The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty-Eight

The gang discuss further how to proceed. In the end they decide to send Afa in to gather some more info.

Afa casts Disguise Self to make her features look more yuan-ti. Once in the city, she heads for areas where there might be fewer people around. She meets with a full yuan-ti woman who seems likely to be very sick with the plague. She has necromantic magic in her fingertips, which points to a magical component to the plague, and sets out to do more exploring to learn more. She also hears rushing water deep down in a well, which is strange…

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are doing their own investigations on the perimeter of the city. They note a lot of the culture of the city, and are surprised how cosmopolitan it is.

Back inside, Afa continues her investigations. She enters a temple, and notices that there is necromantic magic inside as well. Afa then approaches one of the people inside, telling him she’s there to pray, and implying she has a relative with the plague. The acolyte shows her how to pray to the Night Serpent. He also says that Merrshaulk and his priests are looking for a way to cure the plague.

Afa makes her way back to the rest of the gang and recounts what she saw. They debate the possibility of using the wells to transport the prisoners. It is decided that Nalia and Afa will go back to investigate further.

In the wells, Afa finds that there is indeed a cave system deep beneath the city. They then head into the city to look into the necromantic magic. Nalia sees that it is a residual magic as if a huge amount of necromantic magic has been discharged in the area—probably a ritual site. In the temple of Merrshaulk, Afa observes some of the priests doing a WACK blood ritual and Nalia sees a woman using healing magic trying to save a plague victim to no effect. They decide to head back and tell the others what they saw.

Meanwhile, Riaeki and Bellana are testy with each other. It is revealed that Belanna has somewhat misrepresented herself which causes some arguing that leads into more planning for how to free the prisoners. Eagan suggests everyone wait for Afa and Nalia to return before moving the conversation forward.


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