Riaeki is running.

The city around Riaeki, as she runs, is Calm, Completely Still, and Quiet. She runs and runs, through the entertainment district, past the huge elevators, until finally reaching a strange, high-arched bridge heading into the sky-ward. Finally, she ascends to the Statue, and she gets in it. She looks up at the statue and asks, “Is this allowed? Am I allowed this?” There’s no response. “I didn’t expect an answer, but you seem to have an opinion on everything I do, so I thought you’d have rules. But. If you won’t come down and talk to me about it, then I’ll do what I want.” Suddenly, she notices someone. A young woman, in her late teens, perhaps a half-elf, perhaps an aasimar? Her skin is silver, her skin a warm brown. She’s perching crosslegged on the fountain, and says, “Hi!”

They discuss the stormfather- her Uncle asked her to check in on Riaeki, but didn’t give lots of details- and after veering into plot-relevant material, they turn back to the issue at hand: whether or not Riaeki is allowed to have her own problems. She mentions that she loved someone once- the High Elf depicted in the statue. She says that Riaeki is allowed to liver her own life, and reassures Riaeki that she’s not going to be turned to dust when her job is done. They discuss being undead vs. Alive Again, the angel clarifies that Riaeki is the latter. Riaeki asks a personal question: “If Iroth had come for him, and you couldn’t do anything about it, how could you keep going?” She responds, “It’s hard to remember how limited you feel. It was a long time ago- I’m not sure. I think I would’ve become worse than I was if that had happened.”
“That’s what I was afraid of.”
“He became worse than he was after I left.”
“That’s the other thing that I was afraid of.”
“He always had that in him.”
Riaeki says that she doesn’t know how the find grace, and she doesn’t know what it is to look for it in herself. But she finds it the person who fights next to her- in the thing that happens when they’re together. The angel clarifies that divinity is inside all of us, and that’s how the gods were made. The angel lives, and Riaeki realizes it’s dawn (and Riaeki misty steps in response), and heads back to the tavern, arriving just as the dawn ccomes to full swing.

Sharzad had stayed up the whole night playing knives, and was asleep draped over a chain. Riaeki slips the ring of jumping on her finger. Sharzad wakes up though, seeing Riaeki for a second before she dissappears through misty step. Sharzad puts away the knives, and goes to sleep, stopping for a second upon realizing that Riaeki was inside.

The next morning, Afa, Nalia, and Riaeki get breakfast, while Selene and Sharzad take food, discuss northern dating traditions, and mercenary terms. They return and decided on how to deal with the mob, and choose mob names.

They head to the mob, are asked to give over their items. Afa keeps her rod, Riaeki keeps her sword, and Nalia’s staff. They enter. Sharzad messes up Afa’s name, calling her Nelly Hamara, and nalia on the spot chooses the name chaos, and leads the group to meet the Board. Inside, we see a halfling with blonde hair- who Afa recognizes. Afa introduces herself, the halfling doesn’t react much, and the man Sharzad met last night introduces himself as Khataar. They lay down the ground rules: cross them, we die, if we join up permanent-like, we get more cash. He offers 100 gold each for the job of clearing out this haunted house. We discuss terms, and head out. And as we leave, Robin the halfling follows us. Riaeki confronts Robin, and they talk- he knows who Afa is. He explains that Afa is Fae-folk, and that means she has no soul. We… disagree. Riaeki proposes we kill him, bu Afa disagrees.

Robin leads us to the Haunted House (taking a route over some very precarious bridges (rude)).It’s a single long building, two stories high. It’s… rough down here. People are on edge of death all around us. We approach a woman sitting on the stoop: “So you want to clear this place out again?” Robin: “Yep.” Sharzad goes to fix the ball for some kids. The woman asks why Sharzad did what she did, and she lies, badly, before Afa makes her tell the truth. Rila (the woman) explains that Things tend to move in when buildings get abandoned. The Things like kids. Riaeki asks about how the monsters hunt, and when the kids get Taken. We ask some questions about the beast together, deciding to consecrate any Remains we find, and Afa asks Riaeki to sense what’s within the building. Robin takes a moment to insult Afa one last time before entering, and Sharzad protests. Robin explains: he hates Afa because he believes she’s a child killer, and Riaeki lies about also killing children. Sharzad notices that Riaeki is lying, and Robin is not. We head inside, Robin leading. We head up to the second floor- and nearby, on the wall, is a small dark handprint. Bad.

We discuss tactics- perhaps Afa could scream like a child, amplified by prestidigitation? Riaeki wants not to fight in the hallway- she opens up a door, and we hear the sound of a laughing child. We Worry, but also some discussion of spirits, we enter the room. Nalia sees a face in the wall. We discuss consecrations. Sharzad hears a voice in the hall, and Riaeki sees a door open in the hall, with a childlike figure peeking out of it, before ducking back away. We discuss, and Sharzad tries to feel the Spirits within the place.
The spirit appears, and demands we entertain her. Riaeki attempts to Turn her with Divinity, but it doesn’t work. Afa sings, and Nalia makes dancing lights. Sharzad continues to meditate, while Riaeki reads the creatures’ mind. It’s old, and playful, and very dead. She dives deeper- it’s so old, it’s forgotten so many thing. Sharzad consecrates her weapon, and fires upon the creature.

