The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty


  • our initiative rolls suck. luckily theirs mostly also suck. we all suck. this is a suckfest.
  • sharzad shoots a guiding bolt, which streaks past nexxaya. riaeki casts aura of vitality on herself. nalia casts a firebolt at larr xa: it hits him in the shoulder, and he shouts into the deafening wards of the room eerily. then sharzad rushes nexxaya, and grapples her— then pulls out a gun on larr xa, and… misfires.
  • now it’s nexxaya’s go, and she inflicts wounds on sharzad. riaeki heals sharzad, and tries to knock larr xa prone, but his strength far outclasses hers. afa casts hold person, and BOTH OF THEM FREEZE IN PLACE. nalia sends scorching rays at larr xa’s head. he breaks the hold person, and grabs his greatsword. “well… hello.”
  • sharzad binds nexxaya’s arms, gags her, and leaps over the bed. larr xa strikes out at her, but between sharzad’s ring of jumping and riaeki’s shield in the way, misses dramatically. sharzad uses the distance to fix her gun. nexxaya struggles against her bonds— she resists the magical hold, but can’t break free of the manacles. riaeki turns on nexxaya and hits her twice, once with divine power. afa casts phantasmal force on larr xa— he sees nexxaya turn on him, suddenly, and attack him. nalia runs right into the fray and whaps nexxaya with her staff, tasering her while she’s down.
  • larr xa tries to figure out what the hell’s going on with nexxaya, but remains befuddled. sharzad pumps larr xa full of lead. nexxaya, full up with rage, spits out her gag. and heals larr xa. riaeki ties her to the bed, re-gagging her. afa’s illusion of nexxaya attacks larr xa, and she blasts him twice. nalia sends a scorching ray at him and literally smokes him. larr xa gathers himself a bit, swinging at riaeki. sharzad shoots him, and he spits blood, keeling over, unconscious. nexxaya wails through her gag as sharzad spares him from dying. the party ties him up, and riaeki brings him back to consciousness as she casts zone of truth.
  • with detect thoughts up, riaeki interrogates the two: larr xa insists that the mutiny had nothing to do with yleth, and that he found nexxaya on the next ship after the mutiny occured. in his thoughts, riaeki sees a deep admiration for her as she strides toward him, dressed in strange clothes. nexxaya doesn’t know who tiatha is, but insists that her cause is righteous— they’re trying to raise a dead goddess, killed unjustly. and it’s taken a while— nexxaya remembers dying and being brought back, multiple times. in her mind, riaeki senses what death was like for her: a grey nothing. riaeki asks why larr xa didn’t tell her about the mutiny— that she would have agreed that it was necessary, if he had.
  • afa asks why nexxaya is interested in the yleth-y artifacts, and riaeki sees more in nexxaya’s mind: a book, bound in metal, a crystal globe, and a sliver of the dark metal suspended over a pit. nexxaya seems particularly interested in the latter, and there’s a strong sense of objective, much the same as in larr xa’s mind. riaeki asks about other members of the cult— she’s thrown out of nexxaya’s mind before she can get any faces, but nexxaya mentions meeting someone who used to be trapped in a tree.
  • god i’m forgetting stuff lemme know if i forgot important things and i’ll edit it. at some point riaeki cuts off larr xa’s hand to knock him out. sharzad tries to beat nexxaya into submission, but realizing it would take a long time to do so (and be extremely violent and awful), just shoots her in the shoulder and magically spares her.
  • a long debate is had about what to do with the two of them. at first, the party considers just jumping out the window and trying to get to a boat from there, but the fact that none of us would be able to crew it is a pretty big dissuader. sharzad convinces riaeki that it would be better to take the two of them back to calafort and have them tried and executed than simply kill them here, and riaeki acquiesces. hiring a ship or a caravan seems like the best option, but the party doesn’t want to leave without any information that might be on the edge of the world. a plan is hatched involving flying in in the dead of night and burning the ship down. riaeki mentions that she’d probably be recognized on the edge of the world, and hangs back, first telling the gang the basic layout of the ship (and that they probably shouldn’t go down to the brig). afa, nalia, and sharzad go first to inform ratha that the group is leaving mistfall, and that the party’s parting gift against the family is going to be burning down a ship in their incredibly well protected and guarded bay. this is seeming like a better and better idea by the minute.
  • after the other three leave, riaeki wakes up larr xa. he looks down at his wrist— “that’s for midor’rian,” riaeki tells him. “who do you think the other three are for?” larr xa tells her he believes in her creativity. he asks if she believes in what rashul’s doing— that he’s waging war against death itself, that all beings have an immortal soul, and now that soul goes nowhere when the body ceases existence. the grey nothing that riaeki sensed in nexxaya’s mind. riaeki doesn’t have much to say to that— it’s not for her to question the mission she’s been given. she tries a lighter topic— she found out her name, and xa can stop calling her ‘stormdaughter’. she refuses to tell it to him. he asks if she found any family, and she responds that those people would be blood relations— family was what she had before he killed all of them. he says that she seems to have found a new family. if he so much as touches any of them, she says, she will find much more creative ways not to kill him. larr xa wonders if her cruelty was innate or taught to her by the pirates. when riaeki points out the irony of him being the one to say this, he says defensively that he included himself.
  • i am sure i’ll remember the rest of this conversation at some point when i’m less full of adrenaline but it ends with riaeki cutting off his foot. she wakes him back up, heals him, and declares “that one was for tai”.
  • nalia, sharzad and afa make an insane plan to get onto the edge of the world— they’re going to jump off the cliff above it and cast featherfall to splash down gently. they manage, barely, to outmaneuver the guard over the bay, and jump off the 1000 foot cliff into the nothing below. sharzad barely catches hold of afa’s hand as they fall into nothing, shaking her just in time for afa to cast the spell. they splash into the water, seemingly not alerting anyone on the ship.


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