The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty-Nine

PREVIOUSLY, ON DUNGEONS AND ADDITIONALLY DRAGONS: we investigated a city, and it turned out it was super creepy and weird and full of snakes. not unexpected really but still bad

  • there’s a spirited discussion pre game about what to do if an entire town spontaneously ignites due to air quality. people are not convinced to move, which seems irresponsible.
  • afa and nalia return and discuss what they found— the prisoners are heavily guarded, and it’s not likely that we could use the wells to snake around. nalia thinks that there might be a big ugly ritual circle in the middle of the city.
  • bellana seems willing to negotiate but only if the group has an escape plan. “running” suggests afa. “if you move both feet at once, that’s jumping”.
  • the group tries to help bellana come up with a plan to negotiate with the yuan-ti. her plan is to bring more clerics and food, which doesn’t seem… helpful. afa suggests they bring back university folk. “i think they’d mind being poked and prodded” says bellana. there’s a minor debate about whether divine magic can be classified similarly to arcane magic and therefore studied by scholars (it can).
  • bellana has to roll to sit down, and fails.
  • the group decides there’s no better option than to simply walk into the city and ask to talk to someone important., and head into the city bellana tries to shake her dress out and… somehow…. also fails at that.
  • eagan and nalia hear footsteps behind them, and a second later, people appear. bellana tries to step towards the people: there’s a brief tussle as afa tries to stop her, and the leader of the guards? possibly? levels her spear at bellana, who offers salutations, almost without insult.
  • the guard lady sends a runner to the high priest, and spears the party towards the city. riaeki somehow gets fewer dirty looks here, which makes her feel real cool. we pass an arena, a small temple, small homes, and generally deeper into the city, up to the foot of the temple of mayor shark. we start walking up the stairs— everyone handles it pretty well, other than riaeki, who does NOT LIKE STAIRS, and eagan, who is just lame or something. the view from the top of the temple, though, is gorgeous.
  • there are four people waiting for us in the temple, near a stone altar that seems like it was probably used for sacrifices. one of the people is a huge snake, one seems to be a half-elf/half-snake, one has a human body and a snake head, and one looks humanoid.
  • riaeki pushes bellana forward, and bellana greets the terrifying snake people with "you just attacked a fort of ours!’ the snake speaks, telepathically which is always a good sign. he greets us as ‘coatl osstili’. the humanoid shakes hands with bellana. her name is maitl imil. the snake body is ‘tzin ekoleihi’, and snake head is ‘tzin zhomisa’. the rest of them speak normally, so at least the only creepo is snakeman. the party goes on to introduce themselves, and complain about the stairs.
  • afa pushes bellana aside and attempts to negotiate for the prisoners— that perhaps they could bring scholars to attempt to find the magical origins of the plague. the party knows, it seems, about as much as the yuan-ti. afa suggest maybe they shouldn’t wear cursed amulets (zhomisa is indeed wearing a strange amber necklace with necromancy magic on it). no one seems to react to this, thank god.
  • bellana offers up darkwater aid: healers, researchers, guards and hunters…. afa interrupts her and suggests that the party investigate the source of the plague ourselves. riaeki explains that the party has offered themselves to the yuan-ti’s mercy, and that their desire for the safety of the prisoners means they’re at a negotiating disadvantage. the yuan-ti allow the party guest rites, guarded, but seem like they won’t immediately kill them. there’s a brief struggle as bellana refuses to be lead.
  • we’re taken downstairs into what seems really a lot like a jail. possibly because it is a jail. bellana immediately complains that it’s not, well, her rooms in calafort, and has a bucket of water and soap delivered to her. as she tries to throw it on him, afa takes it for herself. riaeki manages to pull bellana into the cell, and we lock ourselves in jail, like fucking dumbasses.
  • afa and nalia do shadowpuppets, which they’re REALLY good at. they tell the story of the moonrats, and eagan is enraptured. bellana hears a voice she knows from across the room: gideon. riaeki shouts back: yes, bellana is here. bellana tries to cover up their identities, but gideon has already given himself up. bellana punches a wall.
  • bellana begins rattling the door, desperate to get out, and declares she’s calling off the deal. the guard, nohahlu, eventually finds it unbearable, and cuts her with some kind of narcoleptic poision that knocks her out for a full twenty minutes. when she’s out, afa and riaeki attempt to reason with the guard— the party really is here to help— but he doesn’t seem convinced.
  • nalia has an inane conversation with eagan about his name to cover for afa and riaeki, who come up with a contingency plan to break out of the city should things go south. the codeword is ‘sharzad’. bellana gets more and more agitated and tries to find faults in the walls.
  • after a long while, zhomisa shows up, sending nohahlu away. before he tells us his decision, he wants to ask some questions. he quizzes afa on what she’s seen of the plague: afa worries that he’s asking because he’s somehow the cause: he’s sent the guard away and wearing a necromancy necklace. it seems like he’s reading her mind, and afa shouts in hers for him to stop. he shouts for a compliment of guards— and afa and riaeki poof outside to attack him.
  • nalia casts witch bolt, saying ‘zap’ as she does it. afa teleports outside the door. nalia ignites the door. bellana body slams down the door. riaeki turns and slams her ring into the door holding some of the prisoners. afa starts thinking of horrible things her girlfriend did to snakes and casts hold person. it doesn’t take :( . the guards show up, including nohahlu. eagen tries to cast a sacred flame, but fails. nalia gust of winds the guards back through the door, and riaeki throws a wall of water into the doorway. bellana threatens zhomisa very threateningly. zhomisa fills an aura with light, and eagen seems like he’s super chill now. bellana goes into a rage! and attacks his ass. afa attempts to convince nohahlu that zhomisa is causing the plague. he seems to be deliberating. the guards try to shoot through the wall of water, and do not. riaeki attacks zhomisa, and he drops his spell on eagan. snakebody lady shows up, bursting through the water wall, and casts a spell on riaeki—- she sees larr xa appear, and attack her. zhomisa tries to suggest nohahlu, who FUCKIN BEASTS the save, get FUCKED you ASSHOLE. bellana goes for ekoleihi, letting the gust of wind fling her. afa yells at ekoleihi and blasts zhomisa. eagan tries to sacred flame zhomisa and fails. the guards try to run through the water wall and fail, and try to shoot through the water wall and succeed. nohahlu, in a bit of a crisis, misses. nalia fireballs the HELL out of zhomisa and MURDERS HIM. riaeki, realizing larr xa isn’t real, charges ekoleihi, who tries to choke bellana with her snake body. bellana activates her dancing sword and tries to escape. afa casts tasha’s hideous laughter, but ekoleihi shrugs it off. eagan FINALLY hits someone for two whole damage, and heals bellana. the guards try to shoot bellana and riaeki and graze riaeki. nohahlu just sits down and thinks about his choices. nalia tries to convince ekoleihi that zhomisa was causing the plague. the guards lower their bows.


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