Session Thirty-Six

PREVIOUSLY, ON LOST: sidonie named my sister after her cat and now pippin voice all is memes

  • we head to a tea shop, that is run by a high elf (not a tea elf). she knows a lot about exotic teas, and riaeki has an involved conversation with her about her rare teas and orders a jasmine tea, which sharzad joins her in. afa orders something herbal, and nalia something warm and spicy. sharzad, having never had tea before, is basically drinking hot flower water, and thinks it’s weird.
  • the gang discusses the ring of jumping. sharzad thinks it could help her get the high ground. afa and nalia aren’t particularly interested, and afa tries to steal sharzad’s cake— sharzad notices, but lets afa do it. riaeki suggests a contest, but maybe that they shouldn’t have it in the shop, and maybe it would be fun to take bets? sharzad suggests afa be our hype person. we head to the entertainment district to become entertainment.
  • afa, who finds this ridiculous, attemps to hype up this competition, which is ridiculous. riaeki is stronger, and used to do ‘sailor movements’, while sharzad is more nimble. a city guardsman calls sharzad a ‘goblin’, and riaeki punches him in the face. he looks like he might fight her, but his partner, a halfling woman, thinks riaeki could probably take him. sharzad thanks her, in a way that seems regretful and ashamed— and then goes to hype herself up.
  • ‘friends! countrymen! people i know!’
  • the first jump is the standing long jump— riaeki rolls badly, and still goes about 30 feet. sharzad rolls better— she goes about 45 feet. the crowd is abuzz, and the two of them top gun high five.
  • next is the running long jump— sharzad jumps okay, but does a wild acrobatic handstand and wins over the crowd. riaeki beasts it, and goes much farther.
  • lastly— the high jump. riaeki bounds off the ground, but does not nail the landing, and hits flat on her back.. sharzad doesn’t do as well— she has to pull herself over, but lands much better— though it doesn’t matter, as riaeki’s won! (ed: WOOOP WOOP). she collects her prize and asks sharzad whether she’s actually as scary as the bookie seems to think. (she’s not as scary as afa.)
  • we gonna head to a NIGHT CLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUB (we’re on a PAYROLL)
  • in preparation , sharzad drinks a shakshuka, unaware that this is not a beverage, then helps afa with her hair. nalia straightens her robe, and wrings her hands nervously. sharzad, always fashion forward, constructs a hairpiece out of braids and wire, and FINALLY MENDS NALIA’S ROBES, DANG. afa and sharzad go dress shopping and bring riaeki and nalia along. sharzad buys a GOWN, afa finds a shiny dress that was probably supposed to be a top for someone bigger, and nalia finds nice robes. riaeki isn’t enthused about taking off her armor in a mafia clubhouse, but sharzad assures her she looks fine.
  • we enter the SINKHOLE, wearing just truly ridiculous clothing. strobelights greet us as we descend down the stairs, and we walk through an archway onto THE DANCE FLOOR. basically. most of this place is dance floor, and it’s pretty big. the ceiling, having been carved by said sinkhole, is vast, and we can still see the dirt and rocks in the walls. there’s second floor balcony, which seems possibly more lowkey, or vip. the clientele is multiracial, and dancing, and the vibe is pretty cool.
  • afa tries to look for a cute person to flirt with, and straightforwardly walks up to what is clearly (to other people) a couple, or two people about to be a couple. sharzad doesn’t understand why no one is dancing in formation, and nalia seems intimidated, so riaeki drags them onto the dance floor. sharzad is a fuckin bomb ass dancer, and riaeki can move despite only knowing sailor’s jigs. a rough looking human woman asks sharzad to dance, and whisks her away. they discuss mercenary possibilites— sharzad inquires after ‘finding people, dead or alive’-type-work. nalia sees that other things are going on here— transactions, of a buisness nature or a commercial nature, furtive discussions, your normal black market jazz.
  • the woman orders sharzad a whiskey, and inquires after her resume, basically. sharzad… badly explains the history of the lightheart company. “how much do you know about the ruffians of mistfall?” “they’re… powerful?” the woman offers to take sharzad to someone who can tell her more, and asks her name…. which sharzad gives fully. come on sharzad. the woman, apparently, is selene.
  • riaeki, afa, and nalia follow as selene leads sharzad off. they head up a staircase into a private, quieter area. (sharzad is not more appropriately dressed for this environment.) she brings sharzad to an older mafia man (ed: hot), who doesn’t think that sharzad is up to the task, or at least that selene is thinking with the wrong body parts. the man points into the crowd at a green dragonborn woman, saying if sharzad can ‘catch’ her and collect from her. and sharzad /vaults/ over the balcony into the crowd, and tries to dance with the woman, who is INTO IT. riaeki casts detect thoughts on her, and she calls sharzad a butterface, which is ruuuude. sharzad asks if she wants to get out of the club— “lemme go talk to my dealer, and then let’s go!”. riaeki moves detect thoughts over to sharzad, who is feeling a ton of guilt and panic— riaeki attempts to save her with a kiss and a ‘hey babe, where you going?’
  • this confuses sharzad.
  • and the dragonborn, who in a bit of a turn of events, invites riaeki to come with them. baffled, they go out into the back, where the dragonborn, who calls herself lydia, offers them some good good drugs— sharzad, bamboozled, tries to take it, but riaeki knocks the drugs out of her hand. sharzad, pulling her gun, tells lydia that she’s collecting for the family. riaeki covers her mouth, but it doesn’t seem to be completely necessary, given how whacked out she is. they tie her up, and search her, and ask her what she owes— 20 gold, far more than she has on her (which includes some rogue-y tools). sharzad offers to pay her debt for her, and riaeki mentions that they could use the talents of someone who knows thievery. by this point, nalia and afa have joined them., and riaeki suggests that sharzad take afa to ensure the debt is settled and make contact with the family, while she and nalia take lydia home with them.
    *lydia, super mellowed out fantasy shrooms, chats with nalia and riaeki about theoretically joining their mercenary band— they let a tiefling join up, so they seem pretty cool. riaeki misinterprets and thinks lydia is insulting nalia, but she’s talking about lived experience as a chromatic dragonborn, and thinks its rich to be called out by a high elf. nalia assures her their company isn’t like that.
  • afa and sharzad go to mend fences with the MOB. sharzad tries to tell the mob guy that she attacked lydia, while afa corrects that she cast a spell on her. this seems to convince him, especially when they hand over the twenty gold. selene seems impressed, and gives sharzad a kiss on the cheek as they leave. sharzad exists in a world of bafflement. theoretically we now have an in with the mafia, but no one is focused on that.
  • sharzad and afa get back to the inn, where riaeki and nalia have waited to see them home. sharzad is visibly distressed, and riaeki asks what’s up, which prompts nalia to drag afa away from the pair on pretense of potatoes.
  • riaeki asks sharzad not to throw herself into danger without the party for backup, and sharzad apologizes— riaeki responds that she knows sharzad is capable but also worries about the safety of her friends. but that’s clearly not what’s bothering sharzad. riaeki then apologizes, for getting in the way of sharzad’s fun— she panicked, worrying that sharzad was in danger, and assuming she needed rescuing.
  • that was not the problem. the opposite was the problem.
  • what?
  • riaeki demands an explanation. sharzad’s answer is to kiss her on the cheek and run for (their shared) room, but riaeki stops her. there’s a long moment.
  • “if you don’t give me an answer, sharzad, i’m going to have to cast a spell on you.” “i don’t know if i can say it. maybe you should cast a spell.” so riaeki detects her thoughts. there’s awkwardness, and fear, but also… well. so she probes further.
  • sharzad thinks back— meeting the party for the first time and wanting so badly to impress them, explaining how guns work and this elf not understanding their power, diving into a volley of arrows, heartbreak and sadness over a bottle of strange wine. learning a secret, and being angry, and trying to fix things, and doing the opposite of that, and understanding suddenly what the problem was; taking that heartbreak into herself, knowing it. looking out into lights in the fog and protecting, uselessly, with a blanket. a kiss, and then a kiss over again, a kiss stretched out in an eternal moment. love.
  • riaeki comes out of the spell, stunned. she looks at sharzad, puts a hand on her shoulder. “please don’t take this the wrong way”. and she kisses her again. and she bolts from the inn.
Session Thirty-Five

