The Sea's Revenge

Session Ninety

This time on LOST….The gang are still on the dang island. Riaeki considers taking a magic stone sword but we have basically no way of transporting it. Sharzad wants to see if the breastplate has any spirits from its creation still in it (?) and tries again to attune to it. After one misfire, she is able to do this. Jashur asks if everything is ok, still seeming a bit rattled from the battle. The gang heads back to the House of Ink, dropping their disguises once they get home.

Once home. Riaeki seeks out Oruxim. She asks them about the situation with Sharzad and the uh whole blood drinking…thing. They kinda hash out the whole thing, and Riaeki reiterates that she values Oruxim, and the need for being careful. Riaeki does kind of indicate hey maybe don’t…eat me? Oruxim is very understanding of it all. Communication!!

The next day, the gang get ready for THE BALL!!!! Lillith, Ksenja, and Sharzad go to get their hair done!! French half-elf JVN does their hair! Back at home Riaeki is freaking out— Sharzad tries to comfort her when she gets back and they do some meditation.

The gang gets ready, gets in their fancy boats, and HEADS TO THE BALL!!!!!!!!

Everyone makes their entrance. Riaeki is disguised. Lillith tries to keep an eye on Sharzad. Nalia is taking notes on food and decorations to tell Afa about later. Riaeki is avoiding others and trying to blend in.

The party is going pretty well. Then, Lillith spots…Tiatha. She greets her and Tiatha is a BINCH as usual!!

The party continues. Shortly before Riaeki is to be revealed, Sharzad asks her if she’d like to dance. Riaeki is far too nervous! Maybe at another ball…?

At last, Devon leads Riaeki to the dais at the front of the room. He begins his speech (DRAMA!!!!) about the loss of Tehlmar and Riaeki in the shipwreck that Tiatha “”””miraculously”””” survived. He reveals there was another survivor— Riaeki. And he reveals she has reutnred to them at last. He drops the illusion over Riaeki and she is revealed!!! The crowd goes nuts!!! Sharzad tries to get some people to clap, with good results. Other people are shocked or think “hey, cool magic trick!”

Tiatha approaches the dais and looks like she’s plotting bloody murder— again— but she’sin public and so can only hold out her arms and embrace her sister. Riaeki embraces her back.


Session Eighty-Nine

Sea’s Revenge Session Eighty-Nine

Last time: We acquire a mean mom knife-wife, and grant it to Lilith for now. Sharzad confronts Orishim (badly), Riaeki confronts Sharzad (dramatiquely). We provide protection to Vesper. Ksenja wants to steal the assassin’s livelihood and money, and Sharzad agrees to help. It goes surprisingly well (and documents are acquired!) Riaeki and Nalia practice dancing. Ksenja and Sharzad go to grab a melon.

Ksenja and Sharzad travel through the market and go to the fruit store and pick up a “Melliferous Melon”. They pick up the melon, negotiate for some cheap fruits, and pay with an unfashionable earing.

The party attends breakfast at the house of Ink and eat the fruit while Ksenja checks her new haul. 9000 gold or so!!

We spend the day doing various things. Lilith speaks with aunt gigi. Riaeki communes with Rashul. Sharzad meditates with her guns. Sharzad, Lilith & Riaeki practice combat. Finally, we proceed to the temple of Iroth, disguised the same way we had been disguised before. We meet with Joshur, who informs us we’ll be going to conduct the exorcism outside of the temple. We head out of the city, towards an abandoned temple of Rashul. It’s on a pleasant island, a fine climate with various shrubbery, and we head to the most swiftly abandoned part of the temple.

We prepare for the combat, casting magicks on each other. We settle in, and watch as the ritual begins- the lines are laid out and Joshur begins chanting, and the breastplate begins to glow. Spectres spill out of it… and combat begins.

