The Sea's Revenge

Session Twenty-Two

  • previously on dnd: the gang was drunk on a beach in the middle of the day like your normal dnd adventuring group
  • afa chases more geoduck and drunkenly plays some fey songs on her new mandolin. she knows a few of riaeki’s sea shanties.
  • short time jump. afa continues to learn sylvan: hello, goodbye, how much do you want for my soul, some insults. basic fey sentences. the book is very careful to not pick a side between seelie and unseelie.
  • sharzad does some blacksmithing, despite the fact that soren has blue screened out. she makes some sculpture that her aunt can sell in her shop— vases and other flower/plant related containers. her business is… not doing great.
  • NALIA IS GOING TO LARR XA’S HOUSE BY HERSELF. he’s not THERE! she tries to peek in a window, but can’t really see. it seems to be dark inside. she calls out, but there’s no response. she leaves, distressed.
  • riaeki finds the shipwreck survivors group from the breaking wave. the three people she met earlier are there— the sea elf man, the high elf woman and the gnomish woman. they talk around things. the gnome woman is friendly and willing to talk about boats. the high elf woman recognizes game.
  • a few weeks pass. we’re deep in winter now. sharzad makes moves on the spirit in the sewer. the rats sometimes say hi. sharzad…. talks to the rats. about spirits. IT’S A RAT SHARZAD ITS THOUGHTS ARE NOT DEEP. sharzad tries to convert the rat? “is this something speaking all the time people do?” “the best speak very little. it is why i am not very good at it.” rats are super into education, it turns out.
  • sharzad tries to teach the rat to meditate, but does not do well. rats are chatty. chat rats. sharzad attempts to find out about the rats’ social structure. this rat tells her about attsk. they’re a rat democracy, which is more than we can say about america at the moment. then she tries to teach them about proper food hygiene. sharzad strikes up a friendship with a rat and stARTS CRAFTING COOKING UTENSILS FOR THEM. she looks for moonflower to help the rats in their ritual. NEW FRIEND IS NAMED TSKIN. “you can take the things that people throw away, and make better things out of it!” it seems like tskin might try to cook food. we’re in full ratatouille now folks. sharzad’s meditations with the spirit goes well, and she’s reminded of home.
  • reka has sent the party a message to meet him at his home. he tells sharzad that it might be too dangerous. sharzad and reka’s family are CLOSE. the party waits for reka in his study, with his son pentek. pentek can do magic!!! ish! riaeki and sharzad…. play footsie?
  • reka says that the issue he brings to the party is something that sharzad will care about. yikes. reka keeps tabs on what’s going on in dakkryi ahn ghir, and is worried about the formerly-free city. there’s a nascent resistance that has caused crackdowns from the emperor (who wants to kill sharzad). they’ve captured some resistance fighters (and some civilians) who are set for execution. reka wants them safe. the party is ABOUT THIS. he’s willing to pay them for it, too.
  • reka has very little information to go on, and it’s dated. sharzad is absolutely willing to go, even risk her life.
  • the ship that reka has prepared for them is named stormfather’s grace and riaeki…. has definitely tried to take it with her pirate crew. oops.
  • sharzad is wigging out, and afa offers her her cloak. riaeki asks if sharzad wants the emperor dead, and sharzad says that’s a BAD idea. afa points out that the party knows a lot of powerful dead people. nalia doesn’t know how to swim.
  • the party goes to dessie’s. afa tries to pet the cat and goes full sakaki. dessie has a bunch of healing potions, and the party yet again does not haggle.
  • afa goes to buy a magic sword. there’s a really cool one that a noblewoman used to claudio up a motherfucker. it has enchantment magic on it, and a VIBE. it wants afa. this is great. afa buys it.
  • this is a SWORD OF VENGEANCE and is possessed by a vengeful spirit. goddamn it afa.
  • sharzad tears up the shop a little looking for armor and other magical goods. dessie has rad elvish armor that can make itself look like clothes. sharzad wears too many guns to blend in.
  • riaeki wants to be better at stealth, and dessie has beautiful chainmail that makes no noise. riaeki buys it. AND HAGGLES!!!! take that
  • dessie offers up gloves that make you better at swimming, and nalia jumps at them.
  • sharzad buys some lockpicks, despite not… knowing how to use them. and she tries to haggle. it doesn’t go well. “i’ll give it to you for 18” “19 AND WE NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN!”
  • the party makes their way down to the stormfather’s grace. reka looks harried, but determined, and waves them over. he introduces them to the captain, a sea-elf woman named moira. she asks them not to call her captain. nalia asks what’ll happen if she falls overboard and it quickly becomes a comedy of errors.
  • the crew has been instructed not to follow the party into the city.
  • riaeki offers herself up as a jack of all trades and sharzad offers herself up as well.
  • afa attunes to and makes her pact weapon the SWORD OF VENGEANCE.
  • the boat sets off!
  • moira introduces the party to her crew; denwyn and erasyl. riaeki spends the night on the deck and sharzad lends her her glasses. riaeki finds somewhere quiet and confronts the hallucination wine: “i don’t know how this works, but i’d like to talk to saiid”. she does not talk to saiid. instead, she has a horrible dream: her sister has somehow called down a storm that is sinking their ship, and she is powerless to save it or herself.
  • A black sky. Beneath your feet, slick wood. Your skin burns as rain pelts you, cold and sharp as arrows. Around you, waves crash against the deck, wind howls, a bolt of lightning streaks across your vision. In front of you, your sister, clinging to the mast, soaked, staring at you with unblinking intensity.

There’s a fire in your stomach, warring with the chill seeping into your skin. You know. You know.

You’re walking toward her, one hand clutching at anything solid to keep yourself upright. In the other is your sword, drawn, a familiar weight.

“I know,” you hear yourself say, your voice ragged. “I know this is you.” Another step towards her. She is utterly still, a fixed point in the chaos, eyes darker than the sea around you.


She tips back her head and laughs, clear as a bell. When she looks at you again, she’s smiling, almost gleeful.

“You didn’t the first time,” she says. “Poor, stupid Riaeki, always too trusting for her own good.”

Another wave slams into you, nearly wrenching your arm from its socket. You tighten your grip on the rigging, palm slick with blood. As you shake the salt water from your burning eyes, you see her gesture sharply, once.

The hair on the back of your neck stands up. You lunge forward, but you’re too slow, too far …

Everything goes white.

You are consumed.

  • sharzad calls them together in the morning and requests that they not kill anyone while in the orcish city. they… sort of agree. riaeki gives sharzad back her glasses. pirates have been seen more lately, not sure what that’s about
  • moira puts the group to work: sharzad will go on some watches, and she asks about the party’s capabilities in battle. nalia is extremely seasick and goes looking for books. erasyl offers her the ships logs. riaeki looks through, but can’t find any mention of her ship, so she goes off to help.
  • riaeki and sharzad have watches. riaeki sees a mermaid. sharzad gets in some light up fog. “it’s just ghosts”. sharzad tries to commune with the ghosts, but the fog is more arcane than divine in nature. she goes to wake riaeki up and asks her about the fog. in the sailor’s stories, it’s the remnants of shipwrecks, and the spirits of those lost.


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