The Sea's Revenge

Session Fifty (!!!)

Last time: We get a meeting with the council of high priests. It goes okay but they still put us in a cell. One of them, Zhomisa, comes down to our cell- and Afa realizes that his amulet is suspicious. He interviews her, and when he reacts to something she didn’t say. we realize that he was using a ‘detect thoughts’ spell. Sensing betrayal, we attack. The combat is really cool, and we end with Zhomisa dead, and Ekoleihi is… pissed.

Bellana, still in a rage, tries to punch Ekoleihi. It… doesn’t work, because Riaeki blocks it, then asks if a dialogue Is actually going to happen between the two. Nalia casts Identify on the amulet, and discovers it can imbue something with a disease vector made of necromantic magic. It draws the lifeforce of those killed by it to the caster. Ekoleihi notices what was occurring, and Nalia asks if she knew what was happening. She says she doesn’t, and acknowledges if this is true, it would be an unparalleled crime.

She asks Nalia for details, and Nalia provides them. Bellana proposes a method of reaching a truce with the Yuan-TI. It’s… contentious, to say the least, but depends on her father not knowing that the plague has potentially been solved. We discuss this for a bit before Afa interrupts to point of how cool and good she is. (Very good and cool.)

The sning joins us and asks for an explanation, receiving the same as before, bringing Halsul. He inspects the amulet, and asks that we stay here in the city until the investigation is concluded, but with free reign of the place, telling Halsul to show us the sights, mentioning to our buddy (Nohahlu) who’s had a rough day that there’s a game today. Bellana’s intruiged and wants to go see, but asks for her brother released first.

We head to a large stadium surrounded by stone bleachers (I missed most of the details because of a cute cat but it’s very cool) and take some seats. It’s just hockey with basketball dribbling rules. The players are all buff and have snabs (snake abs). One of them has scars. The announcer comes out and announces the teams (it’s really cool).

Sports happen.
I’m sorry.

The non-temple win wins! Nice!

We decide to play fantasy sports. Gosh. Wow. Riaeki and Afa vs. Nalia and Bellana. Bellana and Nalia win! Through bellana’s endurance, Nalia’s intelligence, and Halsul’s charisma. Afa does a lot of monkeying around and Riaeki gets a really cool goal with the ring of the ram.

After we win, we go out for dinner again, and Riaeki actually remembers what this food is like! Cool! She tries to tell Nalia and Nalia is oblivious. After dinner we go to bed, but Riaeki collects Eagan and asks to go and cast dispel magic on some plague victims. It seems to work

Sleep! Gideon and Bellana have an early morning ‘glad you’re alive, what up with spirits’ convo. Bellana basically says Gideon being a good person is the reason all this happened and Gideon, understandably, is mad (in a very teenagerish way). Riaeki goes and checks on a patient she cast dispel magic on- and this patient is better! Riaeki doesn’t take credit, and asks them to go and tell the priests how to work against the plague.

We’re collected to take an audience with the high priests! They give us an option of magical items from their treasuries. They talk about their history of oppression from Bellana and Bellana takes offense. Riaeki casts zone of truth and Bellana immediately just says a bunch of unhelpful stuff. The snake priests take offense, of course, but mostly just want her to go away (like most people do). We head off to the storage unit for the magic stuff and Descend.


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