  • Ksenja acts quckly, throwing a rock that expands into a hail of strikes onto the ground.
    Riaeki follows up with two strikes- which radiate with intense radiant energy, as she absolutely obliterates two of the spirits.
    The remaining spirit, more solid than the others, spreads her ichor onto the ground and summons more spirits from the breastplate.
    She and her spirits attack Riaeki- she manages to evade most through her armor and the shield of faith upon her, but some get through.
    Lilith dashes in and strikes the leader twice with Rime, then dashes in and land two quick punches.
    Sharzad unloads her bullets from her position up in a tree, and rips the leader ghost to shreds.
    Nalia fires bolts of fire from her hiding spot, but only one of her firebolts strike, as the ghosts weave and dodge
    Ksenja pops down into the ruins, and emerges to toss enchanted sand at the ghosts, which explodes like shrapnel.
    Riaeki swings at one of the remaining ghosts, missing once but striking with the other, smiting the ghost out of existence
    The ghosts strike out, but are mostly blocked, as Riaeki rushes to defend Joshur
    Lilith and Sharzad tag team a ghost, Lilith striking it with Rime and fist, while Sharzad strikes it twice from behind, dissipating it.
    Nalia fires a ray of frost at the remaining ghost, burning it, and Ksenja fires an arrow into it, which splits, striking the ghost and those around with it thorny spikes, nearly breaking Joshur’s concentration.
    Riaeki strikes it… and dismisses it.
    There’s a moment of silence… then Nexayya appears out of the breastplate, stepping into the statue of the Emperor and possessing it.
    Ksenja fires two arrows into it, but they seem to only chip the stone, failing to penetrate.
    Riaeki slices twice into the statue, dealing significant damage with her smites! However, the cold from her strikes seems to barely have any effect.
    Lilith’s first strike with Rime is blocked, but her gets inside the statue’s guard and stabs the dagger into it’s chest, before punching twice
    It strikes out at Riaeki on it’s way to destroy Joshur, but the spirits guard her even as she dives to block the statue’s attack with her shield.
    Sharzad knocks it’s sword out of it’s hand with one shot, then pushes it backwards with another, before drawing her hand mortar and firing on it. She shouts to Riaeki, “Your fist! The ram!”
    Nalia spins up a chromatic orb of acid and tosses it towards the statue, eating away at it’s surface. The statue cracks, buckles, then explodes outwards, leaving behind Nexayya’s spirit.
    Reacting, Ksenja transfers her hunter’s mark to Nexayya, and Riaeki rushes in to strike her, loading another smite into her strikes. Ksenja fires into her from the other side, ripping through her.
    Lilith rushes forward and roundhouse kick’s Nexayya in the face- dissapating it.

Finally, in the calm, Joshur completes the ritual. We gather around, discussing the fight and warning Joshur about someone wearing Nexayya’s face.

Session Eighty-Eight

So, You’ve Stolen An Ancient Legendary Artifact From An Eldritch Being Of Unknowable Power

Nalia finishes casting Identify and learns what the dagger can do. As she finishes learning about the dagger, it speaks to her, asking, “Who are you?” She answers, “A wizard,” and asks about the dagger, which introduces itself as “Rime”. It’s been a while since it’s been on the material plane, and it’s warmed up since the last time. Ylethaen wielded Rime for a time. Nalia asks if Ylethaen made it, and it responds that that’s none of her business. It requests to talk to someone else. Nalia asks to remove to somewhere more private, as the rest of the room all stare at her (she’s been talking out loud). Nalia casts Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum and tells the group about Rime.

Riaeki picks up Rime and learns that it’s a Domhainmhara (sea elf), or was in a time long enough ago that the calendar doesn’t make sense to it. It had a grand plan and finds Ylethaen’s plan to advance herself and build a new civilzation stupid. Lilith makes it speak up (to the whole room) and asks it what kind of wielder it would like “Not a dunce” is the answer (ed: fair enough). It asks about the fate of the sea-elves and doesn’t seem thrilled. Lilith asks about Ylethaen and it explains that she did a ritual to gain power with the other gods, that it wasn’t allowed into. Riaeki asks if it had a name before Rime. There’s a name written on the hilt that has worn away with time. Rime explains that it wants to overthrow the Primordials— gods of land and sea that existed before the modern gods, and destroyed the sea elf city. Rime wants to return the city to its prime and apparently we need to overthrow the gods to do that, which isn’t hypocritical at all. We decide Lilith should wield her for now.

Sharzad finds Oruxim back at Lililth’s place and asks them about their feeding practices: namely, feeding off Riaeki without anyone watching. They claim that Riaeki asked for privacy, but Sharzad doesn’t think that’s particularly ethical. Oruxim elaborates on the time in the underdark and the time in Lilith’s house and that they never MADE a mistake and went too far, and “that’s what matters”. IS IT NOW. Sharzad tells them that Riaeki was almost assassinated, and that she almost killed the assassin. Oruxim is impressed, and wouldn’t be able to do the same in her shoes. Sharzad explains that she feels trust has been broken between Oruxim and the group. Sharzad asks why Oruxim fed on Riaeki and not on anyone else.Orxuim frames it like Riaeki asked for privacy from the others, as opposed to the rest of the group backing down on their offer to let them feed in public. Sharzad believes it’s Oruxim’s responsibility to be wise, because they’re significantly older (even though age is weird in fantasy).Sharzad threatens Oruxim— that she’ll murder them and capture them as they reform and squirrel them away— if they drain Riaeki— and then leaves.