Sharzad wants to talk with some other members of the gang, but they go to bed early. She then tries to talk to the bartender but that doesn’t go very well and she ends up drunkenly oversharing. She heads up to the room hoping to talk to Sharzad but Riaeki pretends to be meditating. Sharzad pokes her but Riaeki does not respond.

After Sharzad goes to sleep, Riaeki heads downstairs seeking out the aasimar Mirien.
Riaeki asks, “You’ve been lots of places, haven’t you? Can I ask you something?”
Riaeki draws her family crest and asks if Mirien recognizes it.
Mirien says, “I think I do. Its that merchant family, isn’t it? From Gephyra?”
Mirien says that they traveled with a caravan run by this family, but they can’t remember names or other details and it was a while ago. Mirien says of the woman who ran the caravan, “you look a lot like her.”
Riaeki thanks them and runs out of the room.

While Afa is asleep she has a mandolin lesson.

When Sharzad wakes up, Riaeki is still meditating and Sharzad notices that something is off. Also it was strange that she didn’t respond to being poked.

The breakfast is amazing food that reminds Sharzad of home.
Sharzad asks Riaeki if she’s all right since she was asleep all night and didn’t respond when Sharzad tried to wake her up. This still doesn’t add up.
Sharzad then asks about the boy that we helped earlier, as Riaeki was uncommonly generous and protective of him. Riaeki says that she panicked, and Sharzad wonders why.
Riaeki says that she can explain, but she can show her. Then she gives Sharzad her shield.
Sharzad attunes to it, and hesitantly casts detect thoughts.

In Riaeki’s mind there are vast oceans and deep canyons of regret, and sparks of friendship that cast some of the darkness away.

Sharzad returns the shield.

Mirien comes downstairs and approaches Riaeki, saying, “Hey i remembered the name you were looking for! Tiatha Valtaeris, but she went by Tia most of the time.”
The detect thoughts is still up when this conversation happens! Sharzad sense a confusing array of emotions, mostly fear.
Sharzad: “Riaeki, what was that? Who is Tiatha Valtaeris?”
Riaeki involuntarily crushes the mug that held her coffee.
Riaeki starts to explain. That is the name of her sister who murdered her! It all comes out over the morning coffee.

Riaeki then asks that we don’t talk about it and then go sell our stolen goods instead. We discuss future plans and see that we will eventually need to track the sister down, especially since Riaeki suspects she serves Yleth.

We go out searching for a fence. Sharzad tries to identify some potential targets. Riaeki uses her piratey-ness to seem a legit in-the-know criminal. Afa lies about their criminal connections.

We find an inventor who is interested in the precious metals and gems. She gets overexcited and offers 11,000g! Sharzad is confused that the party doesn’t haggle. Aren’t you supposed to haggle?

