At a Glance

A large port city on the coast of Marin, Calafort is a bright and bustling place, a center of trade and a multicultural hub. The stucco walls of the buildings linings its streets are often painted in shades of bright orange, yellow, pink, and red—in the summer, when the sky is most often a striking bright blue, the city feels almost unreal in its richness of color.

Calafort is dominated by two hills. The tallest, at the center of the oldest part of the city, is crowned by an ancient fortress, owned and inhabited by the Greyhawk family, and is the center of local government. The smaller of the two has at its top a large open plaza and six glorious temples to the gods.

Inhabitants of the city are a diverse mix, with the majority being half-elves and sea elves. Notably, there are also a number of full and half-orcs, as the orcish port of Dakhri An-Gyyr is just a short journey by ship away.


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Since Calafort has been experiencing significant growth since the fall of Faaros, the major division in the city is between old and new. The older parts of the city, surrounding the hill on which Greyhawk Castle sits, have narrow, twisting streets, poorer residents, and a distinctly working-class feel given that they include the docks. The newer parts are laid out on a plan, streets broader and better-kept, with some green space and a wealthier populace. Each of these areas is perhaps best characterized by its market.


calafort6.jpg At the heart of the old city, between the fortress and the docks, Oldmarket is a large, circular plaza filled to bursting with vendors of all sorts, from the plentiful fishmongers to spice merchants, cobblers, farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables, tinkers with strange odds and ends. It is almost always loud, bordering on raucous, during the day, with individuals in the crowd chatting and bickering, beggars panhandling, vendors advertising their wares at top volume, and customers shouting right back. Often a musician or two is playing a tune near the base of the worn, nearly featureless statue that stands at the center of the plaza.


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