Vesper returns back to Lilith’s with the gang. Ksenja tries to get a sense of the neighborhood for future melon theft. Oruxim is waiting for Riaeki and explains that they will only be feeding on what animals they can get, thanks to Sharzad. An argument ensues about Sharzad calling Riaeki naive and Oruxim possibly feeding on other beings that Riaeki somehow weasles out of any blame.She inspects her armor for weaknesses but unfortumately plate armor does need gaps, so she goes to Ksenja and asks to be trained to have better awareness of surprise attacks. Ksenja surprise attacks her a bunch and it mostly teaches her nothing. Ksenja asks if Riaeki wants to help her steal the melon full of jewels as practice for avoiding assassins, but Riaeki thinks it will mess with the House of Ink’s plans if she reveals herself before the Ball. Ksenja says she’ll ask Lilith or Sharzad to help her instead.

We have a day before we have to go fix Sharzad’s breastplate. Lilith talks to Rime and notices that Rime refers to Ylethaen really… familiarly. (SHES HER MOM!!! PROBABLY. PROMABLY) Riaeki looks for books on weather and is bored. Nalia looks for etiquette books. Sharzad and Ksenja try to sneak out of the house and… fail. But still go to look for the assassin’s house and subsequent melon. Ksenja realizes that Sharzad doesn’t know about Rime. They find the apartment in a nice part of Gephyyra, and Sharzad waits in the bushes while Ksenja tries to break in. Ksenja disarms the traps to get in the house and loots it. She finds a shitton of money and an assignment to assassinate Riaeki.She takes the cash and leaves.

Session Eighty-Seven

We start up again with Lilith telling Vesper about their adventures, leaving out details she doesn’t think are hers to tell (e.g. the location of the shard, Oruxim, and Riakei). Ksenja is happy to chime in but Riaeki stays terse and Nalia says nothing. Riaeki rolls successfully to hide her face journey, and Ksenja rolls a well to insight Vesper’s insight.
Then he asks what we are all doing at the dueling club if we have a good to fight, and then he picks up on Riaeki and Sharzad’s reactions. Riaeki casts detect thoughts on him, and he has been trying to figure out why he keeps thinking about her. She covers the half of her face with the scar and slowly he realizes that she looks like Tiatha. Now he is somewhat confused and on his guard. Then Riaeki says “in my defence, I didn’t know you were my ex-fiance when I beat the shit out of you.” Now he is really taken aback. He confesses that he was heartbroken when he heard the news she died, and that he always looked forward to his letters.
Ksenja suggests that he could throw his weight behind Riaeki’s claim, but he says he doesn’t have a lot of political clout. Riaeki asks why he doesn’t live with Tiatha, and he says “because she’s a bitch” and also morally repugnant. Vesper calls for a round of after dinner to deal with the info. As the drinks arrive, Riaeki feels a blade slide into her, and then another. It is the servant. Sharzad leaps up and UNLOADS into the assassin, dropping her instantly. Riaeki then tackles Vesper who is frightened and insists that he has nothing to do with this, and he hasn’t seen this servant before.
Sharzad stabilizes the assassin, Lilith tries to talk Riaeki down, and then she and Ksenja go searching for clues. Lilith doesn’t find anything, but Ksenja finds a panic button kit for disguise and travel. Sharzad searches the assassin and finds literally nothing. Lilith sets off to the house of Ink at top speed and the rest of the gang sits in tense silence and discuss interrogating the prisoner.
Ksenja then says “she’s not the only one we can interrogate” and goes outside to talk to the plant where she found the secret stash. The plant then starts listing all the people that has come to the house. She then affirms that there was a mean woman who moved her pot. Ksenja then brings the rose inside and it identifies the assassin as the person who placed the kit. The rosebush then relates how she had a conversation with others about a group of people who were under a spell, one of which was a particular enemy of “the lady.” The rosebush tries to negotiate a place as a houseplant, as it thinks it matches the color palette of the room. Sharzad then starts panicking and says that she needs to be gone before the guards get here, and she sets off parkouring over the city.
Lilith arrives at the house of Ink and runs past a servant that doesn’t recognize and bursts into the room where Deven and Huyle were probably making out moments before. Deven then comes with Lilith back to Vesper’s house and are greeted by the rosebush before they get to survey the full scene. Deven is wearing his nightclothes: a robe that is purple with gold trimming. Deven and Lilith convince Riaeki to let Vesper sit in a chair. They revive the assassin and start questioning her. She refuses to answer based on contract stipulations, and Riaeki casts detect thoughts. She delves deeper, and finds that she has been rigorously trained to mind-reading magic. Riaeki manages to find a few things. A fragment of thought about “professional pride” and “doing the job right,” shame that she didn’t get her target, and surprise that Riaeki survived. She is thinking about her escape. An image of her receiving an anonymous packet with information, and where to get payment after the job is done. We get very little of substance out of her and debate what to do next.
Then Riaeki pulls out the business card from the warlock in the underdark and asks if she can summon them by asking. The eldritch being shows up and Riaeki offers it the assassin(!!!). Then Riaeki asks for knowledge of Yleth, and the being comes back with the icicle blade that Yleth had. At that point Riaeki tells Nalia to cast dispel magic and casts telekinesis onto the blade, and steals the blade from eldritch being as it vanishes. With that scare, Deven manages to convince the assassin to spill all her secrets. This doesn’t turn out to be much, but we do learn where she was supposed to pick up payment. When then set the assassin free and tell her to skip town and move to mistfall.