She pays us in a combination of ingots and coin. We now have a fuckton of money!
Sharzad offers her the jeweler’s kit, but it has Master Ynaris’s mark. Luckily, the shopkeeper thinks Ynaris is a dick and supports us. She gives back the kit and Afa burns off the mark.

The group heads off to the Skyward to spend their sweet sweet loot. They discuss the nature of spirits and Riaeki and Afa are a little weirded out by the ubiquity of spirits. They also discuss the nature of the gods and whether there are ultimate rules governing stuff and everyone is very confused.

We find a store with some enchanted items that looks sorta bland called the Mystic Emporium. Apparently they walked into a training session and there is a very awkward customer service interaction between one of the employees and Sharzad. At a certain point the proprietor steps in and introduces herself as Embris. She’s a dwarf with the elaborate traditional braids. She explains that this is a branch that might not have some of the more specialized magical items. She looks the party over and figures out that they are adventurers and starts looking for things that would be useful for them.

Riaeki haggles down the price of a ring of the ram and a dimension door cape. There is also for sale a Handy Haversack. Meanwhile Sharzad stands staring and poking at armor and not really getting anywhere.
We decide to buy the three items and the math to figure out how to pay for the stuff and the math is just really hard, guys. But we know we do have enough.

Then we get the magical items identified

Session Thirty-Four

last time with the lads: having reached the second floor of master ynaris’s shop, we pause to recover some mf hits points…

Nalia finds a hollow book with a gem and mysterious seal inside, seeming to point even more to a connection to the pirate necklaces. Afa plays a song to cheer everyone up. Sharzad pulls a tooth. Riaeki cleans off some gunk. The gang makes sure to loot some books to sell, because books are for nerds and money is extremely good.

After narrowly avoiding a sword trap in the ascending stairs, Riaeki decides to use some of the mimic pieces to cover the sword holes in the wall. It takes some trial and error but the party eventually makes its way to the next door…which is suspiciously fancy and weirdly intricate. Afa manages to unlock it and Riaeki opens it.

Inside the room, the party sees a huge framed mirror on the opposite wall. There is a circle on the floor that Nalia and Afa investigate, and which Nalia recognizes as a summoning circle. Still looking at the mirror, Sharzad sees something reflected in it that is next to Afa. Eventually the image resolves into that of a tiefling-like figure who then speaks directly to Afa. In the course of conversation, it becomes clear that Ynaris has summoned and bound the demon to the mirror. The demon begins menacing Sharzad as she moves to loot the room. Nalia decides to try to disrupt the summoning circle while Afa and Sharzad distract the demon. However after a few minutes he notices what she’s doing and, enraged, says a word in Abyssal and Nalia is instantly stunned.

Afa recognizes what spell has been cast and begins to wail about Nalia to distract the demon. However she also fools Sharzad and Riaeki…She then asks what the demon wants and suggests the Queen might be willing to help him. Riaeki is starting to drag Nalia away and Afa whispers that Nalia is just stunned— not in true danger. However the demon overhears this and realizes has has been duped. Afa says she’s never performed for a demon before. She then contacts the Queen of Air and Darkness and asks if what he was saying was true and he is worth making a deal with. The Queen replies he is little more than a low level courtier. As this is happening, Nalia comes back into consciousness. Riaeki asks if she’s going to continue her circle and she does. With a few final strokes she finishes the circle and the demon is now bound to Nalia’s service.

After some conversation back and forth, the gang eventually agrees to rewrite the contract such that the demon (named Eltezu) is not to kill anyone who comes into this room except for Ynaris— who is to be killed if he returns. He is then to alert them to this.

With this done, the party decides to leave the tower. Afa surfs down the stairs on riaeki’s shield. Sharzad slides down but gets whacked on the head. Rip. Riaeki and Nalia walk down and they al leave with their loot in tow.

Unfortunately once they leave, a city guard patrol spots them and demands an explanation since they absoultely look like they just looted the entire store. Riaeki lies and says they are helping Master Ynaris. The city guard is NOT at all attuned to this and is like oh yeah for sure…but then she goes in to close the door and triggers one of the tripwires. The gang then has to help her when she gets a bunch of acid goo flung at her. She again believes the gang when they say the traps were set by Master Ynaris to keep people out while he’s moving (this is kind of true though) and she asks for the party’s name so she can give them a commendation for helping her. Afa, thinking quickly, says they are Lisbet, Sara (Riaeki), Maria (Nalia), and Lou (Sharzad). The gang then freakin books it outta there, leaving the rug with the gnome city guard, who Sharzad threw it at when she went to go help the other guard.

The party then look for some lodgings and enter an establishment called “The Laughing Witch”. They have dinner and talk amicably with the barkeep and a company of bards who are staying there. They then head back to the theatre to see The Folly of Steven and EXTREMELY enjoy it.

Interlude: Ijjekhara

Our party sets out for the mountains in the east of Ijjekhara. Cold and foreboding, people and animals have been going missing in the region. We’ve traveled five days to this region, on adorable shaggy ponies. We wake up before dawn (because to get anything done, you need to) to finally, with the beginning of morning, we reach a small village perched against the mountainside. Tuya has some troubles with her horse, but then again, her pony isn’t particularly reactive to anything at all. We head into the largest building in town to meet the local leaders- Sylvi taking point, to make use of some Rustic Hospitality. It’s a wooden building covered in layered pelts- we knock, and are greeted by a wizened older woman, who invites us inside.

