The Sea's Revenge

Session Forty-Two


BUT ACTUALLY we are extremely leaving the city on account of all the pirates and mafia we just aggressed. Sharzad and Riaeki find a ship to take them back to Calafort, captained by one “Torgild Ventura”. They pick up Afa and Nalia where they’re waiting in the bay with Larr Xa and Nexaya. The latter two are confined to the Very Small Room. Afa casts Magic Mouth on the door as an alarm. Riaeki helps Torgild with manning the ship, Afa takes a nap, and Nalia studies some of the books they took from Larr Xa. Sharzad asks Riaeki about Boat Things but they both get kinda confused about it because they are cute nerds.

The route back to Calafort takes about six days.

-identify sharzad’s items
Sharzad asks Nalia to identify her new items. The breastplate is imbued with the power of Yleth and the gloves are for climbing. Sharzad keeps the breastplate and gives the gloves to Afa, who is very happy with them. Next, Nalia identifies the orb. It has divination magic as expected, but something about it is different— it seems to be connected the items and is maybe able to find the missing ones.

Nalia then uses legend lore on the amulet. It glows softly with a blue light, and then Nalia hears the following: “Many years ago this land was mine. I was the ruler, the sovereign, and I earned my place. But my siblings were jealous. And they sent someone to cast me down from my throne. But I got my revenge. I broke the key into several parts, and I hid them where they would never be found. So I am dead, but my siblings, well…They have a death of another kind. Confinement. And no one even remembers.”

Nalia tells the gang what she heard, and they decide to rest before trying to use the orb to find the final items. During this time, Riaeki goes to listen to Larr Xa and Nexaya. They discuss the possibility of Nexaya surviving the execution. It becomes clear that Riaeki is listening and she joins the conversation. She asks Larr Xa to confess, which Nexaya thinks is ludicrous. They discuss Nexaya’s patronage to a god of undeath and Larr Xa’s unpayable debt.

The next morning Afa and Sharzad do some stunts and have a good time.

Afa asks her patron about the stuff going on with the gods, and if she should be concerned about it or not. The fey queen is in fact impressed to know about this and thanks Afa for the information. Afa is understandably pumped about this and breaks out her mandolin and plays a dang tune.

The gang stop at a FARMER’S MARKET and buy some fish. They have a conversation about theatre and mercenaries and prostitution with the fishmonger lady. Riaeki and Sharzad discover the joys of salmon. Meanwhile, Nalia goes to buy a brooch for Akar.

Afa has a conversation with Larr Xa. In the course of conversation, he says he would do anything—make any promise—to let Nexaya go free. Afa consults with the queen of air and darkness about this. The queen says she will get back to Afa about it….cliffhanger music


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