Session Eighty-Six

The gang decide to go to a dueling club. After bribing the guard (/bouncer) they head in. (BTW everyone is still disguised at this point.) Lillith and Sharzad head to the climbing wall

After Riaeki draws her sword, a few people look at her with interest. She ends up dueling with a guy who is clearly flirting with her. Sharzad, from the top of the climbing wall, does a extremely smart jump from there and it doesn not go great I tell you what. Meanwhile a half-orc nerd (zhubin stone-splitter) tries to chat up Nalia but she is not interested after he says he doesn’t like studying magic. Riaeki and the duel man set a wager for their duel then start fightin’. Riaeki wins OBVIOUSLY and even has to cure wounds him at the end. He gives his name as vesper qinroris and starts to strip and walk out toward the canal, per their agreement.


Vesper invites the gang to dinner which is extremely fine and cool. Everything is ok and we are handling it in a normal way. Everyone agrees because it is fine, and good. They head out to his boat. (Sidenote: Nalia gives Zhubin a folded up note before they leave, but it just has a bunch of study tips on it).

In the boat, Sharzad tries to turn the conversation toward something suspicious (what item would Vesper steal from the museum if he could). When they arrive at the house, Vesper leaves to freshen up and the gang confers about what they’re going to do. They decide to try and just have a nice dinner.

Vesper mentions that he and Tiatha have “incompatible personalities” and therefore do best not living with one another. Once at the dinner table, the topic turns to religion. Vesper describes himself as interested in religions and dissatisfied with the answers he’s been given so far. Riaeki and Sharzad describe some of what they know. Riaeki tries to summon Rashul, who does come— inhabiting Lillith’s body for the moment. He seems annoyed tbh. Riaeki is frustrated. She describes what happened, which intrigues Vesper. Lillith is also interested to find out Rashul used her as a vessel! Vesper is now VERY interested and asks the hear the whole story, especially if the gods are trapped as Riaeki mentioned.

Session Eighty-Five

What you missed on Glee: the gang gets fuuuuuu-huuuuucked by a tree and a death goddess, in that order. Sharzad died, is a zombie now! DON’T like that.

The Gang™ picks up in Lilith’s foyer, Sharzad fucking off to take a bath. Riaeki asks Devon how to frame someone else for their problems and how to “legalize” “”murder””. WE’RE GONNA FIND TIATHA’S EX, FOR FRAMING, OR RECRUIT TIATHA’S HUSBAND, FOR FRAMING.

Nalia and Riaki have a cute conversation to pep up Riaeki a lil while putting on clay masks. Meanwhile, Ksenja goes up to Sharzad, taking a power nap under her bed as… Sharzad goes off to talk to Ksenja! [FARCE MUSIC] Sharzad does NOT want to tell the gang she died. Ksenja threatens to trail her until she fesses up to her actions (and execute her if necessary for undead mishaps). Sharzad takes this as an offer of friendship. Oh no.

