The Sea's Revenge

Session Fifty-One

We descend into the vaults through a stone column and then through empty air. The elevator ends up in a massive cavern that has been decorated and is full of STUFF ranging from mundane things like plows to boxes that contain silks and other expensive things.

Bellana identifies a torc that she recognizes from a family portrait, and it starts talking to her. It says it can tell she is a descendant of a previous owner and offers great power. Bellana realizes the thing is probably somewhat cursed and puts it back down.

Nalia finds a wizard’s spellbook bound in snakeskin with cool new spells and chooses that.

There is a very cool and pretty quill that makes people keep to their contracts. Both Afa and Bellana are interested in it but Bellana grabs it first. Afa tries to convince her to take something else, but when she fails tries to sleight of hand it away from her. When this fails, Bellana holds the box high over her head and and Afa scales her to try to grab the box and is once again thwarted by Bellana’s strength.

In the hubbub, Riaeki steals a grappling hook for Sharzad.

Afa picks a whistle that will tune instruments magically, an Riaeki picks a puzzle box with an ocean inside. Eagan chooses a goblin compass.

We arrive back above ground to a large gathering where they are breaking the news of all that went down in the city and laying the dead to rest. They lay the dead to rest by dumping the bodies into a big pit under the plaza that has a huge snake in it.

Bellana greviously insults the Yuan-Ti (again) and we are invited to leave now. Before we go, the priest lady warns Afa to be wary of people who come in pleasant dreams.

We leave the city and find the freed prisoners waiting for us in the swamp. There’s a gnome among them and Afa suggests she finds someone to give a piggyback ride and the gnome is scandalized.

On the way back Gideon complains and Bellana reprimands him. Afa then does an amazing imitation of Bellana complaining for everyone’s amusement.

On the trip back, Eagan starts insisting that he knows the right way to go, often suggesting things like cutting through dark forests instead of continuing on the road.

On the trip back, Afa steals the quill from Bellana late at night when she and Nalia are on watch, and Nalia tries to recruit Eagan to the Lightheart Company. Bellana notices the quill is missing the night before we finally return to Calafort. When we arrive at the gates Bellana gets some guards to search us under the guise of “safety measures,” but they don’t find the quill because Afa slipped it into the handy haversack.

The group arrives at the Darkwater townhouse and are shown inside. Lord and Lady Darkwater greet us. While reuniting with her parents Bellana tells Lord Darkwater about the theft but Lord Darkwater says he can’t search the people who brought his children back.


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