The Sea's Revenge

Session Fifty-Two


Nalia goes to talk with Akar about some of the items she got, as well as the freaky snake god. Akar is happy to give some insight about the items, and mildly concerned about the snake god. He suggests Nalia consider talking to a cleric about things she finds bothersome, and she thanks him. Then they do some knitting!

Riaeki goes to check on Larr Xa and Nexaya. A guard tells her that the two talked to each other from their separate cells quite a bit, and were eventually separated.

(Meanwhile, Afa gets some good fried potatoes.)

Sharzad has been busy training the mercenary company.

Back with Riaeki: A visit to Belinda Grayhawk yields more information on the Darkwaters and yuan-ti conflict. She also reminds Riaeki that she will need to give a full deposition.

LATER THAT NIGHT, the gang reunite with Sharzad…who HAS A DOG NOW! We love Sunny the Bulldog!!! Everyone starts catching up; in particular Sharzad starts grilling Riaeki about everything in the past few weeks and her general state of being. Riaeki gives Sharzad the grappling hook, though it turns out it’s not magic after all. Sharzad goes to change before they go to the Hungry Unicorn. She comes back in a beautiful dress that looks like the ocean :3

At the Hungry Unicorn they run into many of the members of the mercenary company, including a very drunk Lydia. The entire party has a good time and gets to relax for the first time in the pat few weeks! (Nalia also identifies a mystery item…BUT WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?!)

Next morning, Sharzad visits Nalia and asks if she would be interested in tutoring one of the mages in the mercenary company. She then goes to see Afa, and similarly asks for her help with the guild, with sneaking. She then returns home and asks for Riaeki’s help too, with healing.


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