Lilith, thinking “aw fuck,” is just about to do a nice set of cooldown stretches when Huell barges in to complain about Devon’s parties and murder attempts. They have a delightful chat; after he leaves, she is about to return to her cooldown stretches when Sharzad knocks on the door (tailed). Sharzad asks her recs on clerics in the city. Lilith, after explaining that her history with the monastery is less-than-religious, mentions that, hmm, Sharzad knows a paladin pretty well.

Time to talk to Riaki, then! Nalia is still there. Sharzad tells Riaeki she DIED and that Yleth very much knows about it. Riaeki responds in the regular way: she dispels magic, killing Sharzad instantly! That’s love, babey! Anyway, she has Revivify, so it’s whatever.

Devon disguises The Gang so we can go out on the town to find a priest to un-curse the breastplate. Lilith lectures The Gang so they know how to act in the town. We disguise ourselves as boringly normal and sail off to the temple of Iroth, where the priests… are hotties. The gang finds a KNIFE THROWING PRIEST and tells him about their cursed object, which is sufficiently interesting to distract him from his knives. After unwisely telling The Gang how full of powerful magical items the temple is, and after hearing a whole earful about Yleth (and niche farming practice) from these super normal folks, he accepts 500 gold—pooled by the gang, give or take some Ksenjas—and asks for a day to gather his reagents. His name is Josh, and thus ends the session.

Session Eighty-Four

Last Time on Seaside: We discussed the situation, shared some agricultural secrets, discussed a plan to take down Riaeki’s sister, did some shopping, had an unfortunate familial in the counter in the market where Riaeki was spotted by her sister, and Sharzad & Lillith broke into Tiatha’s house, using Ksenja’s gem-merchant persona Sven as a distraction.

Lillith and Sharzad move through the heavy jungle outside of Tiatha’s home, and they climb into the canopy in order to get a better view of the grounds (with Lillith’s Pass Without A Trace saving Sharzad’s ass). They see the layout of the grounds, as well as a greenhouse within the house itself. She can’t see a study from here, but she can see what looks like a servant’s quarters. Meanwhile, Lillith notices that there’s footprints on the ground that aren’t shaped like those of any humanoid or beast she’s ever seen before. She joins Sharzad up in the trees and they decide to make their way to the second floor through the treetops.They move forward, but Sharzad fucks it up, slipping and landing right in front of an ent- she panics, and hides directly between it’s eyes with her cloak of elvenkind. The Ent shakes Sharzad off and throws her into the woods just as Lillith casts darkness on it’s eyes. Lillith wants to leave, but Sharzad wants to hide, and Lillith follow’s Sharzad’s lead. Sharzad, unfortunately can’t seem to hide well, and is attacked. They get into combat with the tree, and Sharzad wants to destroy it because it’s seen her face, but Lillith wants to run. They very nearly destroy it, until it summons two companions. Sharzad stays to fight while Lillith runs away, trying to take a hit & run approach, and is knocked unconscious. Lillith sees this happening, and runs to the boats.

Ksenja notices that something is happening behind the house, and uses a guard disguise to get herself out back after failing to convince a servant to let her out back. She convinces one of the treeants that she’s meant to take the body, but the treeant fails to convince it’s superior that this is the case. Realizing that the guards are about to get a look at Sharzad, she casts fear, causing them to drop her, but as Sharzad hits the ground, the last of the life leaves her body.

She appears in a strange hand, in a mystical body, in a strange realm. Ahead of her is a figure- Ylethaen. She looks at Sharzad and speaks to her, saying “I was wondering when you would get here.” Sharzad spits in her face. She wraps her fingers around Sharzad’s throat and says “Now you owe me,” before throwing Sharzad back into the mortal realms.

Sharzad wakes up with a start and leaps backwards, before standing up and saying, “Tell Tiatha that Ylethaen is very, very angry with her.” One of the guards says, “What’s Ylethaen?” And Sharzad replies, “You should ask her.” Sharzad runs to into the woods, firing arrows at the the Treant until it falls.

Sharzad and Ksenja get over the wall and see Lilith acquiring a boat. They make their way directly home, with Sharzad removing her breastplate and making an attempt to disguise herself. As they get back, Lilith chews Sharzad out over her conduct in the mission, and Nalia notices that Sharzad looks strange, and informs her that treants are sapient. Sharzad reacts poorly to this news, stomping away upstairs to be alone.