We sit down inside and take the tea- strong, with butter. Many children and goats have been taken, as well as, last night, an older woman. The children were both taken while playing out further than they should have been- near the peak. A great deal of snow disturbed, and blood. There were no surviving witnesses- except for the goats. The older woman was taken in a valley some distance to the east. We decide to check the goats first, and learn that they were owned by a goat named Kintey, who apparently was Up To No Good. Kintey is called in.

Bash very excitedly goes up to Kintey and shakes his hand and asks to talk to his goats. He takes us down the mountain to the goats (nearly floating over the snow as he goes) (also Tuya is best climber. Of all time) After finally reaching the bottom, we come to large field full of very hairy goats. Love these boys. Bash rushes up to them and casts ‘Speak With Animals’, while meanwhile Tuya Goofs Real Good. Bash bleats with the big old bad smelling billy goat. Apparently something in the sky was taking the goats. He describes it as a blizzard, but alive. The goat and the Bash get into a fucking headbutting contest, in which Bash performs admirably.

We decided to head back up the mountain, to the site where the last victim was taken. We attempt to climb the icy cliff-face, and Kydaana challenges Tuya to a game of Ice Knife Fur to see who goes up first. Kydaana wins and climbs all the way to the top— when she falls, and is caught by Tuya, much to her chagrin. We all proceed up once again, and take in the view (with a bit of grumbling about the effort on Sylvi’s behalf). Kydaana and Bash appreciate the bloodyness of the blood, while Sylvi and Tuya realize that the blood seems to be from a very bad arterial wound. We consider the possibility of tracking it via the blood which was dropped from the body while it was being taken, with the use of Odd, the Best Bloodhound. Odd catches the scent and and we rush down the slope, Sylvi taking the fast and furious lead, Tuya and Bash just behind, and Kydaana taking up the rear (much to her chagrin).

When we finally reach the valley, we stop at the edge of it, seeing huge spikes of ice carpeting the valley floor. After some careful deliberation on whether Sylvi would lie about whether this Ice is Dangerous, we decide to simply pass through it (while Bash plays some pranks on Kydaana, much to her chagrin). As we continue down into the valley, though, an ice creature in front of us seems to awaken.

After a vicious battle against some bad bad ice boys, we reach victory and begin to take some time to rest. We tease each other a bit about kill counts, spellcasting, and courtly manners, before Kydaana trades her handaxes to Bash for a spell. We continue forward, silent in the snow, and find another ice field similar to the one before, and realize that we’re looking down on a field of statues made of ice, laid out in formation through the valley, like an army in marching formation. 3,000 strong. Bash uses an immovable rod to make an anchor point (!!!! dude) and we descend down- they’re almost all high elves, though some are gnomes and other races. All perfectly modeled, including carts and commanders and camp followers. Bash dispels the magic on one of them- revealing a corpse, which collapses. We build a cairn, exchange some goods, spot a cave, and proceed towards the cave entrance.

After travelling some distance into the cave, we come out into the cavern- and can see a huge ice wall that’s been polished to a mirror. Sylvi and Bash see us reflected in the ice wall- then they see the gigantic White Dragon sneaking up upon us.

We fight the white dragon, and eventually it is killed- riddled with arrows, covered in faerie fire, gouged by Tuya’s pick, and stabbed in the eyes by Kydaana’s blade. Defeated it, we inspect the area- behind the Mirror is a room, that has been cleaned of any valuables, except a crest similar to the crest of the icestone family. When Bash remarks on the many coincidences here- dragons, crests, ‘icestone’- Kydaana reveals that her family is secretly on very good terms with a Silver dragon, that helped the nation gain independence from the high elves to the south. Taking the crest, they collect trophies from the dragons corpse (much to Bash’s chagrin) and head back to report on what they’ve found (and to allow Sylvi to effectively brag over their victory).

Session Thirty-Three

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST: the party totally trusted a high elf that looks like steve buscemi, and frankly got what they deserved, which was attempted murder

