The Sea's Revenge

Session Fourty-Four

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shopping and getting people arrested and sharzad is leaving us (FOREVER) (no) (but it’s still sad)

  • afa comes home to find the green finches have gone off on a tour, though the innkeep says that they will be back eventually. she goes to bed, and dreams lessons with callum. there’s a difference, though— normally they’re in an idyllic meadow, but afa returns this time to the campsite where we met callum. “interesting venue tonight,” says afa. “it’s familiar,” says callum ominously . he’s heard on the grapevine about how AMAZING AND POWERFUL afa allows that we’ve been dealing with gods, to which callum is surprised. afa tells callum a not insignificant amount of information about yleth, although not her name, including that shes’ dead and has been removed from history. callum says that he wouldn’t have thought the queen would care… yet, and says that she should check on her fey friends, and what they’re saying about her. some might be ‘envious of her position’. he teaches her a new etude, and that’s all of that. SUSPICIOUS
  • the group convenes in the morning to talk to nehaska at the bung and barrel, and contractors, in that order. the bung and barrel is in a nicer part of town, with a huge wine rack at the back, very nicely made. also at the back is tenk. sharzad rushes over and nearly offers nehaska a share in the venture, before afa pulls her back. tenk wishes he could help, but was taken from kineshi swamp very young, and waves nehaska over when she comes down. nehaska retrieves breakfast and we sit around the table. riaeki tells her that we’re looking for information on the swamp. nehaska wonders who could be important but also need escort to kineshi, but she lived there and remembers who owned property nearby. she asks what we know about it— it’s big. and. blue. (I KNEW IT)
  • the road will have bandits, she guarantees us. you can’t farm the land, or hunt really, so the people take to banditry to support themselves. the lizard people are likely to attack, less so the yuan ti (‘colonizers’ mentions tenk helpfully), but the yuan ti are zealots, obsessed with poison and into blood sacrifice. (‘i understand that,’ says sharzad.) the yuan ti can’t be bribed— they are looking for glory, a suitable sacrifice, or both in one. if we get captured, we should know that no one is coming, because it’s unlikely they’d ever find us. she also reminds us that lizardfolk consume the dead fallen in battle (tenk takes offense at her description of this, protesting that it’s a cultural difference). sharzad tries to convince her to join the party for this job, but she doesn’t want to return to the swamp. riaeki asks if she has any details about the area, and she goes off to get paper to ‘write us up a guide’.
  • ‘she must like you,’ says tenk, ’that’s the most she’s talked about that place in a long while.’ she definitely likes afa. he says that the two of them are about to go out on a job for caradoc, and sharzad offers up the new formed guild for any future ventures. she also mentions that the starting funds were gathered illegally, and nalia adds that the man who donated the money got eaten by his own demon. luckily, nehaska shows up before this conversation gets more out of hand, and makes some notes. she notes inns to stay at, an abandoned city that’s probably overrun with bandits, and roads that might be helpful. afa thanks her, and we leave them to their breakfast. as we leave, sharzad lets tenk know that she has some forging ideas she might like to work on while she’s in the city, and gives him her address— he knows it, and tells her that it’s nice to have family in the city.
  • we head off to attempt to hire construction people to build our guildhall. none of us know that much about construction, but afa and sharzad have a vague idea of what the price should be. a discussion is had about where to find skilled laborers (the carpenter’s guild), unskilled laborers (the docks) and materials (who knows). laborers are hired, though the guild members can make some coin as our unskilled labor, so we don’t have to search them out. this takes most of the day, and late in the afternoon, we seek out reka.
  • pentek is on the stoop, playing with an adorable cat— he’s grown a bit (pentek, not the cat). it seems like a street cat, but he’s pretty insistent on keeping it. sharzad healing word’s the cat, who curls up on pentek’s lap. as we go in, afa hangs back, and assures pentek that if reka won’t let him keep the cat, he can keep it outside and feed it scraps.
  • as the party enters reka’s study, riaeki notices that he’s reading a lurid romance novel, which is amazing. she tells him that this is good blackmail to convince him to keep the cat. the party asks after the many ruffians they’ve sent reka’s way: xan and lydia are in calafort, and rain appears on her way. lydia has already gotten herself into trouble with cassian, one of the refugees, and xan is refusing to tell anyone his name, but they haven’t caused too much havoc.
  • the party tells him where they are going to put their guild, and mention that it’s going to have a tavern. this sparks a discussion about tavern names, and whether it would be unappetizing to name our guild tavern after the moon rats, or indeed hire the moon rats to be waiters and chefs. this seems like a bad idea, but we put a pin in it until we have a guild. sharzad then asks about the book reka was reading, and is informed as to the ways that books can be about sex. it’s at this point thankfully that pentek walks in with the cat, and the party leaves them to that.
  • when afa, nalia, and riaeki return to their rooms, there’s a notice from belinda greyhawk that the job’s gonna start the next day. riaeki heads to sharzad’s to give her the funds from the handy haversack, and also…….. ask her to kill larr xa and nexxaya, should they escape from prison. sharzad pretty categorically refuses, and riaeki regrets this immediately and they spend a very awkward afternoon trying to forget that conversation happened.
  • the next morning, the party heads to meet belinda greyhawk and their new charge. belinda has a large dog friend with her, who is tragically not coming with us. she takes us to the east gate as sharzad says her farewells: first to nalia, who promises not to set anything important on fire, then to afa, who promises not to sign any contracts and seems VERY convincing about it, then to riaeki, who sharzad hopes will not test the limits of rashul’s power by, um, dying. riaeki kisses her goodbye, and she leaves. belinda greyhawk dramatically has no opinion about this.
  • we’re taken to the east gate, where bellana is waiting for us. she basically looks like kelly clarkson, and that’s in the notes so it’s canon now. nalia introduces herself as ‘afa and riaeki’s friend’, afa says hi, and riaeki asks if bellana really threw someone threw a window (yes). belinda mentions that this was into a piano, and afa takes GREAT offense. it doesn’t seem to matter to bellana— the darkwaters can just buy a new piano— but afa takes great care to mention that if anything happens to her mandolin, bad things will happen to bellana. bellana does not seem very convinced, and is pretty condescending. belinda, weirdly, defends the party— they apprehended a cannibal and magically beat the crap out of a merchant— but bellana doesn’t seem impressed by that either. she’s making a fantastic first impression.
  • riaeki turns to the two guardspeople coming with us. one, eagan, is a cleric of elu and seemingly a full half-elf, the other, suraya, is of indeterminate origin and wielding a bow. it’s like sharzad has been split into two slightly less competent people, and it’s creepy.
  • we set off through the east gate! bellana complaining the entire way, and purposefully trying to separate herself from the party. afa hitches a ride with eagan, as there aren’t any horses her size, and tells him that she could take care of bellana should she try to get away. eagan seems relieved by this.
  • the session ends there, but also swamp cliffs 2k17


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