Session Eighty-Three


We debate the plan for taking over House Valtaeris. Riaeki wants to kill Tiatha in public. Everyone thinks this is a bad idea. We decide to spread the ~rumor that Riaeki survived her shipwreck and is here to claim her house and see what the response is, and then present ourselves at the Black & White Ball. Devon is very irritated throughout the process and insists that Riaeki not go out not in disguse. He thinks Nalia is the only one of us that’s smart, which is true.

We make plans for the B&WB. We meet a dwarf tailor who is AMAZING and he and Sharzad list flowers. Riaeki asks for an outfit she can wear over armor. Nalia looks amazing with a cloak as her own accent color. Riaeki commissions an illusion to wear over armor from Carlos, a Kenku.
Ksenja wants to wear a fashion sack. Lilith wears a white gown with black accents.

Riaeki goes to the market to investigate rumors about herself. They’re clearly being spread throughout the noble class. She sees Tiatha selling goods, which Tiatha notices~~ but doesn’t seem to see through her illusional self. She has some magic on her: magical clothes with illusion, sapphire ring with abjuration magic, evocation staff.

Ksenja, Lilith, and Sharzad discuss breaking into the Valtaeris house. Ksenja suggests using her Valtaeris goods as a distraction while Lilith and Sharzad sneak in. Everyone rolls excellent stealth. Lilith climbs a wall. Sharzad boings over it. There are plants EVERYWHERE.Ksenja enters the house and tries to convince the steward to take her goods. There are plants EVERYWHERE.

Session Eighty-Two

It is time for another D&D and Lilith is a statue.

Nalia inspects the rockfall and determines that it was a trap that was set and sprung on us.
Riaeki carries the heavy Lilith stone (monolilith) back to the cart without chipping her.
Ksenja inspects the necklace on the priest giant. It is a necklace of petrified hearts. Yikes.
Looting the giants we find 2 chisels, 90 plat, large hunting trap, and a pouch that appears empty, but is very well worked, a pair of leather boots, and some giant giant weapons.

Ksenja tries to hide all the money in her purse, but Thorn catches her, and loudly announces it to the rest of the gang. Thorn also recognizes the bag and the boots as belonging to a companion of his, the one he “lost in an avalanche.”
Riaeki then is intimidating to him and he starts to spill more of the truth. There was an avalanche, and when making their way back, supplies got short and Thorn stole all the other’s supplies and left him to die. Pressing him more, we find out that also he is in fact a drug dealer. Eventually, Riaeki tells him that we will travel with him to Gephyyra, and as for turning him in, we will at least give him a head start. We also try to use Oruxim to be threatening, but Thorn does not get it (why do you have to drink blood? Is it a kind of fetish??). Ksenja is dismayed to realize that most people on the surface don’t know about the underdark, and tries to convince Thorn that it would be an excellent place to start trading, but he is made cautious by tales of spiders.

Finally Oruxim says “I’m a vampire! That’s what we’re all hinting at!” and finally Thorn gets it, and is pretty weirded out.
Thorn is very defensive now “hey, no need to throw stones!” and Riaeki immediately casts telekinesis on boulders and stars clearing the roadblock (utilitarian intimidation!)

While Thorn is being intimidated, Ksenja tries to squirrel away the money again, but Riaeki catches her and also threatens her with flying boulders. Ksenja tries to put the money in the new bag, but its like its full.

Nalia identifies the boots: they can leave tracks different from their own.
The pouch is magical and can give seasoning of any type, enough to season meals. Sharzad is very happy.

Sharzad goes to the back of the wagon and casts mending on Lilith to make sure there are no breaks. She calls Thorn to have a talk, and asks if he’s a thief. She then tells him that there are hard times coming and that if we hear of him stealing food and leaving someone to die again, we would punish him. He tries to defend himself with the whole leaving a friend to die thing, and Riaeki comes and pushes him out of the cart and gets the mules to go, saying “this is what leaving someone to die looks like.” Thorn then claws on to the canopy like “no you fucking don’t!!” He’s still with the crowd, but is sent to sit next to a vampire and think about what he’s done.

The gang travels for a few more days, and eventually comes to a vast lake. There starts to be an omnipresent static sound of a giant waterfall. On the edge of the waterfall, there is a dam and there is a city on the water. It is sharp, with no decay. The road turns from the land and heads over the water, a long causeway leading to the floating city. Getting closer, we can see that there is land in the city, but it is clearly constructed rather than natural. There are more causeway-roads but most of the traffic is on canals. There is greenery and flowerboxes everywhere.

As we approach the city, we reach a guarded gate and a guard asks us to halt, and to state our business. We kinda get through stating our business piecemeal, and he ends up letting us through without a fuss. The guard recommends we leave our cart at a nearby stable, as boats are really the way to get around here. Riaeki gets directions to Rashul’s temple, and the guard rolls a natural one on drawing a map, so it’s not much help.

The road is very quiet, but the canals around are full of boats, some carrying things for sale and some taxi boats. We go to the stables and exchange the mules for a boat. We get a magic boat with arcane sigils. The boat guy is kinda weirded out by the appearance of Lilith.

At this point, Thorn rents his own boat and skedaddles.

Nalia drives the boat and starts editing the sigils, as they aren’t as efficient as the might be. She also realizes she would be able to override the speed limitations.

As we boat through the city, there are many more high elves, and Nalia gets many more looks than she’s used to.

We arrive at the harbor for the temple of Rashul and Riaeki worries that she might be recognized.

There’s no one immediately there, so Riaeki calls out “can someone help? My friend’s a statue.” A helpful old sea elf lady appears and says that yes she can help, but the material components will cost a pretty penny. The fee was paid, and all the components found.

Lilith returns to the world of not-statues and is rather discombobulated. The gang quickly catches her up on the events while she was not flesh, and Lilith quickly sends a message to her cousin Deven, to tell him of her arrival.

It is a very easy ride to the House of Ink, and Lilith points out some of the sights. We travel into a very obviously wealthy district and arrive at a house that is huge and in the old elven style.

We are met at the docks by the butler Kara, who greets Lilith warmly, and shows us to the sitting room, where there is Cousin Deven and his husband, Huyle. Lilith introduces the party, including Riaeki by her full name, (despite an elbow in the ribs from her). They spend a little time discussing things, such as how the last they heard from Lilith she had run away and disappeared. Lilith gives them the short version of the situation and Riaeki convinces them that it is not the best idea to send word to her sister that she’s still alive.

We then all head upstairs to Aunt Gigi to greet her. Aunt Gigi turns out to be an ancient high elf who was born before the empire was overthrown. She enthusiastically greets her new guests, and is especially interested in hearing about the revolution in Dahkri Angyr.

The party gets a moment to bathe and change out of their travel clothes, and then heads to a family dinner. At first there is mostly small talk. Ksenja charms Deven, and Sharzad and Aunt Gigi share stories about revolutions. We learn that Aunt Gigi’s husband, Quintin, was known as “Ink,” the spymaster for the rebellion against the Elven Empire. Aunt Gigi reminisces about how he had the rest of her family killed and then offers to send financial aid to the revolution in Dahkri Angyr.

The talk then turns to Riaeki, who with some coaxing reveals that Tiatha killed her and her father. We discuss the difficulties of the situation, proving Riaeki’s identity even though she’s lost her memory. When Deven and Hyule suggest that she simplify the story she tells the public, Riaeki is confused as to why she wouldn’t just tell the truth. They also suggest we do a grand reveal at the Black and White Ball that is coming up. Lilith and the members of the House of Ink think this is a marvelous idea, but Riaeki is afraid that Tiatha will just simply kill everyone at the pary.

Session Eighty-One

The gang are almost on their way! They make some last preparations including sending a message to Rehka about the fact they’re alive now still, setting up their cart and mules (Daffodil and Tornado).

On the road, Lillith drives the cart while everyone else piles in. She and Thorn have a light conversation about the members of the party, where they’re from, etc. Sharzad uses her special eyes to look around at the flora and fauna.

Just then, there’s a crash and rocks fall behind us, blocking off the trail. Seconds later more rocks fall, blocking off the way forward too. As the dust settles, some lizard-like creatures appear…

Battle time!! The gang (minus Oruxim, still in the wagon because Vampire) do their best against the basilisks. But no sooner are they defeated than some FREAKIN GIANTS roll out! Oruxim emerges to help with the effort. In the fray, Lillith gets petrified and “absorbed” into one of the giants! Ksenja takes down the other giant. The session ends with the other giant falling at the gang looking at the aftermath, wondering what to do about Lillith…


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