  • the party agrees to go with ratha to another location. we’re led in a circumspect way to a culdesac that seems fairly nice, where we enter one of the houses. it’s not fancy, but clearly a decent, homey home. we’re accompanied by the prisoner, who is put in the cellar by guards.
  • ratha asks about our capabilities. riaeki offers to fight her, at which she looks around the room and says ‘maybe later’. she inquires after sharzad’s weapons, and sharzad apologizes for shooting her. ratha accepts her apology, but seems like she hasn’t entirely forgiven sharzad (reasonable). she turns to nalia. “tell me about you.” nalia’s kind of taken aback. “well, we’re both tieflings? um, i’m a wizard. these are my friends.” ratha mentions that she knows a little magic. she seems to like nalia a lot— tiefling bond? or something more~~
  • ratha turns to afa, who calls herself a bard, rather than a warlock. afa says that she’s better at talking than sharzad— ratha and sharzad both agree. “who sent you to the house?” afa tells her about ynaris, and brings out the necklace. she says that she doesn’t think the engraver exists. “no, master ynaris /is/ the engraver— everyone knows that!” (“that makes more sense now” says nalia.) ratha thinks that he’s gone to ground now, and would be difficult to find, though she’d have ideas if we wanted to start looking. we’re most likely to find ynaris with the lady, who leads the mob. riaeki asks for reassurance that ratha isn’t leading us into another trap, seeing as the last time we trusted someone, it was steve frigging buscemi.
  • one of the locations the lady might be is a club that’s now called ‘the sinkhole’,. we could ask someone called benyat, who ratha doesn’t seem to think is a great lead, maybe because he’s in the city guard. or, we could attempt to look for mobsters and interrogate them. (we’re great at interrogating.)
  • ratha doesn’t appear to know why larr xa would be an ally to the family, but suggests that he’s giving them something they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. ratha asks if the reason we’re trying to find a pirate is because we’re sailors. riaeki shrinks at that, but no one seems to notice. sharzad tactfully mentions that we’ve encountered him before.
  • afa suggests we don’t bring nalia if we lie to the mob (sharzad chimes in that perhaps we shouldn’t bring her either). ratha responds that it’s alright, because they’re not high elves (riaeki shrinks further). nalia suggests we go to the club, as we could more easily pretend to be tourists, which has historically gone great. she also hopes to get her clothes fixed, maybe, before we go out.
  • sharzad asks if there are maybe some seedy locations we could clear out, seeing as we have some time. there are, but they might take longer than would be optimal. ratha would like us to prove ourselves to her, which frankly seems rude seeing as we nearly killed her.
  • afa asks for a place to get food, and ratha sends us to a RAD ASS SPEAKEASY! then she asks what we should do with the prisoner we’ve got in the cellar, which, again, we’ve just been so historically great at deciding. sharzad hopes ratha won’t kill her, which seems unlikely given that ratha was apparently planning on cutting off her head and doing some godfather shit with it.
  • sharzad goes to talk to the prisoner, who is named MARIS of all things, she looks pretty damn scary as she asks maris (seriously/!?) who runs the docks, where the pirate crew would have, erm, docked. “you’re scared of ratha?” “she’s a murderer!” “did you see what i did to her?” as she intimidates the heck outta her, she slips her the key to her chains. no one seems to notice. “the family is a lot of things,” she says, “but they keep my children fed.” “with the money they take from other people’s children,” says sharzad, walking out.
  • as we leave, ratha warns us that the family members who are likely to be at the sinkhole will be armed, dangerous, and armed and dangerous. and if we succeed, ratha would like to see us again.
  • quick cat break.
  • we ASCEND, back up the scary scary stairs, and proceed to ynaris’ shop. afa checks for traps at the door, and riaeki uses divine sense. there’s no undead, but there’s a slight fiendish presence, which is TOTALLY COOL AND NOT BAD AT ALL. afa does manage to see some kind of tripwire, and points it out to the party. riaeki gets out her trusty kinda sticky fabric and sharzad uses it to cover the tripwire. as this is happening, sharzad notices a shady looking dragonborn , who sees her looking and books. riaeki chases after him.
  • riaeki catches this spy pretty quickly— he attempts to cry for help, but no one seems to notice. sharzad and nalia have run after, and afa stays to open up ynaris’ shop. riaeki asks if he’s family, or if he works for ynaris, and offers to buy him out. he boldly lies that they’re paying him a whole gold, so we offer him five. his name is xan, and we tell him to take the gold, go to calafort, find reka, and take up with the company. afa casts magic mouth so if he goes back to the family, it’ll speak up against him. he seems like he’s gonna go!
  • so now we finally enter ynaris’ shop. afa tries to steal…………. everything. all………. of the things. sharzad helps her. most of the magic has been spirited away, but they take apparently most of the jewelry. it’s worth TEN THOUSAND GOLD?!?!?!?!?! our plans have now changed to go sell all this fuCKIN LOOT!!!!
  • as we reach the end of this long hallway maze thing, only some of us see a door. sharzad sees some runes around the door handle. apparently they’ll freeze us solid if we try to open it. afa tries to pick the lock with mage hand, which activates a magic mouth: “this door requires a key”. riaeki, who has ways of mitigating elemental damage, tries to break the door down anyway.
  • we take like a fuckin bunch of cold damage, which sucks. nalia chugs a potion. in front of us is a staircase. riaeki explains the fiend energy she sensed before, but explains that she doesn’t think it was a being. the staircase is steep, and long, and we come to another door. there’s no magic on it, but afa and sharzad check for traps anyway. it seems to not be trapped? afa tries the handle. it is, of course, trapped as hell. afa takes a bunch of poison damage. sharzad hurriedly gives her a potion, but afa insists she’s okay. we open the door on what seems like a pretty cleared out, though nice, sort of living room space. riaeki uses detect thoughts to sense if anyone’s hiding and senses….. some thoughts. there is something in here and it wants to eat us.
  • afa senses magic on the rug, and tries to cast hex on it. it sticks…. and the rug rears up to attack us. this is super normal. it’s initiative time. sharzad takes about seventy shots with her guns, critting once, and it seems like it’s dead. riaeki still senses something alive, though. afa tries to hex the lamp, and her hex disappears. sharzad tries to pick up the rug, which is very heavy, and does not do so. afa summons some dancing lights, forms them into a sort of humanoid shape, and sends them around the room to see if anything reacts. it walks by the bookshelves, and it walks by the table, and it walks by the desk…. which grows an appendage of some kind and whacks it.
  • nalia casts firebolt and blasts the mimic, which reverts to its mimic form and looks gross as hell. sharzad shoots it a heckuvalot, which goes well, and riaeki tries to slash at it, which goes less well. it retaliates, biting her… and sticking both her and her sword to it’s gross sticky vore ass body. afa hexes it and eldritch blasts it, and nalia…. casts sleep on it. which, miraculously, seems to make it pass out. riaeki tries to retrieve her sword. it takes her a…. while…. and sharzad comes over and shoots the sleeping mimic in the eye. it explodes mimic guts over sharzad and riaeki, and that is delightfully where we’re going to end the night.
Session Thirty-Two

It’s the morning after Sharzad’s disastrous accidental date…Riaeki sneaks into Afa and Nalia’s room and tells them Sharzad got back late and very drunk! They then go downstairs for breakfast. A halfing couple come in and riaeki notices that afa tenses at this, but then she relaxes. Sharzad is very hungover when she comes down and the group make some goofs about it.

