Lightheart Company

A mercenary group founded by Sharzad Angyyri, Afanen Willowherb, Riaeki Stormdaughter, and Nalia Fluvios in the year 836.

Legal Standing

The Lightheart Company was incorporated and approved by Lady Belinda Greyhawk, and is authorize to operate as a mercenary company within the nation of Marin. Said authorization grants the organization the ability to operate as a fighting force in accordance with the Treaty of Mezzana, which is the law of the land.

A mercenary company may employ up to 1,000 individuals at one time, although special licensing is required for groups comprised of more than 100. If a group is incorporated with less than 100 members and grows beyond that mark, it must undergo a review of status before the induction of the 101st member.

A contract is not a deferral of responsibility—no mercenary may be contracted to carry out illegal acts, and if they are found to have committed a crime in the course of their work, both they and the employer will be held accountable.

If contracted by a member of the nobility acting in their capacity as an agent of the government of Marin, a mercenary company is empowered to enforce the law for the length of said contract.


Founding Members

The following individuals were signed to the Lightheart Company’s Articles of Incorporation at the establishment of the organization.

Sharzad Angyyri

A half-orc, half-wood elf from Dakhri An-Gyyr. A highly effective fighter with strange, self-designed weapons. Outspoken critic of Artakhshad. Known as a bit of a soft touch, but deadly in the wrong circumstances.

Riaeki Stormdaughter

A high elf former pirate who received a pardon for past crimes in the process of the company’s incorporation. A dangerous combatant with divine abilities, dedicated to Rashul. Known as a brutal opponent who is particularly protective of her friends and a capable healer.

Nalia Fluvios

A tiefling with connections at the University, of unknown extraction. A powerful evocation wizard with a particular command of fire. Known as a well-studied, deceptively unassuming adversary who is capable of immense destruction.

Afanen Willowherb

A halfling entertainer, originally from an unknown rustic village, but with connections to the Feywild. A magic-user with strong interpersonal skills and an unpredictable demeanor. Known as a charming performer and an unflinching combatant whose magics attack both mind and body.


Air genasi, used to be a bartender. Inquisitive, a bit of a drunkard, blunt.

Tanoute (“Tani”)

Wood elf, fairly young. Brave, earnest, unskilled, impressionable.


Orc, ex-cleric (orcish religion), tani’s adoptive brother. protective, reserved, conservative-minded.


A wood elf. Tall, slim, graceful, poised, leaderly. Ranger skill set. One of the ex-gladiators. Previous to all this, she made money by hunting and gathering for people who needed stuff from far afield they couldn’t get themselves.


An orc. Pudgy, cute, scholarly. Wizard skill set. She was the one who used the sending spell. She worked as a low-level clerk for the city government before the empire invaded.


Half-orc. Gentle giant type. Monk skill set. Was studying to be a priest before he joined up with the rebels.


Orc. Middling height, strongly built. Quiet, but with a good eye for tactics. Fighter skill set. She’s the gladiator you first talked to in the arena. She was city guard, once upon a time.


Human. Lean, dark-skinned, a little rough-looking. Rogue skill set. Ex-gladiator. He’s the guy who asked why he should fight for Dakhri An-Gyyr.


Orc. The oldest of the group—powerfully built, but feeling his age a bit. Barbarian skill set, but before the rebellion became necessary he worked at a bakery.

Additional Members

No individuals have yet joined the company after its inception.

Potential Members

The following individuals have been offered membership, but it is not yet known whether they will accept and become part of the company.


A young blue dragonborn street urchin who was paid 10 gold to leave Mistfall, travel to Calafort, and take up with the company there. Possibly in transit.


A green dragonborn thief whose drug habit and general carelessness have gotten her in hot water with the Family in Mistfall. Offered a position, has made no answer as of yet.

Former Members

No individuals have yet left the Lightheart Company.

Lightheart Company

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