The Sea's Revenge

Session Sixteen

Last time, on The Sea’s Revenge.

We recover some hobgoblins. Sharzad Learns Maths. Some interesting conversations occur in an inn (Nehaska and Tenk are worried we mistrust them. We do.) Sharzad and Afa recreate a frat party, with potions.We all suffer the wrath of the Storm (thanks Riaeki). We meet a elf bard terrifying nightmare fae, who Afa makes a musical deal with. We fail to acquire owlbear babies (but manage to not Die). Finally, we reenact Ghostbusters, but with more fire (props to nalia).

Riaeki divinely senses, and it seems we’ve cleared the place out. Nalia finds some 5 silver and some coppers on the bodies. Sharzad jumps up and down on some embers for 10 minutes. Afa finds some blood stains and a strange magical lamp.

Tenk comes to check on us. Sharzad suggest burying the bodies. Tenk suggests using the building as a makeshift pyre. It is decided we’re going to stay in the haunted house for the night, and we build a pyre by the lake. Riaeki goes to pray to the Rashul and gets a weak scent of ocean salt. Afa inspects her lamp: it lamps things. Specifically, it’s a lantern of revealing, which is probably how we get to the dungeon underneath of haunted house. Sharzad says last rites.

Callum wakes up, is informed. There’s some awkward banter about cannibalism (we do not condone cannibalism). We discuss hunting, fishing, and consecrations. It seems like something awful happened here, a long time ago. Watches are arranged, and Sharzad manages not to take a watch with Nehaska (score).

Sharzad and Afa taken first watch, and Callum stays up with them because he’s a terrifying nightmare fae. There’s some art and some banter. Nalia and Tenk take second watch, and discuss #magicalSkills. Nalia asks Tenk about the Goblins- apparently Fae Goblins are a bit smarter, and stranger. Tenk advises Nalia not to buy anything or trust anyone- and, maybe, not to trust Afa either. Riaeki and Nehaska talk. Nehaska is wondering why Riaeki doesn’t trust her, and they talk about the hobgoblin fight. Nehaska thinks she’s not so different from Riaeki; Riaeki doubts that, and counters that she didn’t exactly ‘choose’ to serve her god. Nehaska follows the gods of her people, but not the way that her people do. She believes that the gods love ‘us’ as their creations and love all of ‘us’ equally. Nehaska’s trying to convince Riaeki to trust her. Riaeki apologizes. We learn some dark things regarding Tenk, and cannibalism (we do not endorse cannibalism).

We wake up and Afa’s a bard now.
So that’s.

Oh and all of the rest of us are better now. Sharzad and Riaeki go to catch some fish- we grab a smallmouth bass!

Note from the DM: Murder the PCs.

We continue on towards the market. Callum is chummy with folks and Sharzad is suspicious. Afa is nervous about seeing family! (aww) Finally, we reach the market. It’s Big, and filled with tents, magic, and wonderment. Illusions, natural and otherwise, are everywhere. We’re surrounded by all sorts of goods and vendors and buyers. Riaeki is on the cusp of remembering something. So that’s. Terrifying. A demon boy takes notice of Nalia. Afa is deeply reminded of her past.

Sharzad attempts to comfort Riaeki, poorly. Nehaska welcomes us to the market. Nehaska’s going to set up the cart on the outskirt, to begin doing business in the standard items. Afa is eager to explore, so we decide to be her chaperones. The whole market is disorganized, and we don’t look too out of place (a weird sensation for many of us). There’s a strange tent of tapestries, where people go to get some sort of awful truth revealed, probably. There’s a tree-stall selling leaves(?). Nalia finds a centaur who is holding the body of a horse. Nalia finds him handsome. It’s bad.

I cannot remember what we wanted the horse man for but I’m not buying his hair.

Nalia awkwardly asks about his hair things. Sharzad calls us the Fantastic Four, because she’s a fool and forgot to come up with codenames. Afa asks about buying hair. Mr. Horseman tries to bullshit us. Afa fails to haggle. Sharzad fails to remember that the instruments aren’t for sale. Afa closes the deal.

We deliver the casks. We ask about the goods, and about Kirsikka. Apparently, hags will appear “when we most need it”. We go to the dryad and manage to offend it pretty much instantly. It’s also got a chained up pet bird, which sucks. A random goblin calls to us, and brings us into a bookstore. This is a bad idea, but we’re doing it. Nalia finds a book on the foundations of elven universities, and on evocation magic. Sharzad tries to offer haggling advice, and fails. The goblin looks at Nalia’s palm, and demands that she give up her soulmate, should she ever meet them. We learn that other things may be traded as well, like true hatred, and future riches. It seems to be a very good book, but we decide to come back later.

We meet Letto, one of Afa’s old friends. He’s a fun and offputting dude. Sharzad makes a bad joke. We ask him about Kirsikka, and he seems surprised. Apparently Kirsikka’s on the Night Collector’s bad side, and isn’t supposed to be selling her goods here. So that’s. Good. He says to try to find a vendor who’s not who they appear to be. Letto remarks upon the growth of Afa’s abilities. Apparently Letto and Afa grew up together- Afa crossed over when she was five. Also, cannibalism. Multiple cannibalism jokes.

Sharzad wants to go the the tapestry tent. The tapestries are creepy transformation sequences. So that’s bad. A voice a welcomes us, and we’re sniffed by a massive black dog. She’s a hag, and she’s interested in Riaeki. She trades in memories, and Riaeki lacks them. Riaeki wants to find her name, but the hag can’t offer that. The hag counter offers with a memory of family- enough to find them. Riaeki points out she already has two of those- but still considers it, asking the price. The hag wishes her to carry a seed with her for a year and day, then plant it wherever she is. The seed will then grow into a tree. We all consider.

Riaeki takes the deal- for three memories. The hag takes her hand…

And she’s in a house, standing on a rug next to her father. His hair is cut short and practical, with a close-cropped beard. She’s training her with swordsmanship, with a wooden sword, and completes a disarming. She’s happy. She’s been practicing that for a long time.

Then she’s a teenager, on a wagon. Behind her is a caravan. Being a caravan guard- that was familiar to her. Her man is talking to a serious man in fancy robes. They’re travelling between cities.

Then she closes her eyes, and opens them. She’s next to the sea, on the deck of a ship. A merchant ship. Next to her is a woman her age, or a bit younger. She’s smiling, hair whipped back by an approaching storm. But she’s resentful. Her sister. And her sister is wearing a ring- an emblem. A family crest. A sword, below a white star.

Riaeki wakes up, weeping. And, without looking at anyone, she run from the tent, out into the market.


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