Once they’re done eating, they decide to visit master ynaris’ shop. they pass through an industrial sector that seems in a state of decline. once in the shop neighborhood, things are more lively. afa notices a theatre and stops to look. a girl selling tickets sees them and tries to sell them on the show. they make plans to see “THE FOLLY OF STEPHEN” later that night and continue on through the entertainment district.

once in the shopping district, even among the nice shops are signs of decline (boarded up windows, a burned out shop, etc). the gang finally reach master ynaris’ shop and go in. if it was possible for them to know he looks exactly like stage and screen actor Steve Buscemi, they would, but they can’t, so they don’t. He is initially suspicious of them, thinking they are city guard, but relaxes when they assure him they are not.

when ynaris looks at the pendant, nalia notices that his expression changes before he begins examining it more closely. but he isn’t very forthcoming until nalia offers money for information, at which point he tells them the engraver is employed by the local mob, the stoneheart family. so it appears that lar za must have a connection to the stonehearts, since the engraver is not allowed to do unsanctioned work. ynaris gives them some instructions and directions about the city. they are to go to the cliffs and find stairs down, and then go two levels down. he warns them not to go deeper down.

sharzad seems nervous about the prospect of maybe using the lifts they saw in the industrial district. nalia says she can hold onto her tail if she wants, which sharzad is very doubtful about. afa says she will cast feather fall if anyone falls down and everyone better be super nice to her because of that. in any case, when they come upon the staircase it is very precarious looking. at some point they are only inches away from the edge of the clifface. one of the cranes lowers down one of the lifts as they descend, and a man holding onto one of the cables waves to them. sharzad’s anxiety continues. afa is hopping down the stairs and slips, but sharzad leaps immediately to break her fall…by jumping on top of her. meanwhile the people of mistfall seem pretty adept at going down the stairs and righting themselves from slipping. eventually the gang gets to the bottom.

they enter a tunnel in the cliff face although it’s unlike any tunnel any of them have seen before. the ceiling is up to 20 feet high in places; it is an impressive feat. there is an air of destitution and neglect everywhere they go. people give the party hard looks as they pass by. as sharzad looks around, she notices there isn’t any city guard down here and there are a lot of shady deals going on.

finally, they arrive at the address that ynaris gave them. sharzad waits as a lookout outside while the rest go inside. inside, they follow some signs and go in a room with a door that is slightly ajar. inside there is a fog spread over the floor. as they enter, the door begins to close behind them. a hairless, humanoid figure with glowing eyes appears in the doorway before closing the door and disappearing into the fog— it is still in the room with them.

the fog has strange properties— the smell is bothersome to afa and she takes psychic damage from it. afa plays a high note to get sharzad’s attention from outside. sharzad does hear the note and enters, beginning to cautiously approach the second door. the creature— a foglet— slashes out at nalia. nalia casts gust of wind to clear the room. riaeki ATTACKS the HECK out of it and it does not like that at all. afa, now that the room is clear, hexes the foglet and attacks as well. sharzad, having heard all the noise from the fight, now runs to the door. taking her new gun, she blows open the door with a huge burst of flame. then she shoots at the foglet, who staggers but doesn’t fall from the blow. it starts to cast a spell (mirror image) but nalia interrupts it with counterspell. it seems disturbed by this and begins to try to flee. nalia casts ray of frost but it dodges. as it scrambles away, riaeki pursues it and lands some good hits. then afa casts eldritch blast and the foglet absolutely dies, all of its energy drained…it’s pretty gruesome. sharzad hurries forward to try to chop off one of its hands. from the body a little orb of light emerges and floats here and there before whooshing out the door. riaeki heals nalia’s wounds.

they all inspect the creature and speculate on what it might be. afa goes back in the hall to look at the sign. she casts magic mouth on it so the next time anyone sees it for the first time, it will say “hello, i am a liar!”

riaeki uses detect thoughts to try to sense if anyone is in the house, and gets nothing. looking in the room across from them, she finds it is in a much deeper state of disuse..there’s even a skeleton inside. sharzad figures out that someone was having the foglet kill/devour people and then coming to the room to dispose of the corpses.

they all decide to wait around for someone to come find out if they died. after about three and a half hours they hear footsteps approaching. nalia casts mordekainen’s private sanctum, hiding the party…but also keeping them from seeing or hearing anything. they decide the cease the spell and when they reappear, they see a shocked looking human woman. she turns to run but afa casts hold person. sharzad and riaeki drag her back into the room.

while questioning her, and with riaeki having cast detect thoughts, they discover that they were sent here because they were “marked” — they “pissed off the wrong person.” Also, it’s clear that The Family are the people behind this. In her thoughts, Riaeki does see a human woman who seems to be the one who runs the family. Beyond that though, this woman doesn’t seem to know a lot.

meanwhile, sharzad goes back outside to take a look around. she notices a hooded figure across the way keeping an eye on the house. back inside, the woman offers them the chance to make a deal with the family, and she seems sincere. but when sharzad mentions that they are being watched, she seems alarmed. more conversation and threatening reveals that the family does business with one pirate company and when she describes its leader, it is clearly lar xa. the gang decide to take the deal. afa, to distract the person watching them, casts dissonant whispers, startling them and causing their hood to fall back. she is a tiefling woman with solid gold eyes, and when the woman with the party sees her, she immediately tells them to RUN! As the woman runs away, the tiefling woman calmly throws a HUGE spear and throws it at her, and it hits, going thru her thigh.

Sharzad quickly pulls out her gun and takes two shots at the tiefling, and she staggers. she is enraged and demands to know who they are. it ends up that the tiefling doesn’t work with the family or the city— she works by herself, for the people. afa and sharzad manage to convince her that they don’t work with the family and had only wanted to take the deal to hopefully trick the family. riaeki partially heals her wounds, and sharzad goes to heal the woman if she can.

the tiefling woman asks again who everyone is. she says the group she’s part of isn’t a rival gang as they thought, but part of a group trying to become a political force. she then introduces herself as ratha, and she’s running for mayor against the current mayor joradi anesh. she is impressed with the party’s explanation of their mercenary group and their interest in protecting people, and says that they should talk.

Session Thirty-One

The gang arrives at Mistfall.

It is a city that spans a deep canyon. On either side of the river there are different countries, Surencia and Valeq, but Mistfall is an independent city-state.

Its fallen into disrepair, but it was a center of magical learning including discovering the schools of magic.

Afa lies to the guards to get into the city.

Afa and Sharzad inspect the necklace to look for a maker’s mark. Sharzad realizes its made by someone who knows both jewelry and armor. Afa guesses that the maker is a high elf.

We try to decide how to figure out who made the necklace. Sharzad suggests going to jewelers’ shops to scope out who might have made it, or else the universities.

There are three universities in town, Imperial, Havassan, and one that got burnt down called the Lesselian College of Magic.

They decide to go to Imperial university.

Going through the town they see a city that is not as great as it used to be. People glare at Nalia and Riaeki glares back. Afa tries to be intimidating but is not, really.

They go through nicer parts of the city and see the Skyward. It is very grand and impressive sitting on top of a tall built-up island. There is a very dramatic fountain with a statue of the high elf god the Emperor, missing his head!

They walk through a fancy market. Afa tries to look for a jeweler with a similar style but the shops are too high-end to get proper look at the wares.

They reach the place where the skyward once stood and it is very grim. Then they go through the governmental district and then to the Imperial University and it is huge.

The group heads towards the university workshops. The signs on the campus are in Elvish and not translated. There are a lot of high-elf students and no dragonborn or tieflings.

Sharzad goes over and starts to talk shop with a Dwarf who is sketching designs for refitting the bridges. She claims to be from the University of Alchemy in Angyr. They talk about the plans for a while, and Sharzad gives a very vague description of black powder and firearms.

After a while, they point out Phyllia as a person who knows both jewelry and abjuration magic, but Vanjya (the dwarf) seems very nervous and intimidated by her.
Sharzad and Vanjya make a metal-pickling date.

Afa walks over to Phyllia who takes her for a servant and hands her a library book to return. Afa starts to go complete this task but Riaeki goes over to scold Phyllia for being rude. Afa returns and says she’ll do a favor for a favor and asks her about who could have made the necklace. She gives three possible leads: “the Gem,” “Nasturtium,” and “Ynaris.”
They walk back to Vanjya and Nalia who are talking stuff. Vanjya realizes that they are adventurers and is blown away. Riaeki pulls aside Sharzad and is like “1. Don’t give out our name to random people please? and 2. Do you realize you made a date with that dwarf.”
Sharzad is horrified. The gang tries to figure out how warn Sharzad that she is flirting in the future. Afa tells her to let her know ahead of time so that she can play romantic music in the background.

They reach the library and it is HUGE. They enter and the room is a huge dome with balconies. They return the book and then go to the reference librarian to ask about Yleth.
The name doesn’t ring a bell for her. Nalia fails a roll to appear normal and after the librarian calls Rashul-centrism a “heresy” awkwardly notices Riaeki’s holy symbol and tries to backtrack and tries to backpedal. Sharzad stays back and asks for texts on alchemy and the wood elf religion. She mentions the resurgence of this religion and Sharzad is very put off.

Sharzad fails very badly looking for her personal book quests. The other three are a shelf-scanning machine with Afa looking at the lowest shelves, Riaeki looking at the middle shelves, and Nalia looking at the highest shelves.
Riaeki finds a book on the religious practices of the Drow, including the “Drow dealth cult” that includes an image similar to the tarot card. They seem to call Yleth “the Night.”
Afa finds a book that suggests there was about a century of history missing from the record.
They discuss these findings and all the implications.
The library closes and they go to find an inn on campus.

Sharzad goes to Vanjya’s and starts the evening by mechanically reciting how to pickle metals. After she’s finished with that, Vanjya asks if she can see Sharzad’s guns, and offers Sharzad some mushroom liquor and nervous Sharzad downs it and gets drunk. Sharzard desperately tries to steer the convo back to pickling. As she gets drunker, Sharzad breaks down and starts talking about how her home city is in rebellion and everyone she knows is gonna dies and gets really weepy. Finally Vanjya’s like “oh, i’m sorry… i have a test tomorrow.” Sharzad drunkenly runs back to the inn and discusses a little of what happened that evening. Sharzad downs a whole pitcher of water and tries to apologize to Riaeki for